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Internet TSR Pop-Up resource Guide.
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Internet TSR Pop-Up resource Guide.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
INFOPOP.HLP 252363 135195 deflated
IP.DOC 10865 4300 deflated
IP.EXE 67320 65750 deflated
IPNR.EXE 52197 51005 deflated
IPNR.ICO 1086 455 deflated
IPNR.PIF 545 141 deflated
MAKEINFO.DOC 8195 3378 deflated
MAKEINFO.EXE 19202 18466 deflated
README 1318 618 deflated
SAMPLEDB.TXT 6901 2865 deflated
TOPICS 9008 3602 deflated

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Contents of the README file

InfoPop version 2.60

TSR info system
GMUtant OnLine BBS for Internet and
(703) 993-2219 9600 v.32 24 hrs a day Telecomputing

Files: IP.EXE - the program (TSR version)
IPNR.EXE - Non-resident version.
INFOPOP.HLP - the database (dated January 26, 1993)
IP.DOC - documentation & last minute info
MAKEINFO.EXE - InfoPop supplemental database creation utility
MAKEINFO.DOC - documentation for MakeInfo
SAMPLEDB.TXT - sample file for MakeInfo. Creates SAMPLEDB.HLP

InfoPop is a terminate-stay-resident (TSR) guide to using the Internet
and a variety of other online information systems. Type IP /? at the
DOS prompt for startup options. Once you load InfoPop, pressing
LeftShift-F1 brings up the initial index. If you can't run the TSR
version, use IPNR.EXE instead. It loads & executes like a regular program

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