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Zip Magazine - Vol 3 No 2.

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Zip Magazine Volume 3 Issue 2 for MS/PC-DOS

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Zip Magazine – Vol 3 No 2.
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Zip Magazine Volume 3 Issue 2 for MS/PC-DOS

* *
* *

The following is a list of people that have mailed in the
FORM.TXT file to be a qualified ZIP Magazine distribution
point. The FORM.TXT file will be included in every issue of
ZIP Magazine, so if you are interested, please mail it in.

I am including this list so you will know I have received
your form. I haven't been able to get on all the BBS's as of
yet, but will as soon as I can get the time to do so. That
darn busy signal is a killer.

This last last update on March 10th, 1990

PC Profile YES
Moon Dog Don Barba NO
The Personal Resource System Gary Funk YES
Maine PC Connection Dave Parks NO
Image Net Robert Archer NO
Shadow Comm Lynx Hochwitz YES

Nothing is really official yet, because we want to get a good
listing first so we can start assigning point numbers. We
will contact as soon as we get enough forms in. If the busy
signal stands in our way, we will mail you your point number.

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