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** Confidential Information ** 1-92
Application for node number in USTGnet
United States TeleGard Network

BBS Name:______________________________Address:_____________________________


SysOp Real Name:_______________________Age:____Handle if used:______________

BBS Phone #:___________________________Voice Phone #:_______________________

Modem make/model:______________Baud Rate:______Flags(V32/42):_______________

Type of Mailer (ie.Frontdoor):_____________________TG BBS/version:__________

Are you a Telegard Regional/Center/Beta or Special site:____________________

How long have you held this position and who assigned you the position._____

Please list net/node numbers that you currently belong to if any:

(Fido,Candy,Adult,Swashnet,Eggnet etc):_____________________________________

Please indicate if you would like to be a State Host or Hub for your area of
your state. Or just a Regular Node Number. Remember the more people involved.
the less the phone costs for everone involved.

State Host:______________or Hub:______________or Regular Node:______________

Please note that all information on this application is held Confidential
except that portion that is required for the nodelist and operation of the net.
Personal home phone numbers and addresses will never be given out to anyone.
*NOTE*: By filling out this application and acceptance of a USTGnet node
number...You agree to run only a Telegard version authorized for your use on
your system. (No Telegard Hacks Please!)

The following is a list of the current echos available thru USTGnet.

_ TELEGARD Telegard Conference special for USTGnet'ers
_ USTGBLUE Bluewave Telegards 1st offline mail reader
_ CAVEWARE CaveWare Support Forum
_ USTG_CHA General Chatter/where most anything goes.
R USTG_OPS USTG Net Sysops Forum (For sysops only) Required on all syst.
_ USTG_ADM USTGnet Administration (For Hosts & Hubs Only)
_ USTG_UTL Telegard Utility support for all utils/doors
_ USTG_TCK File Distribution Support using TICK/GroupMail
_ USTG_DEV Programmers forum/software development
_ USTGWARE General Hardware Forum..Whats the best CRT?
_ USTGSALE For Sale/Trade echo. You got it sell it here.
_ USTGREVU Movie/Theatre/Stage Reviews (NO x-ratings please)
_ USTGLIFE Bizarre things in life/odd things that make life ????
_ USTGAMES Games forum/all about games/which is best/scores!?
_ USTGDEBT Debate forum/Debate weekly subjects set up by moderator
_ USTGSPRT Sports forum/all about any sport
_ SUNRISE Sunrise Door Games Support echo
_ USTGDWAR D'Warz support echo

Real Names are mandatory for these conferences. In the TO: & FROM: fields
Handles are allowed as signatures only in all conferences
If you have an idea for a message area.....let us know......
R=Required echo for all systems
Please return all of the above with your application

To reply to this application....I suggest one of the following options:

1. File transfer back to my BBS system....Fido # 1:102/835 for those who
already have a mailer setup. Or call my system and logon as a newuser
and leave this information as part of the newuser sign on letter to
the sysop. You can do an ASCII upload of this file to the letter area.
My BBS number is 818-768-8161. 24 hours except for ZMH. 2am to 4am PST.

If you file freq it back to me please rename the file to read...... where xxx are your initials. That way if I have more
than one person replying in the same day..all files will be intack, with
less possibility of being overwritten...Although the mailer when Freq'n
should automatically rename the 2nd, 3rd, and so on files to read... USTGnet.ap1 USTGnet.ap2 USTGnet.ap3 and so on...
but why chance it...rename the file .. Please.

2. Or Mail it back to me by US snail mail.......

The Pleasure Dome BBS
POB 3013
No. Hollywood, Ca. 91605

If you use snail mail....please write on the outside of the envelope
that it is for application for USTGnet.

Please note that any system operator that does not have a Front End Mailer
program setup....will need to do be able to participate in the echos
and GroupMail available in the USTGnet. If you need some help with setting
up a mailer, please feel free to ask for help from me or any other local
sysop that is close to you...I have several files here that can Help you
setup a mailer/Mail processor. Freq the file called TGFILES.ZIP from here
for a complete list of Telegard/netmail files.

Thank you, Jack Reece
Voice - 818-764-4150
BBS - 818-768-8161
USTGnet - 85:85/1