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Un-Zipper that works for most UNIX systems. C source included in .sh files. Should port over to most operating systems.
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Un-Zipper that works for most UNIX systems. C source included in .sh files. Should port over to most operating systems.
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Contents of the README file

Posting-number: Volume 14, Issue 102
Submitted-by: [email protected] (David Kirschbaum)
Archive-name: unzip-3.1/README

The generic portable Unix unzip is an ongoing project of the Info-ZIP
newsletter group, based out of SIMTEL20. Starting with a fairly clean
unzip, we've (1) added many functions, (2) ported it to a WIDE range
of Unix (and other) systems, (3) continue to progress with more functions,
debugging, etc.

The major problems in porting included "big-endian" (as in the 68000
family) vs. Intel fashion (lo .. high), word sizes (which create MAJOR
problems when defining structures, long integer calculations, memcpy
not performing as expected, etc.

We've solved them all .. except for the Crays .. sigh ..

Following are some of the systems our Makefile is prepared to support:

Xenix/386 (tested on 2.3.1)
Vax Sys V
Encore Multimax

Convex C200/C400
Stellar gs-2000
Sun 4/110, SunOS 4.0.3c
HP 9000-835 SE, HP-UX Release A.B3.10 Ver D
DEC 5820 (RISC), Test version of Ultrix v4.0
IBM RT 6150 under AIX 2.2.1

680X0, DIAB dnix 5.2/5.3 (a Swedish System V clone)
Sun3 68020, SunOS 4.0.3
Amdahl (IBM) mainframe, UTS (SysV) 1.2.4 and 2.0.1

VAX8600 w/Ultrix OS
VAX 11-780, BSD 4.3

NeXT 68030 BSD 4.3+Mach

Pyramid 90X, probably all, under >= OSx4.1, BSD universe

Silicon Graphics (tested on Personal Iris 4D20 w/IRIX v3.2.2)

There's also a Coherent version, a Minix version, an Atari (Turbo C)
version .. and it USED to compile and run in MS-DOS (Turbo C) (tho
we haven't tested that lately: could be it's broke now).

As you can guess, this is NOT a polished product yet. We're still working
on enhancements, JUST found a long-standing bug (in the v3.14 beta) that
kept popping up in Sun4 systems, etc. There isn't any decent documentation,
the historical files are a mess .. etc.

But the fielded product (v3.10) is working correctly across a WIDE range
providing you with the ability to view, test, and extract PKZIP .ZIP files
with various text and filename conversion.

Use it in good health. We'll be fielding periodic updates.

If you wish to monitor progress, you should subscribe to the Info-ZIP
newsletter (details in the archives). However, do NOT expect to be kept
up to date with the source via periodic EMail mailings! If you can't
reach SIMTEL20 via anonymous ftp or other means to snarf the source from
there (in .ARC or TAR-Z format), you're out of luck. You'll just have
to wait until we update these archives here.


David Kirschbaum
Toad Hall
Info-ZIP Coordinator
[email protected]

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