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This file is presented for those who wish to transfer BINARY(8) files
from SIMTEL20.ARPA to IBM/CMS hosts.

Date: Monday, 4 July 1988 06:15-MDT
From: Robert E. Zaret
To: [email protected]
Re: SIMTEL20->CMS->DOS Success

I recently requested help transferring files from SIMTEL20 to my micro via
an IBM mainframe. After reading several replies (thanks 🙂 and
experimenting a bit, I have succeeded. The trick is to issue the FTP
command TYPE I followed by TYPE 8 before transferring a file (actually,
TYPE 8, TYPE 32, and QUOTE TYPE seem to have the same effect).

A few details: I am using MS-Kermit 2.30 and a modem to connect my micro
to an IBM 4381 via a Series/1 protocol converter. The 4381 is running
CMS. I use FTP on the 4381 to connect to SIMTEL20. The following
"recipe" successfully transferred the file from FTP to my micro:

1) start up FTP on the 4381 and connect to SIMTEL20
2) issue the FTP command TYPE I
3) issue the FTP command TYPE L 8
(or TYPE L 32 or QUOTE TYPE L 8)
4) use the FTP command CWD to get to the right SIMTEL20 directory
5) use the FTP command GET to transfer the file to the 4381
6) use the FTP command QUIT to log off SIMTEL20 and shut down FTP
7) start up CMS-Kermit on the 4381
8) issue the CMS-Kermit command SET FILE-TYPE BINARY (MS-Kermit doesn't
need to be "told" that the file type is binary, but other communications
packages, such as ProComm, do need to be "told")
9) use the two Kermits to transfer the file from the 4381 to my micro
10) "unarc" the file if it is an ARC file (I use ARCE30F).

The FTP commands TYPE L 8, TYPE L 32, and QUOTE TYPE L 32 seemed to have
identical effects. The copies of the file were the same length according
to both CMS and DOS, and ARCE30F was able to "unarc" all three.

The FTP command TYPE L 8 was inadequate unless preceded by TYPE I The FTP
command TYPE I was inadequate unless followed by TYPE L 8, TYPE L 32, or
QUOTE TYPE L 8. The version of FTP I use does not recognize the TENEX