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201 471-6391 PASSAIC BBS. Baud 300 - 19,200 using Hayes
V-series. Storage unknown. Sysop James Roy.

207 374-2303 CELEBRATION SHOP. Baud 1200. soon to be 2400.
Storage unknown.operates 24 hours a day, Sysop Paul
Stookey. #3 Neworld Square, blue Hill Falls Maine, 04615.
Paul Stookey was Paul in singing group {Peter, Paul, and

313 274-0527 HEATH CONNECTION. Baud 300 - 2400. Running PBBS
on Heath 89 machine. Storage 96 meg. Files for CP/M, and
MS-DOS. Download Ratio 25 to 1. 1 hour access on first
call. Sysop Brenton Curl. Located in detroit Michigan

318 457-1538 Toepfer's Electronics BBS. Baud 300-2400 Running
* M&M BBS on a C-64. 24 hours of operation. Free
Registration. Storage 2 meg. Files for C-64, and MS-DOS
computers. Member of KSAT QDP. Home BBS of Citizens
aligned for Better television. SYSOP Darrel Toepfer.
Located in Eunice, La.

606 432-0879 STRAWBERRY PATCH. Baud 300 - 9600. Running PC
* Board on a 286 machine. storage 1000+ meg (with PC Sig
library on CD-ROM. Files for MS-DOS. No download ratio,
but uses a point system. 45 mins access on first call.
Sysop Terry West. Located in Pikeville, Ky.

606 843-9032 ZIP 2. Baud 1200 - 2400. Running TPBoard 5.0 on
* a 12 mhz AT clone. Storage 54 meg. This BBS operates 24
hours a day. Files for IBM-DOS, and MS-DOS. Ratio 25 to
1. 1 hour access, and full priveliges on first call.
Sysop W.H. Lambdin. Ron Alcorn and John Baker co
sysop's. I am specializing in Graphics. So far, I have
over 100 gif pictures, and a few mac pictures. ZIP 2 has
installed Catacombs Of Ascii. a DND type online game. I
plan to add two more online games in the near future.
THis BBS only supports the ZIP archives. ZIP 2 is
located in East Bernstadt, Ky.

606 878-9500 ZIP BBS. Baud 300 - 2400. Running TPBoard on
* 12 mhz AT machine. Storage 40 meg. Files for MS-DOS.
New addition of the exciting Trade Wars ][ online game
Download ratio 25 to 1. 1 hour access on first call. NEW
HOURS: 7 P.M. through 7 A.M. (EST) daily Sysop's Ron
Alcorn and W.H. Lambdin. Located in London, Ky.

609 327-5553 UNION LAKE BBS. Baud 300 - 2400. Running PC
* board on an 8088 machine. Free Registration. Storage 94
meg. Sysop George Cuccia. Carries 29 mail conferences.

703 742-6279 CORVETTE DRIVERS. Baud 1200 - 19,200. Running PC
/ Board on a 386 machine. Storage unknown. Files for
MS-DOS Download ratio 25 to 1. 45 mins access on first
call. Sysop David Arline.

802 748-8449 HILLTOPPER. Baud 300 - 2400. Running TPBoard v
* 5.0 on a 16 mhz 80286 machine. Storage 146 meg.
FidoNet # 1:132/401.0 in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. Sysop
Brian McQuade

802 888-7218 BEEHIVE. Baud 300 - 9600 with US Robotics HST
* 9600. Running PC-Board 12.1 on an 80286 machine.
Storage 160 meg. Has quite a few forum's for writers, and
items for sale ETC. Will soon have relay mail with Terry
West's BBS (Strawberry Patch). Files for MS-DOS. No
download ratio, but uses point system. 30 minutes access
on first Call. Sysop Helenmarie B. Robitille.

919 383-8707 Bull City BBS. Baud 300 - 2400. Running Wildcat
1.13 on an 8088 machine. Storage unknown. 24 hrs
operation. Sysop Roy & Shirley Gurley. This BBS has over
55 doors.

919 471-6255 BACK ROOM BBS. Baud 1200 - 9600 with USR HST
* 9600. Running Wildcat 1.12a enhanced. Storage 174 meg.
24 hrs operation sysop Jim Neumann, nostagia of the 20"s
and 30's

If you would like to post a BBS in ZIP, just write a message
to Ron Alcorn, or W.H. Lambdin on amy of the BBS's with a *
or / under the area code.

When you post a BBS in ZIP, it will remain in the list until
you ask us to take it out, or the BBS goes down. You don't
have to continually inform us the BBS is still operational.

The asterisks mean, that BBS will support the latest issue of
ZIP, and also accept submissions. The slash's mean, that BBS
will only have the latest issue of ZIP.

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Archive   : ZIP-2-3.ZIP
Filename : BBS.MAG

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: