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Demo version of MINIX 1.5 [UNIX clone] operating system.
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Demo version of MINIX 1.5 [UNIX clone] operating system.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANNOUNCE.DOC 26965 10936 deflated
CRC.C 3948 1766 deflated
CRC.EXE 13881 8304 deflated
DEMO_DSK.IBM 368640 130426 deflated
MANUAL.TXT 73796 23821 deflated
POSTING.DOC 1897 1023 deflated
RAWRITE.C 2758 1238 deflated
RAWRITE.DOC 1962 945 deflated
RAWRITE.EXE 15881 9241 deflated
README.DOC 6634 2978 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

This directory contains MINIX demonstration disks. To use them, first
download the (IBM PC, XT, AT, or 386) or
file (Atari ST) to your machine. Then copy it bit for bit to a floppy
disk. These files are exact disk images. They are not files readable
by any operating system. They are bootable disks. For the Atari, you
must use a 360K diskette.

To transfer the demo disk to a floppy, you need a program that can write
a raw disk image. A program 'rawrite' has been provided for MS-DOS users.
The Turbo C source (rawrite.c), the executable (rawrite.exe), and the
user manual (rawrite.doc) are provided in this directory. For the Atari,
use file2dsk instead of rawrite (see file2dsk.doc).

The demo user manual is available in PostScript form as or as
flat ASCII text as manual.txt. If you can print PostScript, use the
former; if not, use the latter. The manual.txt file can be printed
on any printer that can handle ASCII text (including Form Feed).

The announcement file tells more about MINIX, describes the MINIX newsgroup,
comp.os.minix, and the MINIX archives. It is a flat ASCII file.

The files ending in .Z are compressed using the UNIX compress program.
Not all the files are compressed, just the larger ones. If you have the
UNIX or MINIX compress program, download the .Z files to save bandwidth, and
decompress them on your own machine. Please do not FTP during business
hours European time, (i.e., please FTP after 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time).

Once more, to avoid any confusion, MINIX is not public domain or shareware.
It is copyrighted software. All the files in this directory, including
the demo disks are also fully protected by copyright. The copyright owners
hereby grant permission to copy and use the MINIX demo disks and other files
in this directory only for the purpose of evaluating MINIX to see if it
is suitable for your needs.

Andy Tanenbaum ([email protected])

The crcs of most of the files in this directory are listed below.
The crc is the MINIX replacement for sum. It gives a much stronger
checksum. The source is in crc.c, in case you don't already have it.

Cksum Bytes File nameDescription
----- ------ --------------------
13973 26323 announcementGeneral info about the MINIX community
50933 3844 crc.cMINIX checksum program
57848 368640 demo_dsk.ibmIBM demo disk
26774 320512 demo_dsk.stAtari ST demo disk
08584 2289 file2dsk.cC program to write Atari boot disk
41135 2107 file2dsk.docDocumentation for file2dsk
32394 9659 file2dsk.ttpExecutable for file2dsk for Atari TOS
59522 175493 manual.psManual in postscript
58276 72014 manual.txtManual as flat ASCII file
37256 2650 rawrite.cTurbo C program to write a raw disk image
63864 1885 rawrite.docDocumentation for rawrite
34141 11958 rawrite.exeExecutable version of rawrite for MS-DOS

42004 14451 announcement.ZThese are all compressed versions of the above
04519 201819
19632 184677
01416 81289
30559 34985 manual.txt.Z



MINIX 1.5 is being sold by Prentice-Hall. The product numbers and prices
are as follows:

- MINIX 1.5 for the IBM: 5 1/4" (0-13-585076-2) $169
- MINIX 1.5 for the IBM: 3 1/2" (0-13-585068-1) $169
- MINIX 1.5 for the Amiga (0-13-585043-6) $169
- MINIX 1.5 for the Atari (0-13-585035-5) $169
- MINIX 1.5 for the Macintosh (0-13-585050-9) $169

- MINIX 1.5 IBM demo disk (0-13-582768-x) $10
- MINIX 1.5 Macintosh demo disk (0-13-582784-1) $10
- MINIX 1.5 Atari demo disk (0-13-582792-2) $10

Sales tax and shipping are extra; Prices are slightly higher outside the U.S.

All versions include the executable binaries, a detailed manual, the complete
source code (on diskettes), and an attractively typeset, cross-referenced
listing of the operating system code.

P-H is making a big effort to get software stores to keep MINIX in stock.
The easiest way to order it is to go to a software store and ask them for
it. If they don't stock it, they can always order it. Alternatively, you
can order directly by email, FAX, phone, or mail from Prentice-Hall as follows.

In North America and the Far East
To order by email:[email protected]
To order by FAX: (201) 767-5625
To order by phone:(800) 624-0023 or (201) 767-5969
To order by mail:Microservice Customer Service
Simon & Schuster
200 Old Tappan Road
Old Tappan, NJ 07675

In UK/Europe
To order by email:Not recommended as the email is printed out in the U.S.
and then sent to England by regular letter
To order by FAX:Same problem as email
To order by phone:+44 (442) 231-555 (UK number)
To order by mail:Order Dept.
Prentice-Hall International
66 Wood Lane End

Hemel Hempstead

For email and FAX orders, please include the product name and number, your
name and address, and your MasterCard or VISA card number and expiration date.
If you wish delivery by Federal Express (costs extra), please indicate so.

MINIX can also be ordered from the following addresses:

In England:The MINIX Center
Forncett End
Norfolk NR16 1HT England

In Germany:Steve Steinkrauss
Feldtorweg 24
D3406 Bovenden 1

In the Benelux:Fred van Kempen
Postbus 184
2100 AD Heemstede
Tel: +31 23 287935
FAX: +31 23 294229

In Scandinavia:Frank O'Donell
P.O. Box 88
1371 Asker

In Spain andDeborah Worth
Portugal:Appartado Numero 50672

In Italy:Jim Blaho
Piazza Santo Spirito 17
50125 Florence

In Greece:Vassilis Zahos
Kritonos 5-7
GR 11634 Athens

In Turkey:Atilla Gullu
Milli Mudafaa Cad 14/7
Kizilay Ankara

If you have previously purchased MINIX from Prentice-Hall, you can get
a discount of $60, but only if you order by mail and include the label from
the original PH boot disk (or the entire disk) with your letter. Not valid
for email, phone or FAX orders since you must enclose the original boot disk
label (not a photocopy). Mail orders can be by credit card or check for
$169. You will be billed for tax and shipping.

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