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This is Inetserv v. 2.0. This is a review of the internet services. This is for commentary and review.
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This is Inetserv v. 2.0. This is a review of the internet services. This is for commentary and review.
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Review of Internet service providers
Delphi, Grebyn, Digital Express,

Recommendation: Digital Express with running a close second.

We chose Digital Express because their servers are hooked on a T1 line. A T1 line transfers at 1.5mbits/sec. We were interested in transfering large packets (100MBs plus); which might significantly tie-up a system with slower lines. Also, they have two servers, which meant more dependability.
Clarnet is the cheapest of the services. We chose Digital Express over Clarknet because their 56k line and single server made a difference for us. Clarknet's help is restricted compared to Digital Express.

Note: reviewers not affiliated w any service -- just gunslingers like yourselves.

Express Access, aka Digital Express.
Modem dialup: (301)-220-0462, (410)-766-1855 (up to 14.4k bps (V.32bis)
Local access: Northern VA, Baltimore MD, Washington DC
(202), (301), (410), (703)
e-mail:[email protected]

--Sun 3 and Sun 4, running Sun Os.
--Source line is T1.
--60 ports (52 of these are 14.4K bps) "All future lines will be at least 14.4k bps" -- Lisa Losito
--Supports 300bps to 14.4k bps (V.32bis).
--Local to Washington, DC. Long distance plan via PC-Pursuit (Sprint)
--Allows X, Y, and Z modem protocols.
--Technical service phone number (9:00am - 11:00pm; expanding "soon" to 24 hrs).
--Limited Warranty: "...will refund the service fee for the current month and any prepaid fees for future months." --Express Access Online Comm. Services, Account Application, p 1 Article 10.
--Basic service (e-mail and newsgroups)

Full internet service
--newsgroups (5000)
--Offline news and mail reader.
--gopher, wais, www and archie search engines.

--SLIP/PPP (call Express for more info)
--Private Domain (call Express for more info)
--Leased Lines (56k - T3) (call Express for more info)
--Online registration.

COST, RATES and CHARGES (Full Internet Service)
**NOTE: The cost evaluation below is determined for FULL INTERNET (Telnet, FTP, IRC, e-mail, newsgroups) service only. These figures do not apply to other services offered by Express Access. Please contact Express Access for complete details of services and charges.

--fees: $25 per month,
or $250 per year ($250/yr = $20.83/month)
--Fees cover Telnet, IRC and all newsgroups (ANF--mci & IBM joint venture), tech support.
--No throughput ceilling for FTP.
--Long distance plan via PC-pursuit: $30 flat rate, up to 30 hrs connect time @2400bps.

-- 1 hour each day=free. $1/hr between 3pm - 3am (excluding the one hour free). No connect charges between 3am - 3pm.
-- 2 MB disk space allowance on their system. $0.10 per hour per day for each additional megabyte used.

--Helpful, and friendly customer service.
--Costumer service was responsive. They answered questions quickly and accurately.
--On my first call, Express immediately faxed literature.
--Seems to be a growing business--They mentioned adding more high speed ports soon.
--Uncomplicated rates/charges.

Delphi is an on-line information service (like Compuserve) with Internet access.
Like Compuserve, it offers more than just internet & so cost is greater.

Modem dialup:301-294-4522 (2400 bps), 301-309-1501 (9600 bps), 703-385-7587 (9600 bps)
These are all local to the Washington DC area. Other numbers exist
Voice:(800) 695-4005

Internet Services
--Delphi Special Interest Group (SIG) on Internet
--search engines: wais, gopher, www, archie, veronica
--NO Y/Z modem protocols
--Online registration

Special offer for new internet users: 1 month free, with 5 free hours of access (thereafter, $1.80/hr.

--fees:$10/month w 4 free hours & $4/hr thereafter
OR: $20/month w 20 free hours & $1.80/hr thereafter
$9 fee to sign up for 20/20 plan (if 1st month, this climbs to $19).
--25K characters storage space/month, additional 1K=$.16/month.
--10Mb/month FTP transfer maximum, additional transfer costs $1/100K.

--$9/hr to connect M-F from 6am-7pm. 7pm-6am or Sat/Sun: no charge.
--No additional phone charges if telnetting to Delphi from another site.
--$3/month internet surcharge.

--Some difficulties w 9600 baud connections & slow lines.
--Net Lag: at 8:00pm, things moved VERY slowly.

Grebyn Corporation

Modem dialup:703-281-7997, 'apply'
Email:[email protected]

local access --> Northern VA, Southern MD, Washington DC

--Sun SPARCstation IPC running SunOS 4.1.3 w 32Mb memory & 1.4G on-line
--6 ports, speeds up to 14.4bps w V.32 bis.
--news groups
--search engines: gopher, archie.
--Xmodem & Kermit protocols.
--Online registration

Startup fee: $30.00
Monthly fee: $30.00
Connect time: 30 hrs free, thereafter $1/hr
Disk space: 1Mb free, thereafter $1/Mb

Modem dialup:(301)596-1626 (up to 14.4k bps V.32bis)
Voice: (800) 735-2258 ext. (410) 730-9764
TDD: (410) 730-9764
Fax: (410) 730-9765
E-mail:[email protected]
Finger address:[email protected]

--56K line.
--13 ports, all at 14.4bps w V.32 bis.
--news groups.
--search engines: gopher, archie, wais, www (willing to provide others).
--XYZmodem download.
--Limited warranty (will refund the current month plus remaining months subscribed.)
--Online registration

Fees:$23/mo, or $19/mo if subscribe for entire year.
Connect time charges: intro offer = free this summer.
Prime time charge: 2 hrs free then $1/hr.
Prime time = 3:00pm - 11:59pm.
No charge during non-prime time.

Allowance: 5 Mb/account, $2/Mb thereafter.

UUCP feeds:
additional charge on top of above services.
1 feed: $16/mo or $12/mo if one year.
2 feeds: $38/mo or $34/mo if one year.

--The voice phone number is operated through a relay service for the deaf (The sysop is deaf.)
--So help is done via chat, or e-mail, except between 7pm-10pm, where you can "talk" to the sysop via the relay service.

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