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Support files #3 for LINUX patch, less, pmake, rcs, sed, etc.
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Support files #3 for LINUX patch, less, pmake, rcs, sed, etc.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

LINUX is a freeware version of the UNIX operating system.

The contents of LINBIN3.ZIP are:


This is the third of the archives containing the Linux support
files and binaries. To use this archive you will have had to
obtained LINUX1.ZIP (the root and boot images) and installed
Linux on your hard disk. You will also want to find LINBIN1.ZIP,
and LINBIN2.ZIP although it is not neccessary to have them in
order to install this package. This packages contains many support
tools including patch, less, pmake, sed, rcs (revision control
system ).

Because of the size of the Linux operating system, and the difficulty
of obtaining all the pieces without access to Internet, the
feasibility of distribution of Linux via diskette or CD rom is
being discussed. If you have access to SmartNet or RelayNet
(RIME) then you may want to join the Unix conferences to follow
developments. Post your messages to Dick Zuccarini on these nets
or to his BBS at 1-818-894-5355 (Bill of Rights BBS).

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