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Here is a larger math library than the one supplied with COHERENT version
3.1.0. I liked the BC desktop calculator because of its simplicity and
the programming ability.

I was pleased to find that even though not documented, there exists a
function sqrt() inside of the bc calculator. This made the job of
producing a library of transcendental functions easier.

1. Use the "dos" utility supplied with COHERENT to copy the files onto
your COHERENT partition.

2. To use this library,


bc -l math_co.bc

at the COHERENT prompt. If you wish to program the calculator to use
these functions - have your program follow math_co.bc.

3. To test type:

for (i=.1;i
The variable py=3.14159 was defined because interim results will contain
100 places if the pi in the COHERENT library is used.