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Zip Magazine - Vol 2 No 1.

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Zip Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1 for MS/PC-DOS

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Zip Magazine – Vol 2 No 1.
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For sale: One tractor feed adapter that works with the
Commodore MPS 803 printer. Working condition. $ 10. W.H.
Lambdin 2.2

For sale: One basic 7.0 basic compiler for the Commodore 128.
It is by ABACUS. Original disk, and manual. Originally sold
for $60. Make offer. W.H. Lambdin 2.2

For Sale: I have PD and shareware programs to sell. Send
$1.50 for complete list on Diskette. Please explain the media
you need the list on. I can supply almost any format you
need. W.H. Lambdin, P.O. Box 328 East Bernstadt, Ky. 40729

For sale: if you would rather not download this magazine, you
can subscribe to ZIP. I can support any type of diskette
media. 5 1/4 360K, 5 1/4 1.2 MEG, 3 1/2 720K, 3 1/2 720K (PS2
format), and 3 1/2 1.44 MEG. If you are interested, the rates
will be $1.50 per issue on 5 1/4 format, and $2 per issue on
either 3 1/2 format. If you subscribe, and need it on 3
1/2's be sure to specify which format you need. W.H. Lambdin,
P.O. Box 328, East Bernstadt, Ky. 40729. 2.2


Commodore 1581 3 1/2" 800K drive $ 150
RS-232 Vic 1011-A interface (For C-64/C-128) $ 15
Koala pad (For C-64/C-128) $ 20
2 Abacus 128 CAD programs (C-128) $ 25

Approximately 150 Commodore 64/128 magazines, I will take
what I consider a descent price, so state your offer.

Leave a message on any of the BBS's that support ZIP Magazine
or call 606-878-9500. Be patient if you leave a message on a
BBS, it may take me from 1 to 2 weeks to answer your message.
Also make sure that you do not call within the operating
times of the Secret Kingdom BBS. Or you can write to:

Ron Alcorn
147 Foster Heights Rd.
London, KY 40741 2.2

FOR SALE: DMP 105 Printer. This is in good working order,
but is well used. Asking $100. 2.2

John Baker
Ph. Voice: (606) 878 7597 P.O. Box 283
Data: (606) 864 8862 Lily, KY 40740
If you have an Item you want to buy, sell or Trade. ZIP is
accepting ad's. The ad's will cost 5 cents per word, and your
ad will run for three issues. If you are interested, send
your ad's and money to cover them to W.H. Lambdin, P.O. Box
328 East Bernstadt, Ky. 40729.

When you are calculating the cost for your ad, do not count
your name, and address, or the Ad's heading.

The ad's will be like the BBS list. Only the new ad's will
appear in the pages of ZIP, and the ad's from previous
issues will be a separate file in the ZIP arc file.

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