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A file on how to get WinMail for access to the internet mail and ftp sites.
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A file on how to get WinMail for access to the internet mail and ftp sites.
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Contents of the WNMAIL.TXT file

W i n N E T (TM) M a i l
by Computer Witchcraft, Inc.

What does WinNET Mail Do?

WinNET Mail is a Windows application that lets you compose,
send, receive, organize, and store Electronic Mail
including attached files. WinNET Mail through the WinNET
service lets you exchange E-Mail with any of the tens of
millions of persons who have direct or indirect access to
the Internet.

-- And ALSO: Usenet News!

WinNET now has comphrehensive support for USENET News
Groups. We carry a complete news feed, over 5,200
groups, including Clarinet professionally edited
news groups. Please read further for more information
about USENET News.

The Internet

The Internet is a high performance network that connects
thousands of commercial, educational, and government
computer systems throughout the United States, Canada and
around the world. The Internet is used to carry Electronic
Mail, Transfer Files (FTP), carry hundreds of Special
Interest Group mailing lists, and transport thousands of
discussions groups (known as News).

How do I get the WinNET Mail Software?

WinNET Mail can be downloaded from CompuServe, BIX,
America On-line, GENie, many local Bulletin Board systems,
and from servers on the Internet via FTP. On CompuServe,
WinNET Mail is located in several forums:

WINSHARE: Section 10 (General Win Apps)
IBMCOM: Section 9 (Navigation Programs/Scripts)
TELECOM: Section 14 (Internetworking)
UNIXFORUM: Section 12 (DOS under UNIX)

The file name is WNMAIL.ZIP. It is about 1/2 MB is size.
On the Internet WinNET can be obtained via anonymous FTP:

File: /pub/msdos/windows3/

Or we will be happy to send you a copy via the Postal
Service. Please send your request with your address to:

[email protected]

or call us at +1-502-589-6800.

Will I like WinNET Mail?

We hope so, here is what some of our customers have said
about us recently:

"Still in awe of this program!"
"You have a great service here."
"You guys are so BA-A-A-AD!!! I'm already hopelessly
hooked on this stuff!"
"...this is really slick!"
"I would like to begin this note with a Navy 'Bravo
Zulu' meaning Well Done ... an excellent Windows
application ... an excellent interface."
"First I have to say that the more I use WinNET Mail
and News the more I love it! This is a great program...
and a great Internet interface."
"I LOVE this software!"
"I must congratulate you all at Witchcraft for ... an
excellent mail package ..."
"Very impressed with your system, by the way. Slick,
efficient, and very low system overhead ..."
"I've been bragging on your product to some friends..."
"Glad to be a user!!"
"I have recently begun using your product and I am
thoroughly pleased."
"The price is right ... and the software is a breeze."
"It is a great product."

What does WinNET Mail cost?

The WinNET Mail software is provided to you free of charge
for the purpose of connecting with the WinNET system. The
WinNET system is your connection with the Internet and Usenet
networks and usage is billed to you on a connect time

The rate for on-line usage of the WinNET system is:

$8.00 per hour.

There is a monthly minimum charge of $9.95 while you
have an account with us. This means that if you use less than
$9.95 worth of connect time (billed at $8.00 per hour), you
will be billed the minimum of $9.95.

There is a per account minimum charge of $9.95. Accounts
created and then ended shortly thereafter will be billed at
minimum $9.95.

Unlike many on-line services and bulletin boards, you are
only connected to WinNET for just long enough to send or
receive any pending E-Mail at speeds as fast as your modem
will go. This results in connection times of typically 1 to
just a few minutes. In our experience, customers average
1.25 hours of connect time per month or just $10.00 in
charges. See TERMS.TXT for full details.

Note: Service can be billed on a Credit Card, by
Pre-Payment arrangement, or by monthly invoice
($14.95/month minimum for Invoice). Details are included
with the software.

1-800 Number Service

Computer Witchcraft also offers a very economical 1-800 number
service that can be used to access us. This is *optional* --
it is fine to call our direct number if your location is
local to ours, or if you have a calling plan with your long
distance company that provides a savings. Our rates for
1-800 number service are:

M-F, 8am-5pm: 18 cents/min
All other times: 12 cents/min

What Features does WinNET Mail have?

WinNET Mail has a user-friendly, 'state-of-the-art'
Window's Multiple Document Interface, replete with a
toolbar, status lines, and support for user-defined mail
folders, address book, and data-base like search facilities.
The search facilities can be used to find old mail articles
or to reorganize your mail folders by creating few folders
from search results. WinNET Mail has built-in support for
storing mail in folders named after the senders of mail
items, and for keeping the user's own mail compositions in
a separate folder.

WinNET Mail's News features include the ability to sign
up for and cancel subscriptions to groups automatically,
conversation sorting of articles, complete support for
receiving all available usenet groups, including Clarinet
and the ALT groups, complete support for posting and
following up articles, and reply by mail. Please see the end
of this file for more information about the features of the
News software.

WinNET Mail runs under versions 3.0 and 3.1 of Microsoft
Windows. It is a sophisticated Multi Document Interface

WinNET Mail supports a very integrated and user-friendly
implementation of the UNIX uuencode/decode utilities for
Internet/Usenet compatible BINARY FILE TRANSFER. These
utilities allow the user to select a file of any size or
data format to be included and mailed along with a message
as an attached binary file. The recipient may then simply
select a directory, using a file dialog box, as a location
for storing the file.

All the software you need to use WinNET Mail is included
with the WinNET Mail distribution, including our account
setup program that allows you to automatically (and
instantly) gain access to an unlimited Internet/Usenet
account, through the WinNET service.

Using WinNET Mail, you can join any of the over 1600
Internet Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These groups allow
Internet/Usenet mail users to exchange correspondence about
specific areas of interest. The range of topics covered by
these groups is unrivaled by any other network, and many of
the participants are foremost experts in their fields.

WinNET Mail's system editor is based on our popular and
widely distributed 'Mega Edit' product. The editor can
seamlessly handle files as large as virtual memory will
allow, and fulfills completely the CUA interface standards
including word-wrap, cut & paste, text search/replace,
goto, file import, support for printing, DOS shell, tab
control, variable, and sizable font support. The WinNET
Mail editor is accessible from the WinNET Mail menu bar and
can be used to open and edit any file.

WinNET Mail's communications module is a high-performance
implementation of the UNIX 'uucico' program (unix-to-unix-
copy-in-copy-out). The communications module supports
computer to modem interface speeds up to 57,600 BPS, and the
WinNET server is also configured to support a data link at
57,600 BPS, with full V.42bis data compression.

The communications utility runs smoothly in the background
while other Windows applications may be active, and is very
tolerant of disruptions by long processing cycles of other
applications. The communications utility has a
fault-tolerant mode of operation such that no possibility
of losing a queued mail item exists short of a complete
hard-disk/system failure. It uses CRC error detection to
insure faithful transmission of data, and will automatically
monitor for error conditions and perform intelligent actions
to ensure timely delivery and receipt of mail. It displays
detailed transmission statistics as it runs, and records
information about its activities in several detailed logs.

Additional utilities are provided to accomplish scheduling
of automatic periodic connections to the WinNET server and
to provide user notification of newly arrived mail.

About the Usenet News version of WinNET

Additional features of the new version include:

WinNET Mail Version 2.0 Summary of New Features:

- Automatic electronic subscription to individual news
groups. Groups may be added or removed with a simple
dialog box. Mail messages are generated to the sub-
scription management software at CWI which takes care
of adding and removing groups from the user's receive

- Categorization of articles by News Group. As the
user's system receives new articles, they are auto-
matically delivered to folders corresponding by name
to the proper News Groups.

- Master News Group List. Like the folder list, this
window displays all news groups that have articles in
them, with groups having unread articles at the top,
(along with an indication of the number of unseen

- Ordering of news articles by conversation threads.
Articles can then be browsed so that fidelity to the
chronological order of the conversation is consistently

- Support for Posting original articles. The user can
select "Post News" from the News menu to activate the
News Composition Editor. The News Composition Editor
has drop down lists from which news groups can be
selected for posting and which also designation of a
"Followup-To:" group. Articles may be cross-posted.
(Sent to more than one news group).

- Support for "Following Up" (responding in a news group
to another article). The original news groups are auto-
matically designated, or, in the case where the original
article suggests a follow-up group, the follow-up group
is automatically designated.

- Support for reply by mail.

- Support for copying news articles to mail folders.

- Support for marking articles as "seen" "en mass",
so that uninteresting articles can be dispensed with.

- Communications Batch processing of news articles and
mail for increased data-throughput.

- Cleanup utility. This utility provides for deleting
old news and mail. With a configuration file, optional
archiving of news and mail can be performed.

- Mail Queue Editor. This utility allows the user to
view, edit, retrieve or delete unsent items from the
mail queue, and to repair corrupted queues.

- Context sensitive toolbar that shifts to news
functions when you open any Window relating to
the News system.

For help on obtaining a copy of WinNET Mail, or further
information please contact us.

Computer Witchcraft, Inc.
330F Distillery Commons
Louisville, KY 40206-1919

Telephone: +1-502-589-6800
Fax: +1-502-589-7300
Internet: [email protected]
CompuServe: 76130,1463

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