Dec 282017
XTree Pro Gold 2.5 patch that allows it to extract ZIP 2.0 files.
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XTree Pro Gold 2.5 patch that allows it to extract ZIP 2.0 files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
XTGZIP20.TXT 2062 899 deflated
XTG_ZIP2.XTP 60411 40017 deflated

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Contents of the XTGZIP20.TXT file

Zip 2.0 Update File

This XTG_ZIP2.XTP overlay provides Zip 2.0 file extraction
capabilities to users of XTreeGold, versions 2.50, 2.51 and 2.55.
It will not operate on earlier versions of XTreeGold.

Once this overlay is installed, you will be able to extract and
view files in Zip 2.0 archive files (in addition to Zip 1.1
archive files). "Multi-floppy" Zip 2.0 files are not yet

Installing the Patch:
1) Before replacing the XTG_ZIP2.XTP file in your XTreeGold
directory, you may first want to save a copy of the existing
XTG_ZIP2.XTP file to a floppy diskette.
2) Copy the contents of this archive to your XTreeGold program
directory (usually C:\XTGOLD).
3) Check the following file to make sure it is the correct size:
XTG_ZIP2.XTP 60,411 bytes
4) Installing the update is now complete.

Typical Operations with the Zip 2.0
The table below summarizes some common functions on Zip 2.0
files after the update has been applied.

Accessing Zip 2.0 file Behavior
---------------------- ------------------------------
Extract from Zip Zip 2.0 Supported
Delete from Zip Zip 2.0 Supported
View from Zip Zip 2.0 Supported
Compress files to Zip New file updates will be in
Zip 1.1 compression format

This patch is an Alpha-level update. It has not undergone XTree's normal
reliability testing and is not feature-complete. This release is made
available to XTree users in order to access Zip 2.0 files outside of our
upgrade cycle. XTree Company assumes no liability for problems caused by
this update and cannot provide technical support for Zip-related problems
once the patch has been applied.


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