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The MARY BURKOFF Auto-Loader for DIAGRAPH Version 3.31...
Revision 3 (JUNE, 1986)

DIAGRAPH is a fine product, but the package includes a free copy of the
"COMPUTER SUPPORT APPLICATIONS MANAGER", a thinly disguised, poorly written
loader for PROLOCK in its latest, ugliest form. I was especially offended by
the Hard Disk Installation and the fact that it DELIBERATELY, VISCIOUSLY
crashes such innocuous programs as the Norton Utilities. I therefore decided
to develop a substitute for the CSAM.COM loader. The Result is DIAGRAPH.COM.

This package contains DIAGRAPH.COM which is used to load DIAGRAPH.EXE
in place of CSAM.COM and CSAMODI.EXE. DIAGRAPH.COM is a LOADER, not a resident
program. It has no RESIDENT effect on DOS. No changes to DIAGRAPH are needed.
Just make certain that DIAGRAPH.EXE and its supporting files are in
the DEFAULT drive and directory with DIAGRAPH.COM and:


You no longer need the files CSAM.COM or CSAMODI.EXE.
You no longer need to INSTALL diagraph on the fixed disk.
You no longer need any key disk.
You DO NEED about 384K MINIMUM of RAM to run DIAGRAPH.EXE with DOS 3.0+.

DIAGRAPH.COM works with DIAGRAPH version 3.31. I'm not sure of any others,
but it's worth a try. DIAGRAPH.COM replaces CSAM.COM, CSAMODI.EXE, and

DIAGRAPH can't be patched, since a fairly large subroutine is needed
at INT 60h (provided by DIAGRAPH.COM).

CONFIG.COM is the Loader for CONFIG.EXE, in exactly the same way, without
int 60h.

Debugging DIAGRAPH was more fun than Adventure
Games any day. This is a REALLY DIFFICULT copy protect!!!

If anyone uses DIAGRAPH without buying it, may God (and ADAPSO) forgive
you. You will forever rot in hell for your sins!

TECHNICAL NOTE: DIAGRAPH.EXE requires a KEY to be installed at
0000:04F0h-0000:04FFh and the I/O subroutine at INT 60h to run.
It is otherwise a standard ".EXE" file, except for encryption.
DIAGRAPH Also requires CONFIG.PIC to be loaded in RAM with a doubleword
vector at 0000:04F8h
DIAGRAPH.COM does just this, then loads and runs DIAGRAPH.EXE.

Happy Computing!


Mary Burkoff

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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