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This is the release note file for PC Gopher III, version
0.25b, released 17 March 1993. Listed below are the bugs
that have been found so far, some fixed and some not.

FILES before running this version.

As of this version, PC Gopher III NO LONGER SUPPORTS
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES. We've had several reports of "out of
environment space" problems, machines not booting, etc., so
rather than try to teach the whole world how to increase the
size of the DOS environment, I've just nuked support for
environment variables altogether.

All of the options that were formerly read from environment
variables can be passed on the command line; here's a list
of the old variables and the switches that replace them:

Old Environment Variable Command Line Switch
------------------------ -------------------


For a complete list of command line parameters, type "g /?".

The usage of command line switches has changed as well; the
new syntax is


if the switch requires a value, or just


If it doesn't.

* * * * * * * Note: NO SPACES!!!!!! * * * * * * * * *

For example, to pass your IP address and an alternate .REZ
file to the program, you'd run it like this:


To turn off swapping during DOS shells, you'd run it like


Fixed Bugs

* video mode is now preserved across sessions

* telnet sessions to high port numbers now work

* gopher no longer passes zero as a port number for terminal sessions

* fixed some memory-related problems; should be fewer
runtime Error #203's

* window titles update properly when using the "Go Back" button

* binary fetch status window displays byte count separately from
fetch status

* cancelled searches actually cancel

* fixed memory leak in binary fetch unit

* fixed memory leak when adding a bookmark

* fixed memory leak in CSO lookups

* file|save command enabled when appropriate, disabled otherwise

* Alt-Z Cancel command enabled when appropriate, disabled otherwise

* search text preserved across search transactions

* search text preserved across CSO lookups (small CSO dialog only)

* .REZ file no longer grows each time it's written to

Added Features

* mouse double-click speed configurable

* added option to open a browser automatically on startup

* added option for single-window mode

* added option to resize windows to fit enclosing text, after
transaction is done. I hate this, so it may disappear.

* all IP addressing information can now be passed on the
command line

* got rid of "copyright blah blah blah" string in the
browser window. This gets you an extra three lines if
you're not in single-window mode. If you ARE in single-
window mode, you still get to see it.

* most of the dialog boxes will remember their positions
and sizes

* new command line switch, /SHUTUP, for people who are
tired of being beeped at if there's a run-time error (like

* two new command line switches for passing addressing
information on the command line: /MYGW=,
and /MYDNS=

Unfixed Bugs

* if there's a non-single-window mode browser on the
screen, and you switch to single-window mode, you have to
open a new browser to get the "Go Back" button to appear

* secondary server support is still broken

* reposition windows when changing video mode

* where's the help system?

* peek in gplustest/ask/e-mail directory crashes client

* empty directories shouldn't be displayed

* QEMM 6.0 -- PC Gopher III is "executing an illegal

* swap for telnet sessions crashes machine

* need window tile and cascade functions

* small CSO dialog needs status line

* search text should be preserved across CSO lookups when
using large CSO dialog box

* should be able to choose large or small CSO dialog as

Have fun, and keep reporting bugs!

Daniel A. Torrey
Chief Cook and Bottle-washer, PC Gopher
[email protected]