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IRC client for the Internet's Relay Chat.
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IRC client for the Internet’s Relay Chat.
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Contents of the IRC.DOC file

quick start:
Forget about it now if you cant irc already via your pc thru
its com port or modem.
Figure out how to do "raw irc".
Put irc.exe and ircrc in the same dir on your pc.
Read everything twice in this file that is sandwiched between lines of
Edit ircrc and make sure its ok.
Get on irc in raw mode on your pc via its com port or modem BUT
STOP right after you connect to the server.
If you are on DOS version 2.something (like 2.11) cd to the directory
pcirc is in.
Fire up irc.exe. (or hit alt-i if you are in tty mode in irc.exe) (f1=help)
Press alt-r. (to register)

not quick start:
do the quick start except read ALL of this file.

shortcuts to take later on when you get used to things:
use tty mode to dial up the server
dial the phone with /dial
get a server with /servers
figure out the pilot commands (good luck)

* using telnet for this or things that echo your stuff occasionally *
* screw this irc up. To fix this for now, send this to telnet *
* (in tty mode or whatever) ----> ^]l *
* (you know, escape char - l ???) *

ircrc processing is as follows:
Things not beginning with a slash are processed during initialization.
Things beginning with a slash are fed into the keyboard right after

edit ircrc and make sure its ok

Optional things not beginning with a slash:
# This is a comment
specify a nickname for registration
specify a new username
realname (blah blah blah>
specify a new real name
specify the modem dialing string
server telnet 6667 (Open Server)
add server to the /servers menu
Turn on xon/xoff flow control (normally off) - sends xoff upon exit
and xon upon startup.
log d:\irc\irc.log
Specify a log file to be appended to for irc output. Normally there
is no logging. (log file is nul)
notify surfdog
Highlight this nickname in /names displays.
parity 7E1
specify a data format other than 8N1
baud 1200
Specify a baud other than 2400
comport 1
Specify a com port other than 2
Turn on auto-dial on startup and auto-registration.
pilot /
set up an autopilot sequence for getting on a server.
See below
cxor 32766
Specify the xor mask for the mouse cursor
cand 32766
Specify the and mask for the mouse cursor
Experiment with these to find a good one.
color mine 64
Make a things certain colors. (These have defaults for both color
and monochrome screens) The color is a screen attribute and the
irc the upper window where output goes
mine the lower window where your input goes
drawer the pull out window of current names (right hand side)
bar the info bar
errors client errors
schedule usually commands issued by means other than typing them in
privmsg messages with your nickname in them
whois /whois output
usertext your input in the output window
lister popup lists
lborder popup list border
ltitle popup list titles
selector the selector bar in popup lists
popup miscellaneous popup windows
pborder miscellaneous popup window borders
ptitle miscellaneous popup window titles
tty tty terminal
cursor text cursors
remarks remarks

Things entered via the keyboard:
Are sent to the channel (as msg's) if not preceded with a slash.
Are sent to the server as commands if preceded by a slash unless
they are like examples on this list:
log on to irc after connecting to the server
(i.e. send the nick and user command)
send the dial string to the modem
/f9 Hi!!!
send when the fkey is hit. (f1 key is reserved for popup
client help)
sound on or not
/beep [email protected]
redefine the beep. [email protected] is a good was to turn off beeps.
/buzz [email protected]
See beep
/bleep 400+600
Bleep 0+0 to shut it off.
/bind 35 /hangup
Bind a special key to some text. This example sets alt-h to send
the /hangup command. Look in a book to find out scancodes. You
can /-bind instead of /bind to make it a silent bind.
/menu 1
Popup popup menu . Popup menu 0 is a menu of menus.
/menu with no number means /menu 0
/menu 1 /list
Add a menu choice to popup menu . (numbered 1-10)
Create the popup menu if needed.
/menu 1 / Cool stuff
Title popup menu as
/windows on
enable scrollable windows for /names /list /who /links and /motd
/rem HEY DUDE!!!
send to the output window only (not the channel)
/pick 1 Whassup $J?
add to pick list . If no list the pick list
for editing.
/regabort 2
set the time that you can abort auto-registration. default is ?
/pongwait 3
set the time to wait for a pong from the server before assuming there
isnt any. Default is ?
Zoom in and out the who list window.
/set var_1 on
set a certain variable or look at its current value. -set will make
it a silent set. All vars are false upon startup. You can also say
off and toggle;
/name 1 greeter
name a variable. Default names are like var_1, var_2.
/name with no params pops up a list. Click on whatever you want
to toggle.
/history 500
Set the size of the history buffer to . (default is 2K)
/uphistory, /downhistory
/bind 72 /uphistory
Scroll up or down thru the history. ^p and ^n always do this.
Entering these commands by typing them doesnt make much sense,
instead you can bind them to other keys like up and down arrow.
/on /
/on *N join $C / hi there
add an on command (better read the section on on commands)
irc.exe will replace certain strings in some commands.
the strings to be replaced and what they are replaced with are
as follows:
$? -> a random number 0..9999
$N -> your nickname
$D -> the last "doer". Experiment to find out what this is
and remember it is often a server.
$C -> the channel you are on
$: -> any data supplied from the server (experiment to see this)
$S -> your server name
$T -> the time of day
$J -> the last person to join your channel
$U -> the nickname you choose from the popup window of people
pcirc thinks is on your channel.
These $W? ones come from the last /whois
$WS -> thier server
$WZ -> thier servers gecos name
$WN -> thier nick
$WU -> thier username
$WM -> thier computers address
$WG -> thier gecos name
$P1..9 -> A random choice from pick list 1..9
$0..$9 -> Words 1-9 of the last thing the server sent you.
Again experiment to find these out.
This works as expected if you specify a channel, but if you dont
you get a popup menu if you have /windows on
/finnish on
Toggle translation of incoming finnish characters. (that i knew of)
/listnames on
Toggle automatic names list upon entering channel
Send a line break
Drop the DTR for a bit (usually hangs up the phone if you're on a modem)
popup the popup menu of server connecting commands.
Shell out if irc.exe (via COMSPEC)
Send a random line from the file yow.txt that is in the same
directory as irc.exe
/query surfdog
Works like unix irc
/dump \
Channel dumping!!
/debug 5
Set a certain debug level (see below)
/incoming " "
change the incoming bar character to somthing else. (like a space)
popup the scroll back buffer
/scrollback 12000
change the scrollback buffersize to something else. Default is 2k
/leftclick /rightclick
change what a mouse button does. Defaults: /menu and /scrollback

default Hot keys, f keys and control keys:
f1 popup help for client only
alt-i irc term mode (clear and refresh irc screen)
alt-c chat mode
alt-t tty mode
up/down change baud
right/left move out the "drawer"
home/end scroll the drawer
alt-x exit irc.exe (may not exit irc!!)
alt-q popup the last popup list again
^u cancel the line you are typing in
^p ^n scroll thru the history buffer

*** on commands
You can do alot of things with these and the variables.
format: /on /
Whenever the server sends something, all the on commands are compared
to it to see if they should be executed.
Patterns to match in
~ = NOT the pattern
* = any word
*N = any word except your own nickname
*R = any word in the register (list of nicks ever seen on your channel)
note: excludes your own nick
note: nick matching is case insensitive
%# = matches only if var number # is true. Always put these at the
end of the
= word
* = eliminte the default message that comes with the event
- = silently (dont report the execution)
. = stop processing of further on commands if matched
d#+# = delay execution for a constant # of seconds + random # of seconds
The event can be anything. Any wildcards are expanded before scheduling.
Take a look at the sample ircrc to see how you can use these.

*** Debug levels (level x incorporates level 1..x-1)
1: more info on bar
add: irc heap avail, echo history size, scrollback size
right now count, schedule count, register count, # loops/second,
server name, keyboard on/off
5: /on atom pattern matching
show how irc is matching input for execution if /on commands

*** Autopilot
The autopilot commands are kind of like a super simple script file. They
can help you automatically get a server if you have automatic mode set.
You can set this mode by putting the word automatic in the ircrc file,
and by having on or more pilot commands in there too.
The first thing it does is dial the phone if theres no carrier by
sending the dial string. Then it hits enter 5 times in 2.5 seconds.
Then it does pilots.
They are in the form: pilot /
Pcirc sends the first half in anticipation of the second half up
to 5 times, waiting at least 5 seconds between each. As soon as it
gets the prompt, it moves on to the next step. When it gets the last
one, at assumes it get to the server. It will skip ahead if it sees that
it got a prompt down the list. These prompts are case sensitive. Take
a look at the sample ircrc file to see a few Ive written that work FOR

*** So.....
Well its ugly and messy but it kinda works. If you have a microsoft mouse
it works on the menus. I need $40 to register the window package if you get
a certain error.

This is a pre-release pre-beta testing version with lots of bugs

(i'm "surfdog")

tell me something good you want in irc.exe and Ill put it in or a bug
you dont want and Ill fix it and email the new version to you!

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