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A Review

A new book on the Internet has just been published by O'Reilly &
Associates, Inc., which is by far the best book yet published for
the new user of the Internet. The title is _The Whole INTERNET
User's Guide & Catalog_ by Ed Krol, who is the author of the
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet, available in the Internet SIG
on Delphi and many other places. The new book is a major
expansion and update over the Hitchhiker's Guide. It is not
available electronically.

The book includes the following chapters:

1. What Is This Book About. An overview of who the book is
for, how it is organized, what an internet connection is, and
what you need to have and know to connect.

2. What Is the Internet? This chapter describes what makes
up the Internet, who governs it, who pays for it, and what the
future holds.

3. How the Internet Works. This chapter explains packet
switching networks, TCP/IP protocols, and the domain naming
system which enables so many diverse networks to link together.

4. What's Allowed on the Internet. This chapter discusses
legal implications, politics, ethics, and security

5. Remote Login. This chapter explains the telnet command--
how to log on to and explore a remote site.

6. Moving Files: FTP. The file transfer protocol is
explained, how to handle ascii (text) and binary transfers, how
to deal with various types of compressed files, and how to handle
various types of systems.

7. Electronic Mail. Of prime concern to Delphi users, this
chapter explains how to get the most out of email and how to send
and retrieve binary data as ascii files. It explains how to
transfer files by email through ftpmail

8. Network News. This chapter explains News Groups and News
System Organization, how to subscribe to news groups, and how to
post your own articles or start new discussions. Some of this
pertains to the listservs and discussion groups accessible
through email from Delphi.

9. Finding Software. This chapter is primarily concerned
with Archie, the amazing utility which searches through indexes
of files in many places for you. Most useful through a telnet
connection, it can also be used with limitations through email,
and the chapter describes how.

10. Finding Someone. This chapter describes the utilities
that can be used to track down an individual by name: whois,
finger, x.500 directory service, USENET User List, Fred, and the
Knowbot Information Service (KIS).

11. Tunneling through the Internet: Gopher. This chapter
describes how to use the gopher utility that will search for
information by keywords in many sources. There are no apparent
ways to use gopher via email only.

12. Searching Indexed Databases: WAIS. WAIS is another
powerful searching tool for finding information from indexed
databases-- reaching into collections in 250 or more libraries.
For telnet use only.

13. Hypertext Spanning the Internet: WWW. The World-wide Web
(WWW) provides a hypertext approach to searching for information.
When you find a reference of interest, words within it will link
to other references, expanding your sources. This is usable
through telnet only.

14. Other Applications. This chapter explains many of the
other services and variants of services available through the

15. Dealing With Problems. This is a very useful chapter,
particularly for the beginner. When your efforts to connect do
not go as expected, this chapter explains many of the things you
can do to solve or work around the problem.

The next section of the book is The Whole INTERNET Catalog.
Modeled somewhat after _The Whole Earth Catalog_ in appearance,
it gives a substantial sampling of the interesting things
available on the Internet. While the majority of listings are ftp
or telnet accessible, a lot of information can be found through
email only.

Three Appendices follow the Catalog. The first is a guide to
getting connected, the different levels of service, and who the
service providers are. Delphi's connection is too new to be

The second appendix provides information on international
connectivity, giving country codes and types on networks in each
country. Approximately 230 countries are listed, although many of
the smaller countries have country codes, but no networks are
listed. If you want more information on international
connections, the best source is the book with the unusual title
_!%@::_, also published by O'Reilly. It is somewhat dated now,
but there is supposed to be an update published by the end of

The third appendix includes the NSFNET Backbone Services
Acceptable Use Policy released in February 1992. This is already
out of date, since a June update relaxed the Acceptable Use
Policy further. The June update is available in the Policy
Database in Delphi's Internet SIG.

The book concludes with a glossary and an index

This book gives the best overview I have seen to date of what the
Internet is all about and what it can provide to all levels of
users. It is the most current text for now in capturing this
rapidly changing electronic world. If you buy any book on the
Internet in the near future, buy this one.

If you cannot find the book in your local bookstores, you can
call O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. at (800)998-9938. The book lists
for $24.95. The ISBN number is 1-56592-025-2.

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( ) Delphi Internet SIG
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