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Unusual places and things to do on the Internet.
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Article #7815 (7846 is last):
From: [email protected] (Chuck Ivy)
Newsgroups: alt.discordia,alt.slack
Subject: High Weirdness 2.0
Date: Sun Dec 13 11:19:42 1992

high weirdness by email v2.0 send info and errata to: [email protected]
This version *supersedes* previous "editions"; they may safely be deleted
without loss of important information.

Warning: Despite the new format - classificiation of resorces by topic -
certain parts of this listing are in a chaotic state. This has to do with the
circumstances of its compilation. Basically, to access the net I have to sneak
into a university lab and telnet to one of my legitimate accounts. I have been
"caught" twice so far and so it's getting a little difficult to maintain the
volume of activity that I'd like to. I have my one opportunity to put things
on an ftp site coming up in a few hours and so I want to "get out" what
information I have *now*, in case I lose any form of access altogether.

The lIsted topics are:



In places I hav cannibalized both Scott Yanoff's listing of internet resources
[reproduced in full at the end] and a list of mailing lists which appeared on
news.lists, I think.


worldwide church of god - if youre a member- mailing list
[email protected]

Contact: [email protected] (Charles W. Cooper II)

Purpose: a non-threatening forum for discussing and sharing
information about the tenets, history, and texts of the Baha'i
Faith. This mailing list is gatewayed into the Usenet newsgroup

Buddha-l [email protected] "scholarly" in orientation
Forum on Indian and Buddhist studies [listname BUDDHIST?]
[email protected]

Contact: [email protected] -or- decwrl!lds-request

Purpose: a forum for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints (mormons) to discuss church doctrine, mormon
culture and life in general. Non-members are welcome to join, but
we're not interested in flame wars.
subdirectories: buddhism-gen, -tib, -viet, -zen; shamanism; taoism.
look at /buddhism-zen/zen-email-directory.txt; email addresses of several
dozen individuals or organizations interested in zen, all around the world.

Contact: [email protected] (Steve Timm)

Purpose: SDAnet is a list for and about Seventh-day Adventists.
It is a moderated list. Anyone may post or subscribe.

Secular Humanist Group
Contact: [email protected] (Jim Thompson)

Purpose: to provide a moderated forum for the discussion of secular
lifestyles and philosophies among atheists, agnostics, and secular
humanists. Theists may join the list; however, proselytizing and
debates over God and religion will be referred to more appropriate

[email protected] - starting biblical studies over email

"The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS is an electronic
journal that disseminates table of contents, abstracts, reviews and
ordering information on new and recent print and electronic publications
of relevance to Religious Studies.
"Electronic subscriptions are free; to subscribe, send a mail message to
[email protected] or [email protected] with the text:
Inquires regarding the CONTENTS project should be sent to the project
director: Michael Strangelove <[email protected]> or <[email protected]>

The first edition of Michael Strangelove's _The Electric
Mystic's Guide to the Internet: A Complete Bibliography of
Networked Electronic Documents Online Conferences, Serials,
Software and Archives Relevant to Religious Studies_, is now
available via FTP as a Postscript, WordPerfect and low ascii
file (also available via Listserv). Volume One is 64 pages
Volumes Two and Three will be released between October and December.
This bibliography is freely available via the international
academic networks (BITNET/Internet) from the CONTENTS Project
fileserver via FTP from the node
( in the directory /pub/religion/ as the files
[in PostScript, WP5.1, "low ascii" forms"]
It is also available as a low ascii text via the CONTENTS
Project Listserv fileserver as MYSTICS V1-TXT from
[email protected] or [email protected]

[email protected], [email protected]
books of Ceanne DeRohan, dictated by god - help save the universe
(not seen by me) - low traffic lst

URANTIAL listserv%[email protected] - sub urantial your_name
the urantia book - available at better occult bookstores everywhere

[email protected] **
applied Zen Buddhism


Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: The GRASS (Generic Religions and Secret Societies)
mailing list is a forum for the development of religions and
secret societies for use in role-playing games. Both real-world
and fictional religions and secret societies are covered. GRASS is
an erratic volume, high signal-to-noise, mailing list.

To subscribe, send mail to the CONTACT address with a subject of
SUBSCRIBE Charlie Bucket. (Use your own name instead of Charlie's

Contact: [email protected] (Stacey Greenstein)

Purpose: To discuss the religions, philosophy, etc. of paganism. /pub/wicca

[email protected] appears to be organizing a weekly online magickal group.
[excerpt from a post on alt.magick ...]
>Note: This was originally posted to alt.magick and alt.cyberpunk about
>a month or two ago (perhaps more). I will repost this every so often
>so as to address attrition rates in our group. We are currently meeting
>every Thursday (3:00 PST/6:00 EST/9:00 Brit.) and would enjoy new
>members. Email me for the exact MUD address to which you'd connect.
[there follows a long speculative discussion on fantasy and its
expression in various mediums of communication and interaction, and the
specific possibilities the net offers for "Cyber Ritual". probably best to
look for the original post before you ask to join, IMNSHO!]

[email protected] (not seen by me) (
you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear
whenever you list the directory contents.
/info/misc [contains files Wicca1, Wicca2, kama (sutra)]
/pub/topy-online Temple ov Psychick Youth
(submitted by [email protected]) /
/pub/doc/occult - Necronomicon - voynich
comments by Anon of Ibid:
* This site has lots of Crowley texts and gifs, including the
*complete* texts of the Book of Lies, Book of the Law, Book 4,
Magick in Theory and Practice, Magick Without Tears, and some
(or all) copies of the Equinox. (Crowley's magickal journal/
zine/publication type thing) All this stuff is in directory
/pub/magick/incoming. But there's lots more than Crowley stuff.
Check this site out.
[Back to me:]
Also worth perusing are wilson.on.cis, an online conference with RAWilson as
guest participant, and cybercraft, which contains an exposition of Leary's
8-circuit model. ALSO, copies of the Equinox are retailing where I live
for about $700 (for 10 vols.) at present. You could probably make yourself
same money, and do yourself a favor, and violate some sort of copyright law
by printing copies of the Equinox based on the slopoke material.
In fact the whole slopoke site is just one of the best. They have an old
alt.slack archive (old*slack!), extensive Notes on Kabbala that you won't
find anywhere else, the Principia, and *best of all*: in /pub/incoming they
have the up-to-date version of the Scriptures of V\R (see above). Praise


A historical document:

>From: [email protected] (T. Rev)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: Re: Timelines
Date: 5 Jun 89 00:42:01 GMT
Given that the SubGeniuses seem to have been corrupted and poisoned
by virtue of their long fight against the Conspiracy (e.g. $tang's 'selling
out', Bob Black's increasing spiritual violence, the martyrdom of St.
Reith, the slow disappearance of many of the church elders, and general
dissatisfaction in the ranks, as well as the predicted Age of the Crowned
and Conquering Bobbie), the time seems right for the appearance of another
mindless, soul-destroying cult. Since the Discordians came along in 1959,
and the Subs in 1979, 1989 would seem to be the next proper time for a
major cult (so that the geometric series will converge just _after_ the
supposed arrival of the X-ists (giving us needed slack time, of course)).
In this light, and for research purposes only, not for sale or
prescription at this time, I would like to ask of Mr. Parry a description
of his doctrine of 'Kibology'--a Kibologist Manifesto, as it were.
So, Mr. Parry, what say you?

T. Rev
T. Rev -- Algebraic Theology
The Harlequinade -- University of Dobbstown, Math Dept.
Now now at -- [email protected]

PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA - found all over the place and posted to alt.discordia
every week or so, it seems - transcribed by Druel the Chaotic - send fanmail
to [email protected]

[email protected] **
your daily fix of slack
/pub/alt.religion.kibology - archives for the newsgroup
ark.655.Z & kibo-for-prez look interesting, but i can't decompress them

Church of Spam
newcomers but ambitious - already setting up alt.spam

[email protected]
PURPS - The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode - the newsletter of the Otisians.
An excellent compilation. Issue 45 coming out soon.
Contact the Pope, [email protected], for info on the Otisian directory.
Also contact [email protected] for info on the "junk mail" list.
Purps archived, /pub/journals/Purps, from purps01 to
purps44 although certain editions seem to be unreadable, eg purps09

[email protected] - home of the Holy Temple of Mass Consumption - don't know
if they send out copies of their (excellent) ezine on request, but it
appears regularly on Usenet anyway, and is archived at

[email protected] - Moot News for Modern Man v1 and 2, subG stuff

[email protected] - Worldview / Weltanschauung - weirdness, future
tech, subgenius stuff - read about this in the future-culture FAQ (see
mailing lists) but i have been unable to reach them - anyhow it is
archived at, /pub/cud/wview
version 1, Travelling Scriptures of the Church of V/R /pub
get the CONTENTS file to see how *much* there is on here! also,
there's an automatic decompression thingy for any file ending .Z, so you
can ftp-by-mail even *those* ones! /pub/subgenius contains a bob.gif, plus
lots of other SubG stuff; and of course they have the Principia Discordia.
/pub/journals has *heaps* of stuff, FutureCulture, m00se Illuminati (for
info on *them* mail [email protected]), Purps (the Purple
Thunderbolt of Spode, the Otisian newsletter (see above)), other stuff I
forget right now.


infopara-reques[email protected] - "Subscribe" in subject line - you will
get info from Paranet Information Service

psi-l listserv%[email protected] SUB PSI-l the_usual
contact bgeer%[email protected] (not seen by me)

"Our research group is currently investigating reports and sightings of
the animal known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch".
o Leave a private message in electronic mail:
[email protected] (Thomas Hill)
Contact with us can be totally anonymous if you wish. We are especially
interested in Ohio sightings but are by no means limited to
investigations in that state. Please, serious responses only." [ie SubGenii:
nothing about Tibetan Yetis from Atlantis] (from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ)

[email protected]
the Federation is making a starflight drive - email here for details

[email protected] (from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ)
available on an experimental basis by email - "The Swamp Gas Journal
covers a variety of scientific UFO-related phenomena" - various reviews

[email protected]
maintains a personal archive of alt.alien.visitors traffic since July 13,
1992 - portions available on request - *not* available via ftp as yet (
you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear
whenever you list the directory contents.
/info/paranet [UFO digests from Paranet Information Service]

skeptic%[email protected] SUB SKEPTIC your_fullname
(not seen by me)

from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ - an excellent document! possibly the best
reference for ufo-info sources of its size ever prepared - comments here
are from that FAQ
The file is pub/UFO/bibliography.Z It has books by author, a second
listing by date, and also the names of prominent authors in the field.
For more information contact: [email protected] (Charles Mcgrew) ( /pub/ufo_and_space_pics
- phoenix UFO pics

NASA Pics Sites
NOTE: the material at these sites is exceedingly voluminous;
I'd strongly suggest just getting the CD-ROMs instead of attempting
to transfer scores of gigabytes of pix and other material.
To access the online catalog of NASA material, CD-ROMS, et cetera:
login as "NODIS"
no password

Anonymous ftp sites (five): []
This is a VAX/VMS box, so you must ftp-login as "anonymous". To get
a dir listing into a file on your system:
ftp> dir [...] file_on_your_system
lots of stuff, including Aliens of all colors, and UFO pix (though this
seems to mirror a lot of what's at and has some
additional material).
online copies of what appears to be all NASA's CD-ROMs, and lots of
GIFs, *.img and *.jpg from most (all?) space missions since Apollo.
dunno; it appears to be down today (Saturday, 18-July-1992). {changed to}
apparently popular (and, hence, slow). Is supposed to have many
NASA and Voyager data files.

at (+31-3404-59551) there is a public account [login repm12,
passwd zebra] for the [anonymous]sharing of MJ12 information /pub/ufo-and-space-pics/alen-47.jpg Roswell alien doll

[unchanged from HWbE v1.1]

>From [email protected] Thu Oct 29 09:32:01 1992
Two guys here. Judex worships
squids and spreads their "gospel". Your Heinous is a computer fiend and
headbanger extrodinaire. Trade your weirdness for theirs. B}
Judex is also a music and movie trivia buff, and a good source for such.

>From [email protected] Wed Oct 28 11:31:29 1992
In Robert Anton Wilson's _Illuminatus! Trilogy_, he describes
a process used by Discordians, Erisians and Anarchists against
governments, corporations and in general, The Establishment.
This process involves sending many letters from different
parts of the country/world and is called Operation Mindfuck.
With the advent of e-mail, Operation Mindfucks are much more
easily coordinated. One such network can be joined by e-mailing
[email protected] Networks are set up around
communal responsibility. Everyone agrees to participate in
everyone else's Mindfuck. If A helps B Fuck the IRS, then when
B wants to Fuck the Department of Defense, A is obliged to help.
Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!


from HWbE v1.1:
>From: The Saint of Self Abuse
I dunno if it counts but we have a really vocal, extreme right-wing
paranoid fundamentalist Christian who got a Bboard named after him out
here at CMU. He frequently posts more than four posts in a day and we
already have somebody at MIT mocking the guy and it may be a national
thing because this guy is 100% all-American Christian fundie right wing
Anyway, the Bboard is assocs.collegerepublicans.intolerant_assholes
@ and our "friend" is Dave Byler: db7n @
He may not be weird enough for this list, but he responds to
EVERYTHING and claims such things as:
1. There is an International Communist Conspiracy
2. Sen. Macarthy was right
3. Al Gore plans to save the earth by depopulating it
4. Liberalism = Nazism
5. You're all going to Hell
Maybe he is weird enough....

[email protected] - home of IdEAl OrdEr Psychic TV
anyone know the home of nU wORLD oRDER Psychic Usenet?

[email protected] - [email protected], [email protected]
& [email protected] all have personal archives of some of the best of
carasso, and probably the man himself does too
/netcel - Net celebrities archive

check out


-Am. Philos. Assoc. telnet or telnet
offers: BBS for APA. (Login: apa)

belief-l (not seen by me) - send subscribe belief-l your_name to
[email protected]
doubts.napoleon?? [if not enquire sci.skeptic] an 1819 article explaining
why Napoleon might not have existed

derrida [email protected] subscribe derrida full_name
(not seen by me)

[email protected] (I think - dont know internet address) - New Ways of
Thinking List - created as forum to discuss the ideas of Wilson, Leary,
Alli and the like, but to my mind it has degenerated somewhat (I'm not a
subscriber, I just peruse it through the newsreader, so maybe something is
going on that I don't know about) - these topics, if they're going to be
discussed consistently anywhere, will come up most often on leri-l

[email protected] (not seen by me)
why bother with esperanto?
Contact: [email protected] (John Cowan)

Purpose: To use, discuss, and contribute to the development of the
constructed human language called Lojban (known in earlier
versions as Loglan). Lojban has a grammar based on predicate
logic, and vocabulary built from the six most widely spoken human
languages. It is intended as a tool for experimental linguistics,
as a medium for communication with computers, and as a possible
international auxiliary language.

Lojban-list is an unmoderated mail reflector. New subscribers are
asked to send their postal mailing addresses as well, so that they
can be placed on the mailing list of The Logical Language Group,
Inc., a non-profit organization. The postal mailing list provides
materials that are useful in learning about the language.
Lojban-list and LLG, Inc. are in no way affiliated with The Loglan
Institute, Inc., or with James Cooke Brown, the founder of Loglan.

Contact: [email protected] (Paul Vixie)

Purpose: A mailing list where students of Objectivism can discuss
their ideas, concrete issues, exchange news, etc. Any issue that
may have some relevance to Objectivists is appropriate here.
[email protected] **
objectivism discussion list - seems to be fairly low traffic - to access the
archives mail [email protected] with the single-line msg 'help'

Contact: [email protected] (T. William Wells)

Purpose: A mailing list for discussion of the philosophy of
Objectivism. This is not a general Objectivism mailing list;
discussions are restricted to the philosophy itself.

[also look for tal.philosophy.objectivism - the vote may still be going on in
news.groups as you read this]

Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: The discussion of the works and life of Philip K. Dick
(1928-1982), one of the world's most unusual science fiction writers.
Topics include his books and stories, and books and stories about him
and his life; however, discussion can (of necessity) branch out into
the nature of reality, consciousness and religious experience.
not responding to my inquiries, unfortunately

PMC-TALK - discussion forum for PMC list (=postmodern culture?)
[email protected] is the editors' address
an incredible range of files: poetry, postmodern ecology, "stemmatics",
James Joyce, mail art, Gulf War, concepts of time, everyday aesthetics,
logs of 2 years' worth of discussions - just looking at the titles I
can't guess what some of them are about. Send for PMC-TALK GUIDE for
proper info.
"... if you need PMC-TALK GUIDE and don't know how to get it,
send the following one-line mail message to [email protected] (on
Bitnet) or to [email protected] (on Internet):
Note that there should be no blank lines before this line, and no
other text or lines in the message. The instructions you will
receive are the same as those distributed to new subscribers of
journal, and will enable you to retrieve files on your own."


Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: The alife mailing list is for communications regarding
artificial life, a formative interdisciplinary field involving
computer science, the natural sciences, mathematics, medicine and
others. The recent book _Artificial Life_, Christopher Langton, ed.,
Addison Wesley, 1989 introduces the scope of artificial life as a field
of study. Alife was chartered in February 1990 at the Second Artificial
Life Workshop, held in Santa Fe & organized by the Center for Nonlinear
Studies at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe
Institute. The list is intended primarily for low-volume, high-content
scientific correspondence and as a publically accessible forum for the
interested members of the public. Membership as of July 1990 includes
over 1,200 addresses on four continents. There is an FTP-accessible
archives/repository of past traffic, software and papers. The list
is maintained by the Artificial Life Research Group, Computer Science
Department, Lindley Hall 101, Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405.
There are conditions on redistribution of the list in order to minimize
any misunderstanding or exaggeration concerning this new area of study.

[email protected] (not seen by me) - simulated annealng
Contact: [email protected] (Daniel R. Greening)

Purpose: Discussion of simulated annealing techniques and
analysis, as well as other related issues (stochastic
optimization, Boltzmann machines, metricity of NP-complete move
spaces, etc).

Membership is restricted to those doing active research in
simulated annealing or related areas. Current membership is
international, and about half of the members are published
authors. The list itself is unmoderated.

Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: Discuss Lockheed special project planes, particular the
Blackbird (A-12, YF-12 and SR-71) and U-2 programs.

[email protected] (not seen by me)

CRYONICS list - contact [email protected]
Contact: ...att!whscad1!kqb -or- [email protected] (Kevin Q. Brown)

Purpose: Cryonic suspension is an experimental procedure whereby
patients who can no longer be kept alive with today's medical
abilities are preserved at low temperatures for treatment in the
future. This list is a forum for topics related to cryonics,
which include biochemistry of memory, low temperature biology,
legal status of cryonics and cryonically suspended people,
nanotechnology and cell repair machines, philosophy of identity,
mass media coverage of cryonics, new research and publications,
conferences, and local cryonics group meetings.

cybsys-l (not seen by me) - presumably cybernetic systems
[email protected] - sub cybsys-l full_name

[email protected] - rapidly growing list on public key encryption
and related issues [also see]

[email protected] **
serious discussion of extropian/upwing ideas such as physical immortality,
anarchocapitalism, postindustrial society etc
Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: The unifying characteristic of the list recipients is
their latest interest in anarchocapitalist politics, techniques
of life extension (including cryonics), the technological extension
of human intelligence and perception, nanotechnology, spontaneous
orders, memetics, and a number of other related ideas. If these
topics seem to you to be naturally related and mutually consistent,
you might already be an Extropian.

All Extropians (and those who suspect that they are Extropians)
are invited to join.

also bit.listserv.xtropy-l - longer essays on extropian themes
= [email protected]

[email protected]

Contact: [email protected] (Peter Marvit)

Purpose: Neuron-Digest is a moderated list (in digest form)
dealing with all aspects of neural networks (and any type of
network or neuromorphic system). Topics include both
connectionist models (artificial neural networks) and biological
systems ("wetware"). Back issues and limited software is
available via FTP from The Digest is
gatewayed to USENET's
i've seen one copy - looks like a place where a number of the major
researchers can be found - eg first msg in the issue i read was from michael

Contact: [email protected] (Mike Miskulin)

Purpose: Physics is a newly created digest to cover current
developments in theoretical and experimental physics. Typical
topics might include particle physics, plasmaphysics,
astrophysics. Discussions related to all branches (large and
small) of physics are welcome.

- theoretical physics pre-print list
You can get papers on general relativity & quantum cosmology from
[email protected], high energy physics [theoretical] from
[email protected] Send Subject: help. *I* think physics is weird enough
to deserve a listing here. (Most papers written for people with TeX or
LATeX, so be prepared for the equations to be even harder to understand
than usual.) - mail [email protected] with subject line "get 9210011" and
explode your mailbox! this is a paper all about problems to do with time -
technical and conceptual - in quantum gravity.

[email protected]
artificial life (not seen by me)

-Genetics Bank mail [email protected]
+mail [email protected]
+mail [email protected]
Subject: help Offers: genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence.

-E-Math telnet or
offers: Am. Math. Soc. bbs w/ software and reviews. (Login/Password: e-math)

[email protected] sub[ frac-l

[email protected] / FAQ settheory / eprints wavelets topology

HIT-L (Highly Imaginative Technology) contact [email protected]
(not seen by me - and this address is no longer valid - however i have
seen postings from G Xexeo on the net so he's out there somewhere - help

[email protected]
subscribe satnews me me
fortnightly message on satellite tech & broadcasting

[email protected] _or_ (not seen by me)

[email protected] - i subscribe but have yet to see any
traffic after a week

[email protected]
the guy who nets from his bike

an albert hofmann gif, and then next door is hanna-maria poropudas,
whose explanation of the structure of time, space potatoes etc is now
legendary - i predict that one day some astrophysicist who was a usenet
junkie as an undergrad will discover some cosmological feature and name it
a "space potato" in honor of hanna-maria and hannu - start with


TEXTARCHIVE.LIST Oxford Text [email protected] /gutenberg
which is an attempt to build an online library of 10000 etexts by 2001
so far the weirdest thing they have is probably just the Book of Mormon
BUT!! if you have any anticopyright texts - whether UG Krishnamurti or
anarchist/Autonomedia classics - WHY NOT scan them in or transcribe
them, and send them to the project? email project director
[email protected] for instructions on how to submit a text - YOU
Online Book Initiative - /pub/obi
also found at /obi - some subdirectories
Ingar.Holst strange stuff
DecWRL abstracts.index
Soviet.Archives README, & gifs
Tracy.LaQuey 1990 - sounds very interesting

*** SOME FTP SITES *** (The Site Which Must Not Be Named)
an up-and-coming home of online weirdness, by the look of it - an ftp site
of underworld industries - also info on 'alternative media / alternative
music' network in /proj/amam - try get repdir to see who you should contact
e-zine lunatic fringe and others stored, along with high weirdness by email,
a 'stream-of-consciusness' project - a lot of this stuff i couldn't access
properly owing to difficulties at MY end, but it all seems promising. some
words from the guy who runs it:
>welp, i would give you the alphabetic address/name of the site IF THERE
>WERE ONE! you see, we get a pool of about 30 (more if we need) IP
>addresses to do with as we please. the big boys upstairs (actually in
>another building) who are in charge of assigning names will only do so
>if they are "important" (mail servers, BIG machines). the pool we have
>are all SUPPOSED to just be for individual (DOS/mac) workstations.
>however, i skimmed one of and made it the "pirated" uwi ftp site!! voila!
>as for my blurb (by the nameless site!) you can include something like:
>underworld industries (uwi) is dedicated to exploring new (or old) and
>exciting experimental and [arguably] creative uses for technology. oh
>yeah, and we even like the old-fashioned experimental arts, too. (like
>underground press, graphic arts, video, etc.) check out the docs/uwi
>directory on the ftp site for more info....
>[sound ok?]
Bill the Cat | [email protected] | UnderWorld Ind. UWI001, P.O.Box 4060
Think freely | FINGER me for more info! | Ann Arbor, MI 48106-4060 USA Earth



[as well as the topics listed, many bbs's have rooms dedicated to non
sequiturs, free association, incongruous statements etc. since these
rooms are changed frequently, I have not bothered to list them here - MP]
[this section not updated since HWbEmail v0.0]

Citadel BBSs ISCABBS login New to join
Spiritual Forum> Paganism And Magick> Philosophy> Cult Classics>
Amazing Stories and Urban Legends> Paraphenomena> Alternative Press> Skynet login skynet
Religion> Far Side of Computing> Predictions> Quartz BBS login bbs
Religion Issues> Witches Bew> Unexpl. Phenomena> Drugs>

Hotel BBSs Badboy's BBS login bbs
Boards: Rob, Underground Chatsubo login bbs
Boards: TheNet Mars login bbs BBS / jodominik
[email protected] 138.40.11/21/31/41.1

>From: "Alex R.N. Wetmore"
One more bbs with some wierdness on it:
yabbs - - login as bbs or telnet to port 8888. We
have some political and hacker oriented stuff on ftp as well. Also,
note that also is running a bbs now (using
the same software), so you might want to update your entry.


[email protected] - amix is american information exchange - they
are apparently an online information market (!?)

[email protected]
for info on how archie works - mail with Subject: 'help'

[email protected] - send 'help' for information
technical proposals for the future of the internet - lots and lots of stuff. endless menu selections.
this is something called 'panda', which you probably know more about than
i do 3000 - weather update - a node on the WorldWide Web, an attempt to build up
an online hypertext reference work. - dictionary/thesaurus/familiar-quotations and a few
other things. call up the 1991 world cia factbook and look at the entry
for 'world'. they have the bible, koran, book of mormon organized so you
can execute keyword / topic searches [any bets on how long it will be
before they have the principia discordia?]

>From [email protected] Sun Oct 25 07:10:53 1992
Submission: There is an effort to put all electronic journals, newsletters,
zines, etc up in the Gopher system on the Internet. It can be found on
the University of North Texas Gopher ( port 70).

Look at for more.

[email protected]
whois (-h
whois (-h
[some people will need the bits in brackets, others not]

A c10000-line list of mailing lists and their descriptions is available
via ftp from /coombspapers/interest-groups.9201.txt.
(There *has* to be something shorter available; ftp-by-mail and watch your
mailbox explode!) Some of the ones that follow aren't mentioned on that
list however. UPDATE: A more up-to-date version of this list can be
accessed via telnet through - select online
information, merit internet, other ifo servers, main gopher, ftp sites,
popular ftp, interest group lists [that's my paraphrase of the necessary
menu selections]. /pub/usenet hundreds of directories with all sorts
of things archived it seems, eg /news.answers has heaps of faqs,
/alt.drugs a few alt.drugs regular postings

NEWSPOSTING by mail - Once upon a time apparently, you could post
to news by mailing in the format
[email protected]
and the text of your message would be posted to favourite.newsgroup. That
service isn't working any more, *but* someone told me that the same thing
can now be done through (I think). SUMMIT

[email protected] - send message "help"
[email protected]

-FTP Mail mail [email protected]
Body-of-letter: help or ftplist for a list of anon. ftp sites.

-Archie telnet or (Canada)
telnet or (Finland/Eur.)
telnet or (Aussie/NZ)
telnet or (Israel)
telnet or (UK/Ireland)
telnet or (USA [MD])
telnet or (USA [NE])
telnet or (USA [NY])
telnet or (USA [NJ])
+telnet or (JAPAN)
+telnet or (New Zealand)
offers: Searches all ftp sites for any program you want. (Login: archie)

-Archie Mail Servers mail [email protected]
Subject: help Offers: alterative Archie access to those w/o ftp or telnet.

-CARL telnet or
offers: Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service.

-CHAT telnet or telnet
offers: Interactive AIDS document and simulated conversation (Login: chat)

-FaxGate mail [email protected]
offers: Send a Fax via computer. In body-of-message: help

Jargon File at ISCA [should go on WWW!]

fidonet z:n/f
=internet [email protected]

*** DRUGS MAN! *** should have the alt.drugs archives somewhere, from memory

alt.drugs ??? DMT etc FAQ /pub/sfraves/chemistry/probchild.Z /other/tms/drug-politics /pub/geos/ psychedelic graphics /
an albert hofmann gif

leri archives [see elsewhere] have blotter gifs somewhere i think


Legion of Doom technical manual - /pub/cud/lod
RIPCO BBS 312-528-5020 (
you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear
whenever you list the directory contents.
/info/articles Academic papers and news articles about hacking
/info/hacking Quotations from "experts" about hackers and hacking
contains the following electronic journals: ane, ati,
bootlegger, cud, hnet, lod, narc, nim, phantasy, phrack,
phun, pirate, synd [and text file x - not a journal]


[email protected] activists' list

[email protected]
sub 1-union yourname - syndicalism

[email protected] - haven't checked up on this one, discovered it in a
mail header

[email protected] - "non serviam, the radical newsletter devoted to the
philosophy of Max Stirner" - just starting up - he also has the whole text of
"The Ego and His Own" available

"Postmodern Society and Neoconservatism" [email protected]
[this essay will be sent upon request]

Contact: [email protected] (Jovan Weismiller)

Purpose: This list is under the aegis of l'Alliance Monarchists
and is dedicated to promoting the cause of traditional monarchy
and the Counter Revolution. We believe in government based on
natural law principles, decentralization, subsidiarity, an economy
based on the principles of distributive justice, and the defense of
traditional Western values.

We believe in a Europe, United, Traditional, and Free from the
Atlantic to the Urals, but we oppose the centralizing bureaucracy
of the Maastricht treaty. While we are based in the US, we are
affiliated with L'Alliance pour la maintenance de la France en Europe,
and we have members, as well as fraternal relations with the monarchist
organizations, in most Western European countries.

We work for the strengthening of existing monarchies, the restoration
in those countries with a monarchist tradition, and the building up
of an infrastructure appropriate to the instuaration of monarchy in
those countries without a living monarchist tradition. JohnSwitzer's Rush Limbaugh summaries archived

[email protected] (not seen by me)
send SUB 9NOV89-L your_real_name to LISTSERV%[email protected]

[email protected] - "arm the spirit" - ?anarchy/antiauthoritarians? -
archived at - unseen

[email protected] **
anarchy; most subscribers are american /
/pub/doc/coup/val-l/ussr.22 from valentine smith's famous mailing list,
notes on the '91 coup in the xussr

[email protected] - in charge of subscription requests for practical
@narchy online, which he coproduces with [email protected] (
you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear
whenever you list the directory contents.
/info/jfk JFK conspiracy files, alt.conspiracy.jfk archives

[email protected]
will send a copy of Bob Black's excellent noncopyright essay "The
Abolition of Work" on request - also available via ftp from (see ftp listings)

[email protected] - libertarianism/objectivism i guess
Contact: [email protected] (Barry S. Fagin)

Purpose: Libernet is a Libertarian mailing list. The list is
available in two modes: as a mail reflector and as a digest.

MASONIC list - contact [email protected]
Masonic Digest
Contact: [email protected] (Peter Trei)

Purpose: The Masonic Digest is a moderated forum for discussion of
Free Masonry, affiliated groups, and other fraternal orders. As
moderator, I do not pass on ay message which contains or purports to
contain material I am obliged to conceal, or which I believe members
of other orders are obliged to conceal. Within that restriction, I am
as liberal as possible. Postings from non-Masons are welcome. So
is criticism, as long as it is reasoned and in good taste.

Contact: [email protected] (Gary S. Trujillo)

Purpose: To provide information about and to discuss issues
relating to indigenous people around the world, and current
threats to their cultures and habitats (e.g. rainforests).

[email protected] **
objectivism discussion list - seems to be fairly low traffic - to access the
archives mail [email protected] with the single-line msg 'help'

[ftp] /pub/incoming/ronell
Transcript of an interview with radical feminist Avital Ronell, from Re/SEARCH
#13, "Angry Women". Fascinating ideas. May not last long at slopoke as it is a
copyright violation.

[email protected] - Max Stirner / radical individualism email digest
has "The Ego and His Own" on file
/obi/Rants Online Book Initiative eg the whole Principia Discordia, or
66.questions, your basic introduction to Holocaust Revisionism ( / ( /poli/*
This site contains, among other things:
Arm The Spirit (Autonome Forum) - The Disability Rag - Encyclopedia of
Associations - Future Culture FAQ - INAC (US Sinn Fein documents) - Maoist
Internationalist Movement - NativeNet Archives - Organized Thoughts - P_News
Practical Anarchy - Scream Baby - Workers World - many essays by individual

Comments from [email protected] who runs the site:
" has a world-writable incoming directory
for submissions, whereas the other site does not. Submissions may still
be sent via email to [email protected], although handling will be delayed
relative to items uploaded via ftp.
"If you are an individual wishing to submit essays, you are guaranteed
archival space (within reasonable space limits) for all politically-related
non-copyrighted materials that you submit. If you represent an organization
seeking ftp site space, please send me a message to arrange archival access.
"Furthermore, we now have a working mirror site of the Computer Underground
Digest archives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Save EFF some
bandwidth and visit our site! The CuD archives are _only_ on the site, and _not_ not the site.
"Please email all queries to [email protected]
"If you wish to submit items to the CuD archives, please contact
their archivist at [email protected]"


Some last-minute additions: [email protected] maintains an
"Electronic/Industrial/Etc zines list" (note, those are snail-mail zies)
which has just been posted to alt.zines, alt.industrial and; and [email protected] wants you to send him your
ezine, I think for his BBS.
/pub/newsletters/F5-E/* Factsheet Five Electric - zine reviews

[email protected]
home of luigi - bob drake - editor/assembler of taproot, "a quarterly
publication of independent, underground, and experimental language-centred
arts..." who have put out over 40 collections of such - now taproot is
experimentally going online with a collection of zine reviews. i have seen
issue #0, part 1, which contains those reviews; i am not a zine person
myself (i have my hands full with what i'm getting over the net!!) but
some of the stuff reviewed looked really interesting. there's also reviews
of poetry chapbooks (?) (unseen) and future issues will include mailart
sections. [speaking of which, is there such a thing as internet mailart
yet?] send a request and luigi-bob will mail you with whatever he has.
worth getting. and say you liked it if you did (same applies to all these
people); feedback is essential at this stage of development.

*** CYBERPUNK AND THE "NEW EDGE" *** /pub/journals/ScreamBaby scream-baby.xxx92 {sep, oct, nov} ( /pub allegedly big cyberpunk archives can';t see em

[email protected]
home of scream baby ezine - archived at - very good but
only three e-issues thus far [there's a paper zine I haven't seen]

[email protected] "CuD ripoff with different info" - CPSR press
releases - Usenet reader respnses - sned message with body "Please add my
E-mail address t the maling list" specify maximum number of bytes or lines you
can take

[email protected] - digital free press, archived at EFF]

[email protected], [email protected] - E-address of an unseen snailzine
self-described as `Mondo devod of gloss' [mondo incidentally is
[email protected]]

[email protected] **
andy hawks' famous FutureCulture list
the FAQ is a fantastic document - available via ftp from

[email protected] - will be running [probably *is* running, by the time
you see this] the AUtopia mailing list. FutureCulture subscribers will know
about AUtopia - the proposal for a technocolony/TAZ at sea, perhaps like the
?Grenadians in "Islands in the Net"
[email protected]

[email protected] **
leary - mckenna - the singularity. the electronic commune. thousands of
lines of text everyday; guaranteed to crash lesser mailers.
>>>>>>>MVING SOON - contact [email protected] for the new address

[email protected]
mind machines - inquire and they'll send you a useful info list

[ftp] /pub/subgenius/transhuman.Z
What this is doing in the subgenius directory I don't know - transcript of the
chapter from "Are You a Transhuman?" by FM2030 [formerly FM Esfandiary] in
which he outlines the ideology he tentatively designates "Up-Wing" -
pro-physical immortality, pro-space colonization, "telespheres",
teledemocracy, "networks of intimacy" etc etc. also available via anon ftp
from slopoke, /pub/incoming/upwinger. These ideas have a lot in common with
Extropian ideas (see elsewhere) except that FM's slant is more collectivist in
its orientation I think.

r[email protected] - Worldview / Weltanschauung - weirdness, future
tech, subgenius stuff - read about this in the future-culture FAQ (see
mailing lists) but i have been unable to reach them - anyhow it is
archived at, /pub/cud/wview


[email protected] - home of 'Armadillo Culture", which also gets posted to
usenet it seems - "being the excremeditation of a hyperactive armadillo's
activities, opinions, and other stuff..." - still haven't *read* the damn

[email protected] - home of the Unplastic News, also archived by EFF
Unplastic No 5 has just come out.

Contact: [email protected] (Jason Snell)

Purpose: InterText is a bi-monthly fiction magazine with over
1000 subscribers worldwide. InterText publishes in two formats:
straight ASCII and PostScript (for Postscript compatible laser
printers). For more information, to ask about subscribing, or for
submission guidelines, maili [email protected] Back
issues may be FTPed from, in the /intertext
directory. /pub/quanta Quanta e-zine


[email protected]
KAKA SUTRA - Tasteless Sex Acts (from alt.tasteless FAQ)

[email protected]
"Paul Spinrad ([email protected]) once wrote a 'Bodily Functions Survey'
with questions covering nasal hygiene, vomiting, urination, defecation and
flatus expulsion. Send email with the header 'cancer cunt puke, I hate you
I hate you!' to [email protected]" (from the alt.tasteless FAQ)
- according to the FAQ case can also send you "Recycled Jokes Files"
(necrophilia jokes, vomit synonyms, etc), various classic alt.tasteless
stories (the gerbil-and-meat grinder story, Scrotum Self Repair),
and the alt.tasteless theme song.

[email protected]
contact [email protected] - sub l your_name


[email protected]
has copies of Monty Python scripts HOLY GRAIL, LIFE OF BRIAN, MEANING OF LIFE
apparently lots of people on have these but like to
withhold them from newbies. or some such. anyhow, i have an appeal for
information: i'd like to keep a list of all copyright violations available
on the net - transcribed texts that is. if you have any, or know where
they can be found, contact me!

*** MU*S ***

Contact: [email protected] (Joseph Wisdom)

Purpose: If you are new in the MUD world, or are simply looking
for new places to get into, try subscribing to Internet Games
MUD-List today! Make sure to include the string "mud list" in the
subject header.

Contact: [email protected] (Robert Earl)

Purpose: Forum for programmers, wizards, and users of the
extensible, programmable TinyMUD derivative known as TinyMUCK
(current version: 2.2).

Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: Discussion devoted to the programming language integral
to the TinyMUSH subfamily of mud servers. (See the
FAQ for more general information about muds).

DragonMUD 4201

Trippy MUSH - 7567 - not a mud/mush/muck/moo fan myself
but this might be the one that gets me addicted. [well, not, as it turned out]
this is a really interesting place! others that have been recommended to me
but which i have not seen are Cyberion City (, dont know port
number) and Global MUSH ( 4201). read if you're interested in this sort of thing

[email protected]
list of working MUDs - updated every Friday

*** IRC ***

I know very little about IRC, but through the FutureCulture mailing list [see
"CYBERPUNK AND THE NEW EDGE"] I have learned of channels #future, #drugs
[featuring a LearyBot] #CyberPunk featuring a CyberBot.
bbs has a global IRC server [login bbs, then new to crate


Cthulu [sic]
Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: A mailing list for discussion about *the* horror frp. CoC.

Contact: [email protected]

Purpose: The cyberpunk mailing list is primarly for the
discussion of cyberpunk role-playing games. The discussion is not
limited to any game system. Subjects of a peripheral nature are
welcome as long as they don't get out of hand. There is one
rule on this mailing list: the moderator gets to add new rules at

Contact: [email protected] (Carl Rigney)

A mailing list for GMs of Shadowrun and other cyberpunk
roleplaying games to discuss rules, scenarios, ask questions,
make up answers, and similar fasfax.


[email protected] (not seen by me)
severed heads and other bands on the ralph label - there are a zillion
mailing lists devoted to various groups, i'm not gonna list em all, i just
like the name of this one - another fun name is jump-in-the-river-request
@PRESTO.IG.COM (sinead o'connor) (as always, not seen by me) (
/pub/twin-peaks.timeline.Z - 5000 lines of blow-by-blow description

Black Adder quotes - [email protected] - alt.comedy.british

-Dante Project telnet or
offers: Divine Comedy and reviews. (Login: connect dante)

Contact: [email protected] (Bernie Roehl)

Purpose: Dark Shadows was a daily soap opera that ran on ABC in
the late sixties (ending in 1971). It had a Gothic feel to it,
and featured storylines involving witchcraft, vampires, werewolves
and the supernatural. It was (appropriately enough) "brought back
from the dead" by NBC for a single season last year. It also
spawned two feature films, a series of paperback novels, and lots
more; the series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
There are a number of international fan clubs for the series, but
so far there has been no newsgroup or (electronic) mailling list
devoted to it. Now there is.

douglas adams, galactic guide [alt.douglas-ad faq]

[email protected] / [email protected] ???

FWAKE-L contact mokelly%[email protected]

PYNCHON - contact [email protected] - userdog1 DOES NOT EXIST

[email protected] (not seen by me) SF lovers archive

[email protected] - for serious discussion of the mysterious Voynich
MS (also see below un FTP section) /pub/simcity/ - speaks for itself /pub/queensryche lyrics etc

"FIDO 1:124/4229" lot of files relating to filk, SCA,
"Black Book of Locksley" etc

place to mention the punklist,mwilkenf,skinny puppy
[email protected] - email for Skinny Puppy samples list

[email protected]

MAILLIST, BOOTHELP etc via mwilkenf - rare U2 live recording, Bruce hornsby's
1977 senior recital tape, strange pink floyd stuff, lots of dio in one, etc

*** RAVES ***
quote at the beginning - hardcore as metallica on e
(mostly from alt.rave FAQ - none seen by me)

[email protected] (San Francisco, Bay Area)
- ftp archives at /pub/sfraves
[email protected] (Southern California)
[email protected] (North/Eastern U.S.)
Minnesota rave list - mail [email protected] for details
UMD-centric list - mail [email protected]

Contact: [email protected] (Brian Behlendorf)

Purpose: SFRaves is about the "rave" club scene in San Francisco.
Even though it's locally focused, people from all over the world
are on SFRaves. It is an unmoderated list.

Contact: [email protected] (John Adams)

Purpose: The NERaves list was started as a North Eastern United
States/Canada equivalent of SFRaves. The list provides a forum
for people to discuss the "rave" music/club/dance scene. For the
purposes of the list, "North Eastern" is loosely defined as from
Chicago --> East and from Washington DC --> North, including
Ontario, Quebec, and the Mritime Provinces. People from outside
this area are welcome, too! NERaves is an unmoderated list.

Contact: [email protected]) Craig Latta

Purpose: NetJam provides a means for people to collaborate on musical
compositions, by sending Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
and other files (such as MAX patchers and notated scores) to each
other, mucking about with them, and resending them. All those with
MIDI-compatible (and other interesting) equipment, access to emailing
and compression facilities and to the Internet and who are interested
in making music are encouraged to participate.
Please email [email protected] with the subject line
"request for info".

[email protected] - DJing mixing music etc /pub/sfraves/chemistry/probchild.Z /pub/journals/ScreamBaby scream-baby.xxx92 {sep, oct, nov} /other/tms/drug-politics ( /pub allegedly big cyberpunk archives can';t see em /pub/music/pictures/alt.rave -> [email protected]
alt.raver photos - nothing there yet /pub/music/pictures/alt.rave -> [email protected]
alt.raver photos - nothing there yet

purity tests, internet hunt [records / comments?]
usenet penpals news.ans

-Fileserver via Email mail [email protected]
In body-of-message: Filesend: help and on a separate line: Filesend: list


finger [email protected] "and die" [from his .sig] /pub/misc/lyrics

support talk.psychedelic ???

[email protected]
for The Complete list of dxphobic dxsayings (for the calculus-fearing)

[email protected]
email version of Calligraphic Button Catalogue - apparently you can get
buttons bearing witty slogans on just about any damn topic - BEWARE! full
file well over 1000 lines of text

PURTOPOI list - contact [email protected]
[email protected] - SUB LEN

[email protected] - wants to tell you about 'netrek' - realtime network game

[email protected] - send urbanites-request in subject line
urban survival (not seen by me)

vampyre [email protected] Unix Vote by Mail - not seen [can't reach it] /pub/simcity/ - speaks for itself /pub/leri the leri-l archives, all sorts of
interesting original work, topical essays etc
next door is /pub/movies, in which some sort of movie rating scheme is
/doc/minsky/option.chapters chapters left out of "The Turing Option"
(Marvin Minsky and Harry Harrison, 192)

[email protected] - "anarchist stuff" - quote
[email protected] no subject - help renwick-hippilan-0.2txt
china92.txt /pub/papers/Plotkin [COMPUTATIONAL THERY -UNSEEN]


Along with High Weirdess by Email I have recently upoaded the followig files
to the slopoke ftp site, directory /pub/incoming. They may have been moved or
deleted by the time you read this, but use archie to see if there are copies
left anywhere else.

ronell Transcript of an interview with radical feminist
Avital Ronell.

upwinger Exposition of the "Up-Wing" ideology by futurist
FM-2030 aka FM Esfandiary.

bush.con Chapter from Jonathan Vankin's 1991 book on
conspiracies, all about George Bush.

schismat Tom Maddox writing about Bruce Sterling's novel

prescrip "The Prescriptures" (from "The Book of the SubGenius")

stclair "Doug St Clair" (=Ivan Stang) reviewing "Three-Fisted
Tales of `Bob'" in MONDO 2000

poison "Poison for the Heart" by Kevin Solway. Unlike the
above texts, which are copyright and have been reproduced
without permission, this work of philosophy is explicitly

Version 2.0 of the Scriptures of the Church of Virtuality/Reality
scripture.000 prefatory material
scripture.001 introduction to the basics of v\r
scripture.002 miscellaneous ideas and short pieces
scripture.003 general theme: the net
scripture.004 general theme: altered states of consciousness
scripture.005 Qix sees the world; "Diary of a Net Fiend"
scripture.006 countdown to AO v1.0; early CafeNet material from Pippin
scripture.007 transcription of insomniac tape by Qix, and Usenet stuff

as well as

evasion The complete text of Celia Green's remarkable short book
"The Human Evasion"
letters "Letters Between Enemies", over a years' worth of
philosophical correspondence
wit4wis "Wit For Wisdom", compiled by Kevin Solway
drs4bob Some words from "Doctors for `Bob'"

Stuff on the "Committee of 300" alleged to run the world
300a Part I of "The Conspirators' Hierarchy"
300b Part II of "The Conspirators' Hierarchy"
300gif Diagram of the links in the Conspiracy

waves Stuff from Waves Forest's newsletter "What Now"
thompson Essays and poetry by William Irwin Thompson
mckenna "New Maps of Hyperspace" by Terence McKenna
all24 Draft material for the novel-in-progress "Alpha and Omega"
moravec Hans Moravec answering Roger Penrose
extropia About the Extropian philosophy and mailing list
loopy About quantum gravity, knot theory and other topics


Finally I am appending the following list which was emailed to me. It is the
work of Scott Yanoff rather than myself, and is a compilation of general
resources rather than "weirdness", but I thought it was too good to pass up.

Forwarded message:
>From [email protected] Thu Nov 19 10:02:33 1992
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
X-Disclaimer: Nyx is a public access Unix system run by the University
of Denver. The University has neither control over nor
responsibility for the opinions or correct identity of users.
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 92 9:25:47 cdt
From: "Finagle, etc. (Durflinger,Edward M)"
To: [email protected]

* Compiled By: Scott Yanoff - [email protected] *
* A + by an entry designates new entries/changes to the list since last update *

-Agricultural Info. telnet or telnet
PENpages (Login: PNOTPA)
telnet or telnet
CSU Freso ATI-NET (Login: super)
telnet or telnet
CUFAN (Clemson U Forestry & Ag. Net.) (Login: PUBLIC)
ftp (get file pub/nic/agricultural.list,
it contains agricultural email lists & services.)
+mail [email protected]
body-of-message: send guide also: send mail-catalog

offers: Agricultural info (livestock reports, current market prices, etc.)

-Am. Philos. Assoc. telnet or telnet
offers: BBS for APA. (Login: apa)

-Archie telnet or (Canada)
telnet or (Finland/Eur.)
telnet or (Aussie/NZ)
telnet or (Israel)
telnet or (UK/Ireland)
telnet or (USA [MD])
telnet or (USA [NE])
telnet or (USA [NY])
telnet or (USA [NJ])
+telnet or (JAPAN)
+telnet or (New Zealand)
offers: Searches all ftp sites for any program you want. (Login: archie)

-Archie Mail Servers mail [email protected]
Subject: help Offers: alterative Archie access to those w/o ftp or telnet.

-Auroral Activity finger [email protected] or finger [email protected]
offers: Auroral activity warnings/watches/sightings, updated hourly.

-Baseball Scores finger [email protected] for scores/standings OR
mail [email protected] w/Subject: MLB
offers: The latter will subscribe you to receive Major League scores daily!

-Backgammon Servers telnet 4321
telnet 3200 or
offers: Play Backgammon! (Login: guest)

-Billboard Charts finger [email protected]
offers: U.S. Top Pop singles for the week.

-CARL telnet or
offers: Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service.

-CHAT telnet or telnet
offers: Interactive AIDS document and simulated conversation (Login: chat)

-Chess Server telnet 5000 or 5000
offers: Play/watch real-time chess with human opponents. Type 'help' for help

?C64 Archive Server mail [email protected]
Subject: Mail-Archive-Request Body-of-letter: help (hit return) end

-Dante Project telnet or
offers: Divine Comedy and reviews. (Login: connect dante)

+Diplomacy mail [email protected]
offers: Play the SSI game Diplomacy via email. Body-of-letter: help

-DUATS telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
offers: Aviation weather, flight planning. (Login: )
The first address is for certified pilots, the second for uncertified.

-Earthquake Info. finger [email protected] or
offers: Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.)

-E-Math telnet or
offers: Am. Math. Soc. bbs w/ software and reviews. (Login/Password: e-math)

-FaxGate mail [email protected]
offers: Send a Fax via computer. In body-of-message: help

-FDA BBS telnet or telnet
offers: FDA bbs (News releases, Aids info, consumer info...) (Login: bbs)

-FEDIX telnet or telnet
offers: info. on scholarships, minority assistance, etc. (login: fedix)

-Freenet telnet freenet-in-[a,b,c] or
telnet or (Login: visitor)
offers: USA Today Headline News, Sports, etc...

-Fileserver via Email mail [email protected]
In body-of-message: Filesend: help and on a separate line: Filesend: list

-FTP Mail mail [email protected]
Subject:(hit return) Body-of-letter: help (return) quit Offers:ftp via email

-FTP Mail mail [email protected]
Body-of-letter: help or ftplist for a list of anon. ftp sites.

-FTP Sites/Archives ftp or ftp
offers: Docs, 5 puritytests, the Bible, Dec. of Ind, /pub/Library
ftp or or
offers: Gif archive, pc software. or
offers: You name it, it's here!
offers: Software for MS-Dos computers, Mac, Amiga, Apple2, Apollo...
offers: A huge software archive for PCs and UNIX.

offers: How-to's about internet (how to email, ftp, telnet, etc.) in /pub/nic

-Genetics Bank mail [email protected]
+mail [email protected]
+mail [email protected]
Subject: help Offers: genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence.

-Geographic Server telnet 3000 or 3000
offers: Info by city or area code (Population, Lat./Long., Elevation, etc).

-Georgetown Med. Lib. telnet or telnet
(Login: medlib Password: dahlgren Last name: netguest)

-GO Server telnet 6969 or telnet 6969
telnet icsib18.icsi.Berkeley.EDU 6969
telnet 6969 or telnet 6969
offers: Join others and play a game of GO. (Login/Password: go)

-Gopher telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or (SWEDISH)
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet (CHILE)
+telnet (Login: wsuinfo)
Offers: access to other services, gophers, documents, etc. (Login: gopher)

-Guitar Chords/TAB ftp or ftp
offers: Tablature/Chords for guitar in /pub/guitar.

-Ham Radio Callbooks telnet 2000 or 2000
telnet 2000 or telnet 2000
offers: National ham radio call-sign callbook.

-Handicap/Medical Site ftp or ftp
offers: anonymous ftp of software and medical info.

-HP Calculator BBS telnet or telnet
offers: BBS for HP Calc. users, with chat mode. (Login: new)

+Hpcwire telnet or telnet
offers: Excellent menu-driven information searches. (Login: hpcwire)

-Hytelnet Server telnet or telnet
offers: univ. & library catalogues around the world. (Login: hytelnet)

-INFO - Rutgers CWIS telnet or
offers: Dictionary, thesaurus, CIA world fact book, quotations database.

-Info/Software Server telnet or
offers: journals, unix stuff, etc. login: infoserv or softserv

?Inter-Ntwk Mail Guide telnet 1643
offers: List known networks and connections to/from them, help emailing.

-Internet Resrce Guide ftp
offers: compressed/tar'd list of net resources in /resource-guide.txt.tar.Z

-Iowa Politcl. Stk Mkt telnet or
offers: Buy & sell shares in political candidates. (Non profit research proj.)

-IP Address Resolver mail [email protected]
mail [email protected] (body of letter: help)
usage: in body-of-letter: site
Mails you IP address of site.

-IRC Telnet Client ?telnet or telnet
telnet or (Login: irc)
telnet 6668
offers: Internet Relay Chat access, like a CB on the computer.

-ISAAC telnet or
offers: Info. System for Advanced Academic Computing, for IBM users.

-Law Library telnet or telnet
ftp (cd /pub/law)
offers: Law libraries and legal research. (Login: lawlib)
Offers copies of laws for each state, computer laws, and more!

-Library Catalogs ftp (pub/internet/libcat-guide)
offers: "Library Catalogs on the Internet: Strategies for Selection
and Use" document (how, but not where; also get one of the following).
ftp (library/libraries.txt)
offers: "Accessing Bibliographic Databases" document.
ftp (library/internet.library)
offers: "Internet-Accessible Catalogs and Databases" document.

-Library of Congress telnet or
offers: COPY of Library of Congress (Assumes terminal is emulating a vt100).

-List of Lists ftp or ftp
mail [email protected] (music list of lists)
offers: List of interest groups/email lists in /netinfo/interest-groups.

-Lunar/Planet. Instit. telnet or telnet
offers: Resources on Geology, Geophys, Astron., Astrophys. (Login: lpi)

-Lyric/Music Server ftp
ftp (/pub/lyrics)
offers: Lyrics, chords/tablature, and music pictures. (/pub/music/...)

-Mac Software Archive ftp
offers: Ftp'able software for the Macintosh computers. (cd to /info-mac)

-Mail Srver/Usr Lookup mail [email protected]
in body of mail message: send usenet-addresses/[name searching for]

-MOLIS telnet or telnet
offers: Minority Online Information Service. (Login: molis)

-Music Newsletter mail [email protected] (internet) or
mail [email protected] (bitnet)
Body-of-letter: SUBSCRIBE UPNEWS Offers: Reviews, intviews.

-NASA Headline News finger [email protected]
offers: Daily press releases from NASA.

-NASA SpaceLink telnet or
offers: Latest NASA news, including shuttle launches and satellite updates.

-Nat'l Education BBS telnet or telnet
offers: Education BBS (Login: guest)

-NED telnet or telnet
offers: NASA Extragalactic Database. (Login: ned)

-Netfind User Lookup rlogin/telnet or
offers: Given a name and org./school, finds a user for you (login: netfind)

-NetLib mail [email protected]
mail [email protected]
Subject:(hit return) Body-of-letter: send index Offers: Software thru email

-News Mail Servers mail [newsgroup]
offers: Post to Usenet news via email. (eg. [newsgroup] = alt-bbs)

-NICOL telnet or telnet
offers: Access to internet resources, Elec. Publishing Service (Login: nicol)

-NICOLAS telnet or telnet
offers: Network Info. Center On-Line Aid System (Login: dftnic)

-NNTP News Servers telnet 119 or 119
telnet 119 or
telnet 119 or 119
offers: Telnetable access to post to the Usenet news.

+NOAA telnet or telnet
offers: Nat'l Oceanic and Atmos. Admin. Lots of data! (Login: NOAADIR)

-NODIS telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
offers: Menu-driven access to Nat'l Space Science Data Center (Login: nodis)

-Nuclear Data Center telnet or telnet
offers: National nuclear data. (Login: nndc)

-Oceanic Info. Center telnet or telnet
(Login: info)

-Oracle mail [email protected] w/ subject: help
offers: The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions!

-OSS-IS ftp
mail [email protected] with "send index" as your msg.
offers: Many FAQ's, ftp lists, library and service lists, gov't documents.

-PaperGate mail [email protected]
offers: Send a letter via computer. In body-of-message: help

-Public-Access Unix telnet or
offers: Free account, with access to various UNIX features. (login: new)

-Public-Access Unix telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
(Which host: um-m-net Enter 'g' for guest. login: newuser)

-Public-Access Unix telnet or
offers: full internet services, anonymous accounts, privacy orientation.

-Readers Guide telnet or telnet
offers: Readers Guide to periodical literature, online.

-Recipe Archives ftp (cd pub/recipes)
ftp (cd /recipes)
offers: Anonymous ftp site for MANY food recipes.

-SDDAS telnet 540 or 540
offers: SW Research Data Display & Analysis Center.

-SERVICES telnet or
offers: Access to nearly every listed service! (Login: services)

-Sid's Music Server mail [email protected]
Subject: BOOTHELP Offers: Lists of rare live recordings, cd's for sale.

-Software Server (ASK) telnet or
offers: On-line software search. (Login/password: ask)

-Spacemet telnet or
offers: Science/space bbs.

-SPAN telnet or telnet
offers: Space Physics Analysis Network (Login: SPAN_NIC)

?SPIES BBS telnet telnet
offers: Readnews, IRC, many other features. (Login: bbs)

-StatLib Server mail [email protected]
Mail with line: send index. Offers: Prgms, Datasets, etc. for statisticians.

-STIS telnet or
offers: Science & Technology Information System. (Login: public)

-Stock Market Report telnet or telnet
offers: Public access unix for a fee, market report is free! (Login: guest)

-Supreme Court Rulings ftp
offers: ASCII files of Supreme Court rulings in directory /hermes

-Tropicl Strm Forecast finger [email protected]
offers: Seasonal forecast for Atl. Ocn. Also: finger [email protected]

-UMD Info Database telnet or telnet
offers: Info. docs on many subjects, incl. Supr. Crt Decisions (Login: info)

-UNC BBS telnet or telnet
offers: Access to Library of Congress and nationwide libraries (Login: bbs)

-WAIStation telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
offers: Wide Area Info. Service. (Login: wais) FTP for more info.

-Weather Service telnet 3000 or
offers: City/State forecasts, ski conditions, earthquake reports, etc.

-Weather Maps ftp
offers: Surface analysis & current infrared weather maps GIFs. (cd wx)

-Webster telnet 2627 or 2627
offers: Dictionary/Spelling service. Type "HELP" for info. (ALL CAPS!)

-Whois Service List ftp (pub/whois/whois-servers.list)
offers: List of "whois" servers.

-Whois Service telnet or telnet
offers: Way to find internet address given a keyword. To access type: whois

-World-Wide Web telnet or telnet (SWISS)
telnet or telnet (USA [NJ])
telnet or telnet (ISRAEL)
telnet or telnet (FINLAND)
offers: Access to various documents, lists, and services. (Login: www)

-ZIB Electronic Libr. telnet or telnet
offers: Library of software, links to other libraries. (Login: elib)

* (C) 1992. No changes are to be made to this document without the author's
written consent. Reproduction/distribution without my permission IS
allowable so long as this document is left fully intact.
Here's a list of info you probably already have...but I know the address
for PostNews by mail is in here. You can also post news on Launchpad,
UNC-Chapel-Hill's great BBS, if you mail in a form for a *free* account
(you can join via telnet, but then you only get readmail priv's)

Oh, and if you have an interesting tidbits update list...please add me.

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