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The PC Telnet binary files for 2.3.07.
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The PC Telnet binary files for 2.3.07.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUGS.TXT 1560 816 deflated
CONFIG.TEL 14057 3792 deflated
FINGER.EXE 99008 46013 deflated
FTP.BAT 35 35 stored
FTPBIN.EXE 168750 77333 deflated
FTPNEW.TXT 4364 1800 deflated
KEYMAP.TEL 4377 1089 deflated
LPQ.EXE 98484 45812 deflated
LPR.EXE 103424 47798 deflated
LPRM.EXE 97892 45575 deflated
LPR_MAN.DOC 23612 6894 deflated
MINITEL.EXE 95388 44401 deflated
N14NOTES.TXT 3618 1235 deflated
NET14.EXE 97593 45423 deflated
OUTMAP.TEL 215 140 deflated
README.DOC 2498 1146 deflated
REXEC.EXE 100291 46778 deflated
RSH.EXE 100216 46579 deflated
SCANCHEK.EXE 10263 6526 deflated
SERVICES.TEL 1667 780 deflated
SETCLOCK.EXE 100746 47065 deflated
TELBIN.EXE 273734 112355 deflated
TELNET.BAT 248 166 deflated
TELPASS.EXE 17032 10519 deflated
UPDATE.TEL 41079 12973 deflated
WHOIS.EXE 98586 45875 deflated
WXMAPS.FTP 113 87 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

NCSA Telnet 2.3.07

This is a maintenance release of NCSA Telnet for PCs running MS-DOS.

Some reassembly required: Password file and CONFIG.TEL file formats changed.

The FTP password file now includes directory permissions. Old password files
will not work. Read FTPNEW.TXT for more info on the password file.

CONFIG.TEL now uses seconds for all the timout units. If you were using
ticks, you will have values up in the hundreds in some places. This is
a lot of seconds. If you are unsure of the values you want, copy them
from the CONFIG.TEL example.


--2.3.07-- --items affected--
Alt-E shells no longer crash. Telbin
0 Byte transfers fixed. Ftpbin
Hierarchical FTP permissions implemented. Telbin, Telpass,
(**Password file format changed**)
Setclock revised for MSC 7.0 Setclock
Local printing control amended. Telbin seconds/ticks resolved., Telbin
(** file format changed**)
Outgoing CR mapping changed., Telbin
Net14.not (note) corrected. Net14.not
Net14 repaired. Net14
UDP support enhanced. Udp.c
Window resize response makes sense. Telbin
Colors fixed. Colors are stable. Telbin, Ftpbin
FTP mget * will not try to get parent dir. Telbin
TCP reset port code corrected. (everything)
IP fragments now supported (Matthew Kaufman) (everything)
Ftpbin output redirection improved. Ftpbin
Keyboard file read from specified location. Telbin
Scrollback cutnpaste past first screen fixed. Telbin
Scrollback text copied after second spacebar. Telbin
Help & DOS-shell work from status screen. Telbin
Couple other small things.

For information on known bugs remaining in Telnet, plans regarding
future versions of Telnet, or for directions on reporting a bug in
Telnet, read BUGS.TXT.

NCSA Telnet is Public Domain software, supported by NCSA.
Technical support may be reached at [email protected]

PC Telnet is compiled with Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 and MASM 5.1

Nov 19, 1993
- Ryan Grant

NCSA PC Telnet WWW home page

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