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ZIPPY the PINHEAD database for LINUX

Zippy the Pinhead data base. The official copy of this is in the file
Everything up to the first ascii \000 (`null') character is a comment.
The file consits of zippy quotations (from various comic books and
strips by Bill Griffith) followed by a null character.
Newline chracters following a quotation are ignored and are present
only for readability.
Have FUN!
This file is currently used by:
* the FORTUNE program on OZ.AI.MIT.EDU
* the m-x yow command in GNU Emacs.
* NIL (MIT Common Lisp)'s debugger
* something bandy wrote at LLL-CRG.ARPA (death labs).

Put yow.lines in /usr/local/lib or wherever you change the path to if
you recompile.