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February Internet Hunt.
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February Internet Hunt.
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* *
* *
* for February, 1993 *
* *
* (deadline: Midnight PST 02/07/93) *
* *


Here is the offering for February. Total points are 44 (with the
extra credit).

I'd like feedback on an idea, if possible. What does everyone think
about having a particular theme for one or more of the Hunts? For
instance, I could design a Hunt that focused only on the use of a
certain tool (like email, wais, ftp), or only on a certain subject
area (like biology, networking, politics). On the other hand, a
little variety is nice. Let me know. Thanks.

I'm still pulling together comments on the question from January on
Toyota's connectedness (or not) to the Internet. I'm learning a lot
from the various gurus out there. Thanks to them all! Hopefully I'll
be able to put together a good summary, and send it out as an addendum
to the January Hunt results later this week.

OK, 'nuff said. Here's the usual overhead, followed by the questions.


1. There are a total of 12 questions. The first 11 questions all
count toward your score. I have personally verified that each of
these can be answered using only the resources of the Net. These are
contrived questions.

2. The last question is the mystery question. I don't know if there's
an answer to this on the Net. I may or may not have tried to find
one. These questions usually come to me from people asking for
information. This is a real question.

3. Each of these first 11 questions carries a value in parentheses.
This point value is my best guess on how tough that question is to
answer. The scale is 1 (easy), to 10 (hard). Total points for all
questions is listed after the last question.

4. Answer as many questions as you can. Partial credit is awarded.

5. Teams are allowed to submit entries. These must be designated as
such. Pick a team name. Team entries will be scored separately from
individual entries.

6. All answers must be mailed to me. My standard signature will
be at the bottom of this message.

7. The contest will run for one week from the date of posting of this
message. The deadline should appear in the header at the top of this

8. Feel free to send me potential question for the Hunt, be they
scored, or mystery.

9. Have fun! What's it all for, after all?


1. Whoever answers all the questions first shall be declared the

2. In the event that nobody answers all the questions, the player
with the highest point total shall be declared the winner.

3. If there is a tie for highest point total, the player who
responded first shall be declared the winner.

4. Assume you're answering the question for someone who understands
the basic network tools (ftp, telnet, finger, gopher, etc.), but just
doesn't know where the data is. Answers like:


...will not score as high as:

anonymous ftp to
cd /pub/documents
file is called important.txt.Z

Don't feel like you have to tell someone how to use ftp. Instead,
tell them where they can find what they're looking for, and what tool
to use to find it.

5. If any player would like an individually scored entry, please feel
free to send me a message. I will send them out after the Hunt has

1. (4) What is the name of the island on which the University of
California at Santa Cruz maintains a field station for behavioral
studies of marine mammals?

2. (5) What company produces the drug RU486, sometimes called the
morning after pill?

3. (6) When does the fisheries research ship, Kaiyo Maru return
to Tokyo from the Bering Sea?

4. (8) I saw on a printout of an anthropological email list at my last
university a mention of a film about life in the African rain forests.
I think the discussion at the time was about kinship. Could you
please tell me the title of this film?

5. (1) What is the capital of Liechtenstien?

6. (6) Which e-mailing list has more subscribers, The Medical
Education and Health Information Discussion Group or The Health
Info-Com Network Newsletter ?

7. (3) How long was Methuselah of biblical fame said to have lived?

8. (2) In liquid measure, how many liters are in a U.S. Gallon?

9. (5) My uncle was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Where can I
find a good layman's description of the disease, along with details of
the kinds of treatments he may be experiencing?

10. (3) I ftp'd some big text files to my Unix account over at the
computer center recently. I'd like to use them on my own DOS machine
at home, but they're in some sort of compressed format. They all have
a .Z stuck on the end of the filenames. I'd really like to find a
utility that will let me decompress them on my home computer,
otherwise I'll be stuck downloading some really big files over a modem
at 2400 baud. Is there something that will do the trick?

Extra Credit (1). Where can I find copies of the transition reports
recently released by the U.S. Government Accounting Office, detailing
problems that the U.S. faces?

Mystery Question:
I remember hearing that polystyrene was discovered when some scientist
dropped moth balls (camphor) in some substance. I would like to know
what this substance was (I'm under the impression that it was a
commonly available chemical). I've been passively obsessing over this
question for a few weeks and I'd appreciate it if someone out there
can tell me if the answer is on the internet and how I could have
found this out for myself. Thanks muchly. -S.

(Mystery question contributed by Simona Nass of Panix Public Unix
Access of New York)

Total Points: 44
Rick Gates (805) 893-7225
Dir. of Library Automation
Univ. of California Library
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 [email protected]

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