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WATTTCP FTP v0.5: University of Waterloo's Freeware - File Transfer Protocol To download off a unix site from a computer which is connected (with a wire).
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WATTTCP FTP v0.5: University of Waterloo’s Freeware – File Transfer Protocol To download off a unix site from a computer which is connected (with a wire).
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Contents of the FTP.DOC file


Version 0.5

Erick Engelke and Dean Roth

This FTP implementation may solve some of your needs better than other
freeware FTPs. Its major benefits are:

- much better performance than from most other FTPs (commercial+PD)

- consistant - some of the other FTPs slow down on large files

- slight user interface advantages - similar to MORE filter on DIR,
TYPE (display to screen) and some others. A GUI would be nice, but
this is better than nothing and should do for a while.

- compatible - can co-exist with most TSRs

This has been tested on quite a few machines and seems to work well on
all of them. Let us know if we missed anything. We thank the large number
of people who's comments helped improve the package.

FTP [hostname] [-f cmdfilename]

- if you include an optional hostname, FTP opens a connection to that host
- you can create a file of commands and automatically invoke that command
file by using the -f option (followed by a space) and the name of the
FTP command file.

Script Files
Script files can be started from the command line by using the -f option,
or from the session prompt by enterring RUN scriptname

The commands for a script file should be enterred just as you normally
would type them. You can simply enter the userid and password on a
separate line as they answer the questions.

eg. WATSUN.SCR This sample script waits until
wait 2:30 2:30 am and then opens an
open ftp connection to watsun.
[email protected]
cd msk

Scripts support some handy features:

WAIT wait until a specified time before continuing. This permits
scripts which wait until the dead of night before loading down
lines with data. Wait uses 24 hour time.

QUIET ON stop printing script commands and some other messages
QUIET OFF return to normal 'noisy' operation

ECHO When used with QUIET commands, allows you to echo messages
to the screen.

Any script line which begins with a '@' is not echoed to the screen.
So @QUIET ON will quietly turn the machine into quiet mode. This is
kind of cheezy, but it fits in well with DOS.

Scripts do not automatically log out when done, this allows you to
create a 'login' script to connect up to a machine and beep you, then
resume in command mode. If you want to exit from the script, use the
QUIT command. (Here the ^G is a control-G or ASCII BEL character.)

[email protected]
echo ^GYou are connected to sunee!

Sample Script

To invoke this script, use:
ftp -f ftp.cmd

You need a WATTCP configuration file called WATTCP.CFG. If you have
one from other WATTCP applications, that will work. Otherwise it
should look something like:

# sample config file for all wattcp applications. For more
# details, download pub/wattcp/ and
# read the info sheet

# set ip number
# or for bootp set my_ip=bootp

# set a non-zero network mask

# enter one or more nameservers

# enter one or more gateways

# should have a domain list

# optional inactive flag tells WATTCP to kill connection if nothing
# happens for a period of time in seconds
# eg. inactive=300 # 300 seconds or 5 minutes

# define timeout for most things, like openning sessions
# defaults to 30 seconds
# eg. sockdelay=60 # extend it to one minute

Send bug notices to:

[email protected]

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