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From: "Michael J. Saletnik"
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Subject: MAC uucp (information was requested)

Some people had expressed an interest in where to get
MAC uucp software. Since I lost their address, and this is pretty
useful information, here's the summary from a colleague of mine
who has such a link set up...

On Mon, 8 Jul 91 06:36:58 PDT, "Douglas C. Larrick" wrote:
There are two implementations of UUCP for the Macintosh that I know of.
The one that I use is a Mac port of Gnuucp, from the Free Software Foundation;
there's also a port of the PC's UUPC.

Mac/Gnuucp (the one that I use) is (should be--they purge it
occasionally) available from; failing that, try I would also recommend the mail reader Fernmail
(also at sumex-aim) over the HyperCard stack that comes with Mac/Gnuucp.

UUPC [the Macintosh port] should be available at these same places,
although it is harder to find, and harder to get working.

The other thing to try if you can't find it is archie--if you don't know how,
mail to me at: [email protected] and I'll send you info. I don't have it at

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