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[email protected] (Mike Zanker) writes:

> I use UUPC/extended for mail but although it's a good piece of software,
> it has no news support. Is there a DOS rnews and vnews available, and if so
> where from?
> Mike Zanker
> -----------

Sort of... This site runs on Waffle (ver: 1.64) software. It has proven
very reliable, though the docs are a bit cryptic at times. Following is
the standard blurb supplied with the documentation...Hope it helps:


README for Waffle DOS version v1.64
(C) Copyright 1991 Darkside International

This version: v1.64 released 15 Jan 1991
Previous version: v1.63 released 01 Sep 1990


o Allows a PC to communicate with Unix systems using the UUCP
"g" protocol, giving them capability to exchange UUCP mail
and Usenet news. Contains DOS equivalents for UUCICO, UUXQT,
UUX, UUQ, UUCP, RMAIL, RNEWS, and a news & mail reader.

o Can be run as an single-user, individual UUCP node.

o Can be run as a BBS program, including electronic mail,
messages, editor, transfer section, access controls, external
programs, cookies and numerous other amenities.

o A scheduler can execute DOS commands (such as polling
neighboring sites) at specific times or on a regular basis.

o Mail facilities include mail aliases, address routing,
gatewaying of E-Mail into Usenet newsgroups.

o Usenet News facilities include support for batched &
compressed news, the ability to give other sites newsfeeds,
access control on a per newsgroup basis.

o Hooks are provided for gating both mail & news into
external networks (or specific programs).

o Supports FOSSIL communications driver in addition to native
interrupt package, for those with high speed modems.


o For More Detailed Instructions

The file DOS.DOC contains a step by step list of instructions
for installation. It is STRONGLY recommended reading if you have
not previously installed Waffle.

If everything looks straightforward, at least read the following
before rushing into things..

o Unpacking the package

WAFxxx.ZIP contains a directory tree underneath \WAFFLE. Unpack
this with PKUNZIP's -D option, to create the required directories.

o If you want to run somewhere other than C:\WAFFLE

You have to change a few file or drive specifications to
match your system's configuration. These are present in files:

/waffle/extern/*.* (External Programs)
/waffle/system/local (Where local newsgroups go)
/waffle/system/static (Main Configuration File)
/waffle/system/usenet (Where Usenet newsgroups go)
/waffle/bin/*.bat (DOS Batch Files)

o Default Passwords

As supplied, the password file has accounts "root", "system",
"uucp", and "default". With the exception of default, the passwords
are the same as the account name (I.E. Login: root Password: root).
Both root and system are privileged accounts. CHANGE THEIR PASSWORDS,
except for the "default" account (which does not allow logins).


Please direct any requests, suggestions, bug reports, or comments to
. This is a continually evolving project and we
will use your questions to improve the programs and documentation for
future generations. If your copy is more than five or six months old,
however, it might do some good to update your copy.


New Waffle releases occur whenever there has been substantial work
done on it. Currently this is every couple of months, so check around
every once in a while to see if there is a newer version available.

o By X,Y,ZMODEM download

+1 408 245 SPAM (2400 baud), in /public/waffle/

o By Anonymous FTP PD1:WAFxxx.ZIP /mirrors/msdos/bbs/

o By postal mail

[ see REGISTER.DOC for address & details ]

We are happy to mail copies to people who preregister,
including airmail overseas.


This package is *shareware*, please read REGISTER.DOC included with this
distribution. Distribution is permitted only of intact, unmodified copies
of this package as it was released (

Permission is explicitly granted for distribution via Compuserve or
similar information services.

Support for this software is available to registered users of Waffle.
Upgrades are issued frequently. Our USA postal mailing address is

Thomas E Dell
Darkside International
Post Office Box 4436
Mountain View CA 94040-0436

The preferred method of contact is via electronic mail;
you can contact the author at:

[email protected] (...vox!dell)

If you don't have E-Mail access, you can contact the author by
sending FEEDBACK at:

The Dark Side of the Moon
300/1200/2400 bps 24 hours 8N1
+1 408/245-SPAM
A Telecommunications Tradition Since 1985

This process takes longer, as the BBS is not run for the
purpose of supporting Waffle -- please use the E-Mail address.

There also exists an alt.bbs.waffle Usenet newsgroup. The group
is new and not all sites may be carrying it. It is also not an
"official" support group, but we will be keeping an eye on it. If
you can't receive this newsgroup we may be able to refer you to
a place that does.


The Unix version of Waffle runs under any one of A/UX, BSD 4.3, ESIX,
HP/UX, SGI Unix, SunOS, Ultrix, SCO Unix, Xenix or 386/ix. Multitasking
is available only under the Unix versions. The platform is transparent to
the dialup user. Waffle interfaces directly with the Usenet B or C News
software. For more information see the REGISTER.DOC and UNIX.DOC files.

[email protected]
(C) Copyright 1991 Darkside Int'l