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Zippy the Pinhead database of Wisdom for LINUX.
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Zippy the Pinhead database of Wisdom for LINUX.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

ZIPPY the PINHEAD database for LINUX

Zippy the Pinhead data base. The official copy of this is in the file
Everything up to the first ascii \000 (`null') character is a comment.
The file consits of zippy quotations (from various comic books and
strips by Bill Griffith) followed by a null character.
Newline chracters following a quotation are ignored and are present
only for readability.
Have FUN!
This file is currently used by:
* the FORTUNE program on OZ.AI.MIT.EDU
* the m-x yow command in GNU Emacs.
* NIL (MIT Common Lisp)'s debugger
* something bandy wrote at LLL-CRG.ARPA (death labs).

Put yow.lines in /usr/local/lib or wherever you change the path to if
you recompile.

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