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ATP 1.42 QWK READER now available

This is release 1.42 of ATP, a program to read and reply to QWK
format mail and news commonly found on public dial-up BBSs. it
includes many new features, numerous bug fixes and a general ongoing
refinement of the code. It should compile without error on systems
supporting ANSI/POSIX standard C. No oddball calls are used. K&R is
NOT supported. ATP is copyrighted and distributed under the terms of
the Free Software Foundation GNU General Public License. In other
words, it is copyrighted but freely distributable under conditions
contained in the GPL, (which means that any derived works MUST
provide access to all source code as terms of the license). ATP
evolved from an earlier work by Rene Cougnec, and also makes use
of the Rich Salz and Simmule Turner editline library (covered by
a separate copyright). Thanks to all who have contributed directly
or indirectly. ATP has been uploaded to
and also to as:

atp142bin.tar.gz (Linux binary)
atp142src.tar.gz (source code)

Features Include:

* Emacs style command-line editing with command history.
* database style reader with enhanced maintenance of message bases.
* separate conference for replies and personal mail.
* re-edit, kill, or change security on replies.
* text search conferences and headers, highlighting found text.
* quick or full scan of message headers.
* improved viewing of bulletins, welcome, and goodbye messages.
* export replies ONLY when you want to.
* supports PCB 15.0 long subject lines.
* greatly expanded tagline manager.
* no limits on number of taglines.
* selectable Fido or PCB style taglines.
* direct, random, or automatic tagline selection.
* dynamic memory management.
* 8192 conferences (fully compatible with older mail doors).
* message size of up to 180,000 bytes (over 3000 lines).
* support for work directories on different drives or file systems.
* load multiple packets for reading at one time.
* ANSI/POSIX compliance with full function prototyping for
reliability and portability.
* full source code available under terms of GNU GPL license.

As with most software, please read the docs to get the most out
of it. Two versions of the docs are here, atp.1 which is in nroff
format and atp.doc which is plain text.