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USTGnet application and nodelist (United States Telegard Net).
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USTGnet application and nodelist (United States Telegard Net).
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Contents of the README.1ST file

United States Telegard Network
Founded September 1991

WestCoast Zone Coordinator EastCoast Zone Coordinator
The Pleasure Dome BBS The Hanger 15 BBS
Jack Reece Paul Maner
1:102/835-FIDO 1:133/404-FIDO
85:85/1-USTGNET 85:85/2-USTGNET

Welcome To United States Telegard Network. USTGNET!

USTGNET is a network of Computer Bulletin Boards throughout the
World who's goal is expanding the communication between people,
using computer Telecomunications.

Primarily....USTGNET is for Telegard Bulletin Board Systems ONLY.
But we welcome everyones interest in USTGNET.

If you are interested, you may log into any of the boards listed
in the nodelist and request more information about USTGNET.

For those of you who are reading this for the first time....Welcome and
I hope to see you in the net real soon.... One of the greatest things about
this net is the fact that you don't have to belong to Fido.....

So fill out the USTGNET.APP and mail, hand deliver, send by carrier pidgeon
or snail mail....but its best to netmail me the info.... its much faster.

You will also find files as listed below;

README.1ST This file...
USTGLIST.* Nodelist
USTGECHO.LST Echo/GroupMail list
USTGNET.APP Application for Node number
ROUTPOLL.MAP Route and Polling Map

For those that will need help setting up the needed files (if you don't
already have them setup) you can netmail me and I will help all I can. Or you
can call me direct (my phone number is at the bottom of the Application).

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.......

<<<<< SPECIAL NOTE >>>>> See the for more info...

My echo mail address is 85:805/1 and no other.....even though I have others in your areas.bbs file (If I send or you poll me for mail) your
areas.bbs would have 85:805/1 listed as the feed for the conference, like this
path tagline feed downlink nodes
C:\BBS\ECHO\USTG_SUP USTG_SUP 85:805/1 85:813/102 85:895/122 etc....

this only an could read any number (not just 85:805/1) in the file
like.... 85:888/1 85:888/102 85:888/103 etc........

You must send your mail uplink back to the Host/Hub as addressed.
Please see the file for more information on this.
You can also print out the (nodelist) or view on screen and
see your nodenumber...The Hub directly above your nodenumber is who you poll
from and send to....
Jack Reece

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