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Multi-user Chat for Unix / Xenix systems.
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Multi-user Chat for Unix / Xenix systems.
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Contents of the README file


CHAT- Multiuser chat program


Please read this entire file through before attempting to install 'CHAT'.
This file contains important information about the package, installation,
and other programs available from MCS.

CHAT is a product of and Copyright 1987 by Macro Computer Solutions, Inc.

This package is distributed under what is known as the 'Shareware' concept.

Shareware is a concept where software authors make programs available to the
public at no direct cost. The user sometimes receives source code, more
often not. The authors request that if you find the software useful and
in fact do use it, that you make a small contribution to them for their
efforts. This contribution is voluntary (no police will call on you if you
fail to help out). Of course, your conscience will haunt you for the rest
of your life! Helping us and others like us out in this endeavor will
insure a continuing flow of software like this!

The suggested donation for this package is $29.00 per executing CPU. In
return for your donation, your name will be added to an electronic mailing
list -- and you will receive, via email, notices of updates and improvements
which you may obtain from us at no additional cost. Please mail your
donations to:

Macro Computer Solutions, Inc.
415 S.E. Garfield
Mundelein, IL 60060
Attn: Chat Shareware

Make sure to include a path for Email from ihnp4.
Confirmation of your contribution will be returned via
Email in order to check the path back to you.

You are encouraged to copy, distribute, give away, port, and otherwise make
available this software to others, providing that you follow these rules:

1) You provide the entire 'shar' file or the complete contents
thereof, including this file. It is permissible to include
ported versions or other modifications to others as well.
2) You retain our notice(s) on the package, if any are present.
3) You acknowledge that this software is freely available
at no charge from other sources if you should charge a
distribution or media fee.

It is permissible to charge a copying fee for including CHAT on a
distribution tape or other media, but you should contact MCS if you have
any questions regarding the reasonableness of your actions.


You absolutely need NAMED PIPES (System III and later)

You will need:

1) A group you can use for CHAT, with access to a directory.
2) Root access.

Edit 'chat.h'. Specifically, you need to indicate where you want the files
built. This is specified as 'CHATDIR'.

Edit the Makefile if you want, it's probably ok for most people.

Type 'make' (cross fingers, pray, etc.).

Copy 'comserver' to a public directory, make it SGID your group, executable
by 'root' and the group only.

Copy 'chat' to a public directory, make it SGID your group, executable by world.

Copy (and optionally format with nroff -man) the manual page (chat.1)

Ok, now, the tricky part. You need to add 'comserver' to 'inittab', as if
it was a 'getty'. What you want, for System V machines, is:

x0:234:respawn:/u/lbin/comserver >/dev/null 2>&1

somewhere in your 'inittab' file. If you are not on System V, get it to run
(and re-submit when it dies) somehow, a script file running off the startup
files is ok, just as long as 'comserver' can restart -- it will die and
restart (intentionally) every time the *last* person in a chat leaves.

With this in place, and an 'init q' typed to sync things, you should be in
business. Type 'chat' and verify that it works as expected. You should see
a message indicating 'Connection' to the server, then a 'welcome' message.

Note that the capacity of this version is 15 users, which is due to the
open-file limit and rather sparse, but high-performance approach to the
problem. For most small systems this is not an important limitation. Users
will be notified if 'chat' if currently full, and asked to try later.

The pipe files from the server are set to NDELAY. This will keep the
server from hanging if a user should shell escape for a while or otherwise
not be reading his/her end of the pipe. Note that the user who has stopped
their copy of 'chat' can and will lost responses in this circumstance, but
no other harm should occur. As the capacity of a pipe is at least 4096
characters, you would need to be gone for quite a while (about 100 lines
worth) before this becomes a concern.

Problems, corrections, enhancements, etc. welcome!

CHAT is a part of our multi-user conferencing solution for Unix. If you are
interested in the remainder of what we have to offer, including menuing,
a multisite conferencing system, and new user registration, please contact
MCS using the information below. These other packages are available
commercially in both source and binary format, and in general will run on
most System V machines. The complete system can be seen by dialing one of
the modem numbers below, public access is available to all 24 hours a day.

Thanks -- and enjoy!

Karl Denninger
Macro Computer Solutions, Inc.

Voice: (312) 566-8910
Modem: (312) 566-8909, (312) 566-8911, or (312) 566-8912

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