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1 General Hints, Strategies
2 Castle, Towers, Western Spire
3 Mountain Area, Mines, Pyramid
4 Castle, Wizard's Lair, Eastern Spire,
River Styx, Isles of the Damned,
Keep, Lost, Dead
5 Forest area, Temple of Ramm, Endgame

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Part 1

You and your party of six just entered the castle. You don't know how you got
here. Someone (you don't even know who it is) tells you about an evil king and
an evil wizard who used to live in the castle, as well as a pen called the
Cosmic Forge that apparently you have been hired to find. Thus begins another
excellent fantasy role-playing game in the WIZARDRY series.

BANE is a very large game. There are many places to visit and explore, and
mapping is most certainly required in some parts of the game. The game does not
offer auto-mapping and has no coordinate system to allow for easy reference to
various locations. So that this walkthru can be followed easily without a lot of
tedious geographical directions, I have prepared a set of maps to be used in
conjunction with the walkthru.

These maps are in a file called BANE.ZIP located in the Computer Role-Playing
Games LIBrary in The Gamers' Forum. Download this file and decompress it using
PKUNZIP.EXE. Then, use one of the many GIF viewers available to display and
print these maps. To obtain a GIF viewer, visit the PICS Forum. They have many
from which to choose. Just be sure to select one that works on your system.

Lastly, if the previous information sounds confusing to you, post a message in
The Gamers' Forum and we will walk you through the whole process. (Note: If your
printer has graphics capability, it is really best to print the maps on paper
and have them available while reading the walkthru.)

As with other games in the WIZARDRY series, choosing a balanced party and
taking care to develop the party members wisely and evenly can really make this
game a most enjoyable experience. Since there are 11 races and 14 professions
available in the game, there are a huge number of combinations of characters to
choose in making up a party. Be sure you have enough fighter characters in the
front slots so that your physically weaker spellcasters will be protected long
enough during combat rounds to use their magic.

Spend some time reading the descriptions of the various races and professions
before selecting your party members. Be sure that your spellcasters have the
abilities between them to learn most of the available spells. And pick up the
DETECT SECRET spell as soon as it is offered to any of your spellcasters. You
will need to use that spell frequently to be sure that you don't miss out on
something vital during your explorations.

Most of the skills can be improved with practice. Spend all your spellcasters'
skill points in their respective disciplines. Pick the most promising member of
your party and build up his scouting skill until you are strong enough to
acquire and cast the DETECT SECRET spell. One member should possess and develop
Skullduggery, since a high degree of that skill is needed to get to one of the
game's successful endings.

Combat encounters are tightly balanced in the game. To be successful, upgrade
your fighters with better weapons and armor whenever possible, especially early
in the game, even if it means having to develop another weapon skill from
scratch. HIDE your ninja and thief-type characters often to improve their
Ninjutsu skill. As for the spellcasters, don't overlook Sleep and Blinding Flash
spells. These are easy to learn and cheap to cast, yet work surprisingly well,
even against high level monsters. Some monsters are totally immune to certain
spells and very susceptible to others. Keeping good notes on their strengths and
weaknesses just might save your party one day.

Spellcasting is an important part of the game. I found the following spells to
be very useful; try to learn them as soon as they are offered: Detect Secret,
Identify, Knock-knock, Heal Wounds, Sleep, Blinding Flash, Silence, Conjuration,
Fireball, and Iceball. Keep in mind that most unfavorable conditions -- such as
sickness and insanity -- can be recovered from just by resting. (Death and
stoning are the only two exceptions.) So, you may not want to waste the time to
learn the spells that counteract these conditions.

There are a lot of items to be found and used in the game. Use the IDENTIFY
spell to discern the true nature of the items. Proper management and use of the
various loot you gather can make your progress in the game much easier. Don't be
in too much of a hurry. Take the time to sort through your inventory

There are various locked doors and gates throughout the game, but finding out
when and how to open them would be a challenge, indeed! So, remember that gates
must be opened by USEing keys or other items; they cannot be lock-picked or
forced open. At the castle, it is a good idea to practice picking the locks of
the wooden doors, although you should be able to find enough keys to open the
majority of them. Don't worry if you can't seem to open all of the gates and
doors. Some of them you can bypass and visit the area behind them via a
different route; others you'll just have to return to and visit again after
obtaining a useful item or two from other areas of the game.

Saving and restoring a game is extremely easy and painless in this game. Make
multiple save games by changing the path/directory in the configuration menu;
save often! In the early stages of the game, do not waste magical items capable
of resurrection on your weak characters. Restore a game if a character dies;
save those magical items for the later, more critical parts of the game.

BANE has multiple endings. This walkthru will direct you to two of them and
give you a necessary hint to find another one. I make no claims, however, that I
have discovered all the endings there are to be found. The game contains a lot
of puzzles that need to be solved. Most of these have multiple solutions. In
order to not clutter up what is already a very long walkthru, I have decided to
provide just one solution to each puzzle.

Part 2



You are in the castle: You just arrived and you're weak, so don't venture too
far. Stay on the entrance level for a while and explore as much of the level as
you can. Fight as many encounters as your party can locate, and save the game
after each victory. If you have a thief, use him to pick a few locks to develop
his skullduggery skill. Use this stage of the game to build up some of your
characters to level 3 or 4.

You should be able to find 3 chests on this level without too much trouble --
two out in the open and one that will require SEARCHing on a specific tile. I'll
leave that to you as an exercise. Gather up the goodies. Also, during your

various battles you will encounter Swashbucklers and other unsavory types.
Sometimes they will leave iron and copper keys behind after they are defeated.
These keys fit the locks on some of the wooden doors throughout the castle. So,
there's no need to panic if your thief is not having much luck in lock picking.
Sooner or later, you will be able to round up enough keys to open up most of the
wooden doors.

Gate (A) on the map is of particular interest. This gate does not require a key
to open. Move one square to the right of the gate and face the north wall. You
will notice a round button on the wall. Use the SEARCH command to push the
button and the gate will open. SEARCH the northwest corner of this 3 X 3 room to
find the Key Of Ramm.

By now, you should have: a party that can go a few rounds with almost any
monster the castle has to offer; found the few chests lying around here on the
entrance level; successfully opened your first gate (and, hopefully, most, if
not all, of the doors). It is time to move on. Take any of the stairs down to
the next level (Level -1).


There is quite a bit more to be found on this level and, fortunately, the
monsters you face are similar to the ones on the entrance level. You should be
able to survive quite easily if you've taken the time to build up your party on
the entrance level.

During your explorations, you will discover the Captain's Den (1), which you
cannot enter without a password. Visit Queequeg (2) and talk to him. Ask him
about rumors and he will tell you about L'montes, the captain, and the
"beloved." Also, ask Queequeg about the password. He'll want to trade you the
password for the location where the captain buried his treasure. Be sure to
check out the things he has for sale. Specifically, you should purchase mystery
oil (which he has on special); you'll need it for a puzzle later in the game.

Visit location (3) for a set of chain mail and a shield; Search (4) for the
Jailer Key which opens gate (A). Inside the jail area, you will find that the
Jailer Key can open most of the jail cell gates except the 8 gates in a row to
the north. Search (5) to get the Dead Man's Log. Try USEing the log while in the
character REVIEW mode; you will learn that something is needed to decipher the
log book. Leave the jail area and go to (6). Search here to find a lump of
cheese. Search (7) to get a wine bottle.

Finally, go to room (8). Here you will find a lot of graffiti on the walls, but
you must turn and face the respective walls to read the graffiti. Go to the
southeast corner of the room and face the east wall where you will find a mouse
hole. USE cheese. After a rather tough battle, you will find some valuable loot,
as well as a stuffed beagle at (9).

That's all you can do on this level for the time being. Go up the stairs at the
southeast corner of the level. Keep turning right and going up the stairs until
you are in front of a locked door. This is the southeast tower of the castle
where L'montes is hiding out. Say "BELOVED" to get L'montes to open the door.
Talk to him about Snoopcheri, Captain, and Rumor. Give him the stuffed beagle
and you'll get a silver key in return.

Go down the stairs and return to Level 0 (the entrance level). Using the
CASTLE0.GIF map, explore the other three towers (northwest, northeast, and
southwest) by going up the appropriate corner stairs all the way to the very
top. You will find some minor treasures in each of the three towers and,
perhaps, a few minor battles. When you are done, return to the entrance level.
(Note: These towers do not appear in the maps.)


At this point in the game, Level +1 can be reached via the northeast and
northwest stairs of the entrance level. The northwest stairs only allow a very
small portion of this level to be explored, and there is no loot to be found
there. The northeast stairs will lead to a couple of copper keys in (1) if you
need them. Another way to reach Level +1 from Level 0 is to take the upstairs
labeled (B). Using the map CASTLE1.GIF as a reference, search (2) to find the
Keys of Spade. The locked doors (3), (4), (5), and (6) can all be opened by
copper keys, but there is nothing of interest in those rooms. Return to Level 0.

Use map CASTLE0.GIF and go upstairs (C). These are the stairs to the Western
Spire of the castle (not mapped). Continue to climb up the flights of the stairs
to reach the top of the Spire. Here you are faced with a locked door that
requires a Key of Spade to open. You will also have to defeat a monster of the
undead variety. Inside is a 2 X 3 room with a one-tile closet. Open the treasure
chest in the room for some loot and a Chrome Key. Return to Level 0, then go to
Level +1 again using stairs (B).

Use the Chrome key to unlock doors (7) and (8). Door (7) leads to the king's
bedroom suite. Search (10) for the King's Diary and Gold Key. The closet at the
northwest corner of the king's bedroom has a button that opens a secret archway
to the west. The two gates along this archway can both be opened by the Key of
Ramm. Be sure to loot the chest in (11) for the Goat Mask, the Dagger of Ramm,
and other treasures. Beyond the second gate is the Altar of Ramm. You are not
quite ready to figure out what to do here yet. The fountain northeast of the
altar has healing and restoring stamina powers; the one to the northwest is

Door (8) leads to the queen's bedroom which has another door that leads to her
Boudoir. Search (9) for some unusual armor, weapons, and a somewhat humorous
glimpse of the queen's favorite pastime. Take stairs (B) to return to Level 0.

Once on Level 0, use the northwest stairs to go down to Level -1. Circle left
to take the stairs down to Level -2.


This is a rather small level. There are two gates and a strange door here. It
will be awhile before you can open gate (B), and even longer still for door (C).
You can, however, open door (A) with the Gold Key. Inside you will find a
single-tile room behind which is a 3 x 3 room with several pits on the ground
that make exploration difficult.

Use the following sequence to get to the treasure chest (5): Step on (1) to
open up the pit (5); go to (2) and SEARCH for the button on the south wall to
fill in the pit on the west side of the room; go to (3) and SEARCH for the
button on the west wall to fill in the pit on the east side of the room; go to
(4) and SEARCH for the button on the west wall to fill in pit (5). Now you can
approach the treasure chest at (5) safely. Open the chest to receive the Book Of
Ramm and other goodies.


Return to the Altar of Ramm room on Level +1. You should save the game here;
you will soon have a rather tough battle on your hands. While in the character
REVIEW mode, USE the Book Of Ramm to read it. The Book of Ramm provides the
clues needed to push the altar buttons in the right sequence. The sequence is:
head, head, orb, staff, orb. Once the correct buttons are pushed, the altar will
lower and reveal a pit; jump into the pit.

You are now on Level 0 just to the north of gate (A). You will have to fight a
giant serpent here to continue. Once you are victorious, the gate to the north
will open to allow you to go downstairs. You will wind up at the far north end
of Level -1. The only area that is open to you is the Hazardous Area to the


You should go to the far northeast corner of this area first and SEARCH at (1)
to find the Miner's Pick. On the way back, stop at (2) to pick up a Dungeon Key.
USE the Miner's Pick at (3) to uncover a treasure chest. The loot in here is not
vital to the game. USE the Pick again at (4) to expose the rest of the Hazardous
Area. Search for the Bell Key at (5). You will discover the chasm at (6), but
for now you don't have the means to cross it. Return to the castle at the south
end of the area.


Using the Dungeon Key, open gates (B), (C), (D), (E), and (F). Be sure to
search (10) after opening gate (C). You will find the Jolly Rogers' Decoder
Ring. While in character REVIEW mode, use the Decoder Ring on the Dead Man's
Log. This turns out to be a log of the last expedition of the pirates. The log
also gives you the location of the captain's buried treasure.

After opening gate (F), go talk to Queequeg (2) again about the password. When
he asks about the location of the captain's buried treasure, say "Giant
Mountain." Queequeg will reward you by telling you the password to the Captain's

Visit the Captain's Den (1) once more and this time reply "Skeleton Crew" when
you are asked for the password. After entering the Den, you will have to
overpower Captain Matey either by out-drinking him or by defeating him in
combat. Then USE the silver key that L'montes gave you to open the cage, and
gather up the hook and the other items. There is also a treasure chest at (11)
just waiting to be taken. There are no vital items in it, though.

Return to Level 0 and use stairs (B) to ascend to Level +1. Use stairs (C) to
continue the ascent to the bell tower. Climb up all the stairs leading to the
top of the belfry (not mapped). When confronted by the well and the bell rope,
choose to grab the rope to swing across the well. You will have to fight a
battle with bats each time you attempt to swing across. You may have to try this
several times to successfully swing across to the other side of the well. Also,
it is important to note that the views on both sides of the well are identical.
The only way to know for sure is to try to go through the door after each try;
if the door is locked, then your attempt was successful.

Unlock the door with the Bell Key. Inside you will find a chest which contains
a long rope. Have one character carry both the rope and the hook in his/her
inventory (not in his/her swag bag), and MERGE the two items together. Your
party now has a Rope and Hook -- just what you need to cross the chasm you saw

Swing on the bell rope to try to get back to the other side of the well. Again,
you may have to try a few times to make it. From here, go all the way to Level
-1, then north to the Hazardous Area. Go to (6) and USE the Rope and Hook. This
will allow you to swing across the chasm over to the west side. Make your way to
(7) where a button will activate a lift that sends you down and out of the
castle. Be warned, though, that you will have to fight a surprisingly tough
enemy to get to that button.

Part 3


In the last installment you have just escaped from the castle. You are now
standing at (1) of the mountain area. There is a button here that will lift you
back up into the castle if you search/push it. The monsters in this area are
stronger than those in the castle. So, if they seem to be more than you can
handle, it will be wise for you to return to the castle to develop your party

Move to the east side of this area (where the stairs are). These stairs all
lead into various sections of the mines. If you go down stairs (A) at this time,
you will find that there really isn't much you can explore. So, find your way to
stairs (B), and enter the mines.


Refer to map MINE1.GIF. The six sets of up stairs on the west side of the mine
correspond to the sets of down stairs found in the mountain area. You have just
climbed down from stairs (B). The mines are 4 levels deep; one look at Level 1
should tell you wherein lies the challenge. Each level has multiple up stairs
and down stairs going every which way! You must be able to maintain your
bearings at all times to negotiate the mines successfully.

You will also notice that Levels 1 and 2 both have Dark Areas. Once inside
these areas, you will not be able to see anything at all. There are no torches
or light spells that will help the situation. You can map out the dark areas
only by trying to move in all possible directions. I have already done the hard
part by mapping them out for you.

On Level 1 explore the dark area to the southeast. There is a treasure chest at
(1) which can be reached if you SEARCH for a button on the tile just to the
east. You have yet to find the key to open the three gates to the north.

There are quite a few things to do on Level 2. You must fight rubber plants at
(2), (3), and (4); get rubber strands after you defeat them. There is a button
on the south wall at (5) which allows you to get into the secret room. A chest
here contains a miner's chisel. There are treasure chests at (6) and (7),
although neither contains items vital to the game. At (8) there is a button on
the south wall which leads to a secret alcove. A chest here contains the Key of
Miner. At (9) is an old dwarf named Smitty. He doesn't have much useful
information, but he will perform a very important task for you later on. He also
has some very nice weapons and armors which you can buy.

Also on this level is a fountain (10) that will restore the health and stamina
of your party members. While you explore the mines, you should designate this
fountain as your home base. Return to this location for healing and rest as
often as necessary.

Level 3 of the mines is much smaller than the first 2 levels. You should fight
the rubber plant at (1) to obtain a fourth rubber strand. MERGE two strands
together to form a braid. Then MERGE two braids to form a Rubber Band. The gate
(3) is opened by the Key of Miner. There are treasure chests at (2) and (4).

Level 4 is the bottom of the mines. There is one gate here that the Key of
Miner will open and it leads to a chest (1). There is also a rubber plant on
this level (2). You don't need any more rubber strands, but the experience
points will still come in handy. The northeast portion of the level contains a
diamond which blocks your travel. You need to enter all 4 doors as shown on the
map and USE the Miner's Chisel to crack the diamond at all 4 locations (3), (4),
(5), and (6) to break it. You may have to USE the chisel more than once at each
location before the diamond cracks. Also, you must make the fourth crack on the
diamond from location (6) in order to break it.

Once the diamond is broken, you will meet the spirit of Xorphitus, the evil
wizard who allied with the king to steal the Cosmic Forge. He has a long story
to tell. Afterward, search (8) to find all the goodies he leaves behind,
especially the Key of Wizard Cave and the Wizard Ring.

Return to Level 1 of the mines. The three gates to the north can all be opened
by the Key of Wizard Cave. You will meet a large serpent at (2) which turns out
to be Xorphitus's apprentice. Talk to him a bit, feed him some food, and ask him
about the wizard's lair, as well as some of the items left behind by the wizard.

Beyond the gates you will find two other sets of stairs going up that don't
lead out to the mountains. These two sets of stairs actually go back into Level
-2 of the castle: One leads to the castle morgue; the other apparently leads to
a dead-end. Well, that will change later in the game. And that's about all we
can do in the mines for now.


Find your way to stairs (D) and climb out of the mines. You are in the mountain
area again. Using MOUNTAIN.GIF, make your way to (2). Somewhere along the way,
you'll meet a troll who demands money. This is a one-time appearance. You can
either pay him or fight him. He does demand a pretty high ransom, though.

Location (2) is one of three spots where the mountain can be climbed. Climb the
mountain all the way to the top. (During your trip up, you will have to climb up
three times.) Be warned that at this stage of the game, your party is
susceptible to falling and taking damage. It's best to save the game after each
successful climb. Once you reach the top, the only thing you'll find is a couple
of pieces of huge boulders. Pick up one of the boulders; it'll come in handy a
bit later.

Return to stairs (D) and, using the maps of the mines, go to stairs (E). Go to
location (3) on MOUNTAIN.GIF. This is a drawbridge. There is a control panel on
the wall. When you try to open it, you are told that it is rusted shut. This is
the time to USE that mystery oil you bought from Queequeg awhile back. Now that
you have the panel opened, read the instructions to figure out how to activate
the drawbridge. Give up? Okay, here is the sequence: Safety, Pump, Coilwrap,
Truss, Safety, Winder.

Once the drawbridge is lowered, you can easily make your way to (4). Here is
another spot where you can climb the mountain. Again, you should save after each
successful climb. This time when you reach the top, you will find the captain's
buried treasure! Or, what's left of it, for that darned Queequeg has already
been here!

Return to stairs (E) and travel through the mines to emerge again at stairs
(F). Go to location (5) on MOUNTAIN.GIF. Here is a broken-down machine that used
to be a catapult. And (judging from its description) it should be obvious that
to get it to work, you'll need a boulder, a rubber band, and a fixed sprocket.
The first two you already have, and who do you think should be able to fix the
sprocket? Smitty the Metalsmith? You betcha! Get the sprocket and take it to
Smitty at location (9) of MINE2.GIF; he'll gladly do it for you...for a price.

Now that you have everything you need to fire the catapult, repair the machine
by USEing the Rubber Band, the Sprocket, and the Boulder. Save the game before
you perform the firing operation. Fire the catapult by latching the ladle,
winding up the band, and releasing the latch. There is a chance that the boulder
may miss the target the first time. If so, just restore and try again. Once the
boulder hits the target, you will be allowed to move eastward. Go to location
(6) on the map. Here is the third and last spot where you may climb the

Climb all the way up to the top. This is a very small area not represented on
any of the maps. Once you reach the top, you should save your game right here.
Turn east and enter the room through the archway. Here you will meet the giant
twins -- the Gryns Twyns; they are tough! If you keep getting wiped out by them
after several tries, it's a pretty good indication that your party development
is not keeping pace with the game. You may want to descend the mountain, return
to the mines, and pick a few more fights to advance your party a level or two
before returning to the twins.

After defeating the giants, be sure to rest and heal everyone completely, and
recharge all spell points. Take the up stairs at the southeast corner which
leads to a cross-shaped room and the Guardian of the Rock. Don't waste time with
him. If you want his rock (which you do), you'll just have to defeat him in
combat to get it. He's bad news! It'll help if you have the missile shield
spell. He's also somewhat vulnerable to acid splash. Anyway, beat him, and
you'll get a ruby eyeball. If you have been observant while playing the game,
you should have a pretty good idea what it's for.

Return to the place where you met the giant twins. This time go out to the
ledge at the northeast corner, then go west to enter a one-tile closet. There is
a button on the wall that activates a chute which transports you to the next
phase of the game: the Pyramid, or as we veterans call it, Indiana Jones and the
Temple of the Pits.


The chute sends you all the way down to location (1) on PYRAENT.GIF. This is a
small area leading to the entrance stairs to a pyramid. You will need to use
your Miner's Pick again at (2). At (3) you will find a blocked tunnel with
plenty of sand. Those who had seen the first "Indiana Jones" movie might have
already smelled a clue here. At (4) use your Miner's Pick again, and you will
find yourself back in the mountain area. For those who are curious, location (5)
on PYRAENT.GIF corresponds to location (7) on MOUNTAIN.GIF.

Take the stairs near the northwest corner to go up to a narrow east/west
corridor (not mapped) which leads to another set of stairs going up. This will
take you to stairs (A) on Level 1 of the pyramid.

The pyramid is similar to the mines in that it also tries to confuse the you
with numerous up stairs and down stairs. But it covers quite a bit less area
than the mines, and you do not have to contend with dark areas here. PYRAENT.GIF
is the entrance area to the pyramid. PYRA12.GIF contains Levels 1 and 2 while
PYRA34.GIF contains Levels 3 and 4. IDOL.GIF is the map of the route that needs
to be taken to a treasure room under the pyramid.

I am going to highlight the various areas on each level that need to be
explored, but I'll let you decide how to get to these areas using the various
maps of the pyramid.

On Level 1, go to (1) and fight the gloop sploch monster. This guy is similar
to the rubber plant of the mines. You'll get some strange gluey substance after
you defeat it. Location (2) is a treasure chest that has an empty sack. When it
is convenient, return to the entrance area (PYRAENT.GIF), USE the sack at (3) to
fill it with sand, then go back to Level 1. Location (3) has a button that will
open up the north archway which leads to (4). Area (4) has another button that
opens up more of the walkways outside on the ledge. Room (5) is a 4 x 2 room
with four alcoves on the east and west walls. There is a chest that flies from
one alcove to the next if you try to approach it. USE the Gloop Sploch on any
one of the alcoves, then approach the chest until it flies to the alcove that
you tampered with. It will be stuck there and you can then loot what's inside.
Be sure to grab the Bone Key.

On Level 3, locations (1), (3), and (4) all have buttons that will open up more
of the area. Location (2) also opens up a chute that takes you back down to
Level 2 again. The gate (A) cannot be opened just yet.

After visiting all the places I have earmarked for you, it is time to go below
the pyramid. To do that, go down the stairs (B) on Level 1. You will end up near
the stairs at the southern end of IDOL.GIF.

USE the Bone Key to open the gate. Location (1) is a pressure plate that resets
all pit traps along the corridor; (2) is a second pressure plate that opens a
pit immediately south of it and a second one two steps back. Move back to (3)
and you will find a button on the east wall to fill in both pits. Room (4) has a
button that opens up the one-tile secret room (6). Location (5) is a pressure
plate that activates a giant rock ball that rolls toward you from the far end of
the corridor just like in the first "Indiana Jones" movie. At (6) there is a
button on the west wall that will deactivate pressure plate (5).

The pressure plate at (7) opens up pit P2. There is a button at (8) that fills
in pit P2 but opens up pit P1. SEARCH/push this button, then go into P1. You
will take some minor damage, so you may want to rest up a bit here before you
take the plunge. You should also cast a direction spell right about here to make
sure you have your bearings straight. Inside pit P1, there are two buttons --
one at each end of the pit: Push the one at (17). This will take you to (18). Go
to (11) and push the button. This will open up the gate farther north, but don't
go in yet: There are plenty of traps and ambushes waiting inside. Instead, go
south and you will notice that pit P3 has been filled. Move west then north to
(12). There is a button here that will turn off all the traps in front of the

Go through the gate; (13) is a pressure plate that activates the traps to the
altar. Search the west wall at (14) for a button to open up a secret alcove
(15). A button at (15) allows safe passage to the altar (16). Be sure you save
your game before attempting to do anything at the altar. After the game is
saved, USE the Bag of Sand at the altar. You should be able to swap the sand for
the idol. If you fail, restore and try again. Once you get the idol, retrace
your steps, and jump into pit P4. Again, you will sustain only minor damage.
This time, turn east and push the button at (19) which will take you back to

Go north to (9) and push the button on the west wall. This will open up the
secret alcove at (10). Push the button on the west wall at (10). This fills in
pit P2, giving you safe passage back to the pyramid.

With the idol safely tucked away in your inventory, make your way back to Level
3 of the pyramid just outside the gate. USE the Idol and the gate will open. Use
the stairs inside to reach Level 4.

Here is where the queen of Amazulu resides (1). You can talk to her about
Mau-Mu-Mu and sacrifice. It should be fairly clear that there is another piece
of ruby eyeball to be found. Be sure to answer NO when asked whether you are
here to take the rock. Also, be prepared to give the queen something in order to
be left in peace. Give her something of no value, anything at all will do. Once
you finish chatting with her, her sidekick will offer you a chance to talk and
trade. I never could get any useful information from the sidekick, but she does
have foot powder to sell which will make your upcoming trip a lot more
tolerable. So, purchase some foot powder from her.

After USEing the foot powder, go west and face the Mau-Mu-Mu at (2). This is a
fiery kind of guy, so if you have any anti-fire items or spells, you may want to
equip and/or cast them before fighting him. Your reward for defeating him is a
second ruby eyeball.

Your job is done here at the pyramid. Now you need to consult all the maps
you've used so far to get yourself back to the castle, specifically to Level -2.
I'll meet you there....

Part 4


You're back in the castle after a long adventure through the mines and the
pyramids. USE the Wizard's Ring to open gate (B) and enter the Wizard's Lair.
Right off the bat, you have to contend with the Demon Cat from Hell. Ah, but the
rewards are great, too. There is a treasure chest at each corner of the room
(6), (8), (9), and (10). The chest at (8) has a Spire Key and the Wizard's
Record. USE the Wizard's Record while in REVIEW mode to find out more about the
pen. Look for a button at (7) to open up the secret alcove (11). Another button
at (11) leads to a 2 X 2 room with a treasure chest and a bunch of potions. (I
never did figure out if there was a proper way to mix those potions.) The chest
contains random treasures. Striking the wand with the red tip will create a loud
explosion (be sure your party is fairly healthy before you try this) and open up
a set of down stairs at the northwest corner of the room. The stairs lead back
to Level 1 of the mines. Use MINE1.GIF to see the connections between the

Reading the Wizard's Record tells you that there is something strange locked up
in one of the spires of the castle. Since you've already visited the Western
Spire, it is time to go to the Eastern one. Go back to Level 0 of the castle.
Take the stairs (D) to Level +1. This gate can be opened with the Spire Key.
Continue going clockwise to climb to the top of the spire. Here (not mapped) you
will find a locked door that you can open by USEing the second (and last) Key of
Spades. Once inside, you will encounter the spirit mentioned in the Wizard's
Record. You will get the Horn of Souls as a reward.

Find your way back to Level -2 of the castle. Stand in front of the skull door
(C) and USE both of the ruby eyeballs to open it. Take the stairs down to the
next major area of the game, the River Styx!


The River Styx flows in a northwesterly/southeasterly direction, and it wraps
around itself along that direction, which explains why the three maps link
themselves in a circular fashion. After you descend the stairs behind the skull
door, you wind up at location (1) on RIVER1.GIF. Go to (2) and USE the Horn of
Souls. The ferryman, Charron, will appear and ask for payment. Since you don't
have any cylinder of ashes at the moment, give him 500 gold pieces for a ride up
the river. He will take you to the Isle of the Damned (location (1) on

Pick up the Key of the Damned as well as the Book of the Damned at (2). USE the
Book while in REVIEW mode; you'll find it interesting reading. USE the Key of
the Damned to open all the gates at the northern and southern parts of the
island. At (3) you will have to fight the demon to release the cursed being
inside. You will get some nice weapons, as well as the Key of the Minos and a
cylinder of ash. Get a second cylinder of ash at (4). At (5) you will find a
small raft just outside the gate, but don't take it out for a ride, yet; you are
not quite ready to venture out that far.

USE the Key of the Minos to open up the gate at the center of the island. There
are two fountains here on either side of the stairs. One restores health and
stamina while the other one restores spell points. You'll want to use this spot
as your home base most of the time while on the river. Take the stairs down to
the bottom of the island.

I did not do a map for the bottom of the Isle of the Damned because this area
is fairly small and straightforward. You are at the western end of an east/west
corridor with a gate to the north and one to the south. Go all the way to the
east and get the Tomb Key from the chest on the wall. USE the Tomb Key to open
up the gates to the north and south. Each leads to a mausoleum with 9 tombs.
Visit and SEARCH each tomb. You will have several battles fighting undead
characters. This is an excellent opportunity to gain combat experience points.
Also, be sure to SEARCH the tomb at the northeast corner of the north mausoleum
to find the Book of the Sirens. USE the book while in REVIEW mode to read it.
You should copy down the passages since you will need to quote them at a later

When you are finished with all the tombs, you'll be ready to take that boat
ride. Go to (5), move outside the gate, and board the raft. This will
automatically take you to Siren's Cove (location (1) on RIVER3.GIF). As the
Sirens begin to sing, all you have to do is quote the choruses from the Book of
the Sirens when the game asks for them. Do it right and you will get the Water
Wings -- required to explore the rest of the river; mess up, and you will have a
heck of a tough battle on your hands. When you are done, the raft will take you
back to the Isle of the Damned.

USEing the Water Wings while facing the water will allow your party to travel
all over the river. There are quite a few places to visit, and locked doors and
gates to open. I never did find keys for the doors, but the Knock-knock spell
worked just fine in this area.

From the Isle of the Damned, go south on the river. Check out locations (3) and
(4) on RIVER1.GIF. Location (3) has a chest that contains some fishing gear
(MERGE the fish line with the fish hook) and a cork bobber; (4) has a treasure
chest with random loot in it.

Continue to journey south on the river to RIVER3.GIF. Find and open the two
chests at (10) and (11). They both have random treasure. You should definitely
visit the Isle of the Lost (2) next. There is a button on the north wall at (3)
which opens an archway to the north. Location (5) has a message written on the
wall giving a nice location for fishing. Open the locked door here with a
Knock-knock spell, or have a thief pick the lock. If you return to (4) now, you
will find the Key of the Lost buried in the sand. USE the Key of the Lost to
open up the gate behind the locked door. You will find a third cylinder of ash
here at location (6).

After finishing up on the Isle of the Lost, go north, stop by (7), and chat
with Mai Lai at the Isle of the Keep. There is not much you can glimpse here
right now, but at least you'll learn this is a storage place of sorts.

It is now time to go fishing. The red "X" mentioned in the message by the door
is found at the extreme northwestern tip of RIVER3.GIF. From that spot, go 3
east, 1 north, and USE the Fishline with Hook. You will get the East-Exit Key
plus some other goodies.

Go north on RIVER1.GIF and take the stairs going up at (3). You're going to
take a side trip off the River Styx, but don't worry; you'll be returning very

Continuing to travel on the stairs will eventually take you to a swamp land
area that is thankfully small. Use the map SWAMP.GIF as your guide. Gate (A) can
be opened by the East-Exit Key. There is only one location of interest here in
the swamp, but you should try to explore the entire area for some challenging
combats. Go to location (1) to meet the strange caterpillar and ask him about
RUMOR. This is a rather talkative fellow; he'll tell you about his misfortune of
misplacing his hookah pipe without much prompting at all. After he finishes his
speech, ask him, "Where is the pipe?" He will give you a very strong hint to go
to the Isle of the Keep and tell you the keyword to use there: "Reclamation."
You should also buy some incense from him; it will come in very handy later in
the game.

Return to the river, visit Mai Lai at the Isle of the Keep, and say
"Reclamation." It is then -- and only then -- that she will ask you for the
claim number. Claim number? What claim number? I guess it's necessary to go see
the caterpillar again.

Say "Claim number" to the caterpillar and listen to his instructions on how to
use the bottle oracle. Take the message he gives you and MERGE it with the Empty
Wine Bottle (you picked it up a long time ago) and the piece of Cork. Go back to
the river once more and visit the Bottle Oracle (location (6) on RIVER2.GIF).
USE the merged Bottle at the Bottle Oracle and watch it float away. Don't panic.
Go north to the Isle of the Lost (location (2) on RIVER2.GIF) and you will find
the bottle again. And the claim number is (are you ready?) 38-23-36! How can
anyone possibly forget that?

Return to the Isle of the Keep and talk to Mai Lai once more. Tell her the
claim number. After her rather sudden and excited departure from the island, you
can enter the unlocked door (8), and have a really difficult battle with Bork.
Defeat him and retrieve the hookah pipe at (9). Return the pipe to the
caterpillar and accept his mushrooms as your just reward.

Go back to the river. You may have noticed that you have traveled up and down
the river and have pretty much visited all the interesting places by now. The
only thing left is that big island in the middle of the river. Well, that's
where you'll be exploring next, but first, you'll have to scrounge up a key

Remember the three cylinders of ash that you have collected? Do you still
remember who the ash collector is? Yes? Go to the Isle of the Damned, stand on
the emblem tile (location (1) on RIVER2.GIF), and USE the Horn of Souls to
summon Charron. When he arrives, give him ALL three cylinders. Surprise! He
gives you the Key of the Dead, and tells you to take one of the cylinders and
return it to the Isle of the Dead.

Go south to the Isle of the Dead (location (6) on RIVER1.GIF). USE the Key of
the Dead to open Gate (A). There isn't anything of real interest on the top
level; the really good stuff is underneath. So, take Stairs (B) down. You will
find a narrow north/south corridor (not mapped) and another set of down stairs.
Take these to get to the Hall of the Dead.

The Hall of the Dead is a very tough area to clean out. It also covers a lot of
ground. In the beginning, make frequent trips back to the healing fountains on
the Isle of the Damned. You will find another fountain later on that is a lot
closer, but until then, be patient and clean out this area slowly, but surely.
Use the Map HALLDEAD.GIF as your guide.

USE the cylinder of ash that Charron asked you to return at the altar (1).
You'd be wise to USE incense here, too; otherwise, you will be hit by a falling
boulder at (2). Putting the cylinder of ash on the altar will open Gate (A). You
should march down the winding hallway and methodically clean out all the
monsters dwelling within the rooms.

At (3) you will win the Skeleton Key after a battle. USE it to open Gate (B).
The treasure chest at (4) contains the Key of Drow; (5) and (6) have buttons
that will open up the north and south archways. Visit locations (8) and (14) to
get the Key of Valkyre and the Key of Knight, respectively. Find the fountain at
(11). This fountain restores hit points and stamina, as well as spell points.
Using HALLDEAD.GIF to guide you, open up Gates (C), (D), and (E), and defeat the
first 3 Orders of Guardians. Gate (C) is opened by USEing the Key of Knight, (D)
by Key of Valkyre, and (E) by Key of Drow.

After healing at the fountain, go to (9) and SEARCH for a button to open up the
southern archway. Another button at (10) opens up the archway to the room to the
south. Here you will find the Fourth Order Guardians which are a group of lords,
ninjas, and samurai. These guys are very tough! You don't have to defeat them to
continue with the game, but they do provide a lot of experience points, and
leave behind excellent weapons and armors if you can defeat them.

After all the fighting is over, go to (7), and here you will have your very
first encounter with the King. It should be obvious from the description of the
king that we are dealing with a vampire. No matter what you say, you will have
to fight him. And no matter how you try, you will not be able to harm him.
Luckily, he's just toying with you at this point. After a few rounds of battle,
he will suddenly leave. SEARCH the area for the Key of the Queen.

Return to the fountain at (11) and USE the Key of the Queen to open the gate
just to the south. Go into the queen's chamber and have a very long chat with
the queen at (12). Boy, does she have a story to tell! My advice, though, is to
take her side of the story with a grain of salt. After the encounter, you should
have a Silver Cross and the Key of Evil.

You should keep a permanently saved game at this juncture, for some of the
game's endings will hinge on what you do immediately after this point. The key
to the varying endings is the Silver Cross. This walkthru will continue with the
party carrying the Silver Cross. For those players interested in finding the
alternate (and, perhaps, a better) ending, you may want to return to this saved
game later, drop the Silver Cross, and replay the rest of the way.

After your meeting with the queen, SEARCH (13) for a button. This button opens
up the secret archway at (15). USE the Key of Evil to open Gate (F). Go to (16)
and have your first encounter with the King's daughter, Rebecca. Ugh...there are
two of them! No matter what you do or say during this encounter, the end result
is that you will be under Rebecca's hypnosis. You will follow Rebecca to the
King's hideout (the room to the south), and after a brief "interlude" with the
two of them, you will awaken to find yourself in jail.

The jail itself is not mapped. SEARCH the wall of the jail until you discover
some cracks. USE the mushrooms given to you by the caterpillar, and you will
shrink in size. When you're small enough to fit through the cracks, you'll be
able to escape to the other side of the jail where the adventure will continue.

Part 5


After escaping from the King's jail, you emerge on the other side of the wall
and find yourself in a very small area with a single set of stairs leading up
(not mapped). There is nothing of real interest here except for a few
encounters; take the stairs after you are done with them.

You climb the stairs and end up at location (1) on FOREST.GIF. This area should
sort of remind you of the swamps, except this is much bigger, and it has a
fairly large patch of darkened areas. It shouldn't be too difficult to navigate
if you use FOREST.GIF as your guide.

Slightly southwest from (1) is a derelict ship. Go to location (2) on this ship
and SEARCH this location to find the wooden crucifix which will promptly break
up into 3 wooden stakes. Take them!

Go through the dark area to (3) where you will find a Tinker Bell in a treasure
chest. USE the Tinker Bell at (4) to summon the Faerie Queen. Talk to the Queen
about rumors and she will tell you about Delphi, the apparition that resides in
a chamber within the dark area. You must say "Where is the Delphi?" in order to
get some vital information from the Faerie Queen. In fact, you may want to write
her answers down so you can quote them later. Also, be sure to check out the
things that the Queen has to sell, and buy all you want, for you won't have any
money left once you visit the Delphi.

Before visiting the Delphi, stop by (5) and (7). Location (5) is the Rock of
Truth. USE your Miner's Pick here to knock a few pieces off the rock. (I believe
four pieces are the most you can get.) Location (7) can only be entered after
SEARCHing for a button just to the west of it. Here you will find a few vials of
Holy Water. With this done, you're ready to pay a visit to the Delphi.

Go through the dark area and into the chamber at the map's southeast corner. At
(6) you will encounter the Delphi. Answer his first two questions with the exact
answers given to you by the Faerie Queen. Next, you will have to accept the
Delphi's request for a donation. Ha! Some donation! He only wants ALL your gold!
Once that is done, you will be granted a vision. Pay careful attention to it for
the vision contains all the clues needed to defeat Xorphitus and the Bane King.
The Delphi will give you the Staff of Aram at the end of the vision. You are now
set for the final phase of this game.

Check again to make sure you have the following: Staff of Aram, Rocks of
Reflection, Holy Water, Wooden Stakes, Silver Cross. (Again let me say that this
walkthru is for the violent endings only. There are other endings possible. The
way to achieve these other endings were mentioned in an earlier segment of this

It is time to check out the temple area (8) on the north side of the map. The
two sets of stairs on either side lead to the same sets of chambers below the
temple (not mapped). There is nothing very interesting down there. Feel free to
explore, though; you are going to need all the experience points you can get for
that final confrontation!

March boldly to (8) and see what happens. Whoops! Before you have a chance to
get inside the temple, you are harassed by the temple guards. Well, remember the
goat mask that you got from the castle? The one that you've been carrying all
this time? Put it on (Equip it!) and pretend that you are one of the disciples.
It works and you're inside the temple!


You are inside the Temple of Ramm just north of the stairs. You will notice
that the pathways and archways inside the temple change slightly as you
progress. Don't worry if what you see does not quite match up with the map.
Remove (unequip) the goat mask. This is a cursed item: Wearing it for longer
than necessary is not good for your health. Proceed north and you will meet the
evil side of Xorphitus's spirit. You won't have a chance for much talking,
though. To cross the chasm in front of you, you will need to equip the Staff of
Aram. No need to USE it, just equip it and walk north. Once across, you should
remove (unequip) the Staff of Aram right away, for it, too, is cursed.

Go north to (2) and take the Key of Decision from the box. You have the option
of either going east or west first. The outcome of the game doesn't seem to
hinge on this. (Yes, I'm hedging a bit here. I went west first when I played, so
let's go that way now.) USE the Key of Decision to open the west gate.


From now on, you are going to encounter a lot of very hard battles. You can't
avoid them. This is it! The beginning of the end! The final chapter! The end
game! Gee, why am I yelling? Why am I out of breath? I've already played this!
Anyway, expect to fight, fight, and fight some more. You need to have a fairly
strong party. (Mine was about level 14. You will want to have something better
than that!) Rest completely and save after each battle.

Now that you have been probably warned, enter the gate, fight, and make your
way to (3) which will teleport you immediately to (4). Fight your way to (7)
where you will find the Key of First Test. USE it to open the gate to the west.
Make your way back to (2) and you will find the Key of Quandary; USE it to open
the gate to the east. Fight your way to (5) which teleports you to (6). Fight
some more to get to (8), pick up the Key of Finality at (8), and USE it to open
the gate to the east.

You have now made one complete circuit through all the rooms in the temple.
Rest and heal your party completely and (needless to say) save your game! Now,
go back to (1) where you will meet the evil side of Xorphitus' spirit again.
This time, there is no chit-chat, but a fight to the death. You really need an
effective silence spell. Astral Gate is very effective against the greater
demons. Conjuration can often surprise you with its results. Anyway, you have to
dispatch Xorphitus and his friends to continue.

Once Xorphitus is defeated, he will ask you what you are seeking. The proper
answer is the Cosmic Forge. Anything else will be regarded as stupid, the game
will reward you with a Boffo Ending screen, and a not so kind message about
taking a long look at the game's box cover for a hint. So, answer him and let
him die in peace!

Once Xorphitus is done in, go north to (2). When you get there, try to move
into the north wall. (Note: SEARCHing will not work. You must walk or move
north.) Doing so will trigger a chute which will send you to your final meeting
with the Bane King and his daughter, Rebecca.

You will be dropped in front of a door (this part is not mapped). If you turn
around, you will see a button which is your means of escape back to the forest
area. But note that once you use that escape route, you will have to fight all
those battles around the temple again to get back here. (You won't have to fight
Xorphitus a second time; he stays dead.)

Before your eager party opens that door and barges in to see the dynamic duo,
you should take the time to properly equip everyone. The vision of the Delphi
tells you what you need. I am not going to tell you how to manage your party,
but I will tell you what needs to be done to defeat the King and Rebecca.

EQUIP the Rocks of Reflection. They protect the party members from the King's
hypnotic gaze. The Silver Cross has to be USEd once during the battle. None of
your blows will land until AFTER the Cross has been USEd. All your weapons will
be useless against both the King and Rebecca. You must equip and fight them with
the wooden stakes and holy water. None of your offensive spells will be
effective; however, the defensive ones do work. Be sure to cast Enchanted Blade,
Armorplate, and Magic Screen before the encounter. During the battle, cast
Silence and Anti-magic for as long as you can. Your spellcasters should also
concentrate on healing the fighters as much as possible. Ultimately, it will be
up to the fighters equipped with the wooden stakes to kill the two.

Once they are defeated, you will hear the story again from the King's and
Rebecca's points of view. You will get the Ring of the Stars and the North Exit
Key which opens Gate (A) at the southwest corner of the map. You will also be
stumped by the eastern gate which leads to the Chamber of the Cosmic Forge, for
you will have no idea what the code is to open the gate.

Well, actually, if you are the observant type, Rebecca's conversation should
provide you with the necessary code. But you can also get it by reading the
King's Diary, another item that you have been lugging around ever since your
castle days. Just USE the Ring of Stars on the King's Diary while in REVIEW

Enter the Chamber of the Cosmic Forge after opening the gate. First, save the
game, then enter the alcove at the center of the room, and grab the Cosmic
Forge! This is the first successful ending. You should save the game on a floppy
disk and keep it handy for the sequel.

If you restore the game and bypass the pen, there is a second successful ending
just around the corner, so to speak. To find it, you must have a thief with high
skullduggery (pick lock) skill. If you do, then try bumping against the walls
around the Chamber of the Cosmic Forge. But don't say I didn't warn you....

WIZARDRY: BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE is published and distributed by Sir-Tech

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by Hercules. All rights reserved.

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