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C source to Unix regex (regular expression parsing and compiling). Allows Unix-style wildcard comparison.
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C source to Unix regex (regular expression parsing and compiling). Allows Unix-style wildcard comparison.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is a pre-release of a bunch of berkelix regex(3)/ed(1)
compatible regular-expression routines.

These routines are completely public domain. You can do whatever
you like with them, and hopefully you are professional enough not
to strip out the authorship information, acknowledgements and

The reason for this being a *pre-release* is that I received a lot
of useful suggestions about packaging, about additional routines etc.
from a few people. I do not have too much time to do those changes
right now, so I am putting this package out for those who needed
it yesterday. Next release will include other routines, and better

These routines are *not* tested under SysV, but they are tested
under PRO/Venix (2.0) and BSD 4.2.

Those uEmacs V30 hackers should take notice of this package,
as well as those who would love to replace the "restricted" regex
routines in Jove. [Since parts of these routines are based on Conroy's
original work, it would be only fitting to put these into uEmacs.]

In general, these routines run just as fast, or faster than regex library
routines under BSD 4.2. In some cases, they are slightly slower. I did not
try too hard to optimize the re_exec routine.

Coding style is a la K&R, with lotsa short identifiers. I like it
that way. All flames should be fed to yetti!dragon.

Acknowledgements: Henry Spencer, Hugh Redelmeier and Drew Sullivan made
a lot of important suggestions, some of which will be
incorporated into the next version.

README.txtthis file.

regex.3comprehensive man page

re_fail.csample failure routine tiny grep for timing tests


enjoy.. oz[...!utzoo!yetti!oz]
[[email protected] || [email protected]]

Dept. of Computer Science
York University

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