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Reference Demo for Computer Products Info.
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Reference Demo for Computer Products Info.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MANUF.DAT 69768 11122 deflated
MANUF1.IDX 12316 2312 deflated
MANUF2.IDX 3196 491 deflated
MANUF3.IDX 1828 731 deflated
PHONE1.IDX 1180 396 deflated
PHONES.DAT 6808 2555 deflated
PROD1.IDX 20354 4385 deflated
PROD2.IDX 18134 4197 deflated
PRODUCTS.DAT 50690 6978 deflated
READ.ME 1339 699 deflated
THEREF.CNF 27 25 deflated
TREF2.ASC 1345 310 deflated
TREFDEMO.EXE 83927 74355 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

TheRef Tool V2.0
The Ultimate Reference Tool for the Computer Professional

Why spend long hours searching for products and/or manufacturers
among the endless stack of catalogs and magazines when you can use
your computer to quickly search by name, keyword or category?

Our product does just that! TheRef Tool Ver 2.0 contains over 6000
manufacturer records with Name, Address and phone numbers (sales,
support, fax, customer service and many others) and a Products
database of over 10,000 product records containing product name,
type, platform, retail price and brief description, all of which
can be easily-accessed by our program.

You can get all of this and save lots of time and money by
contacting us at the following address or phone numbers:

Doble X, Inc./Up-2-Date Systems
P.O. Box 14327
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Voice: (407) 624-9073

BBS: (407) 848-5647

You can access our demonstration copy by retrieving the filename:


or by calling our BBS at (407)848-5647. Our latest demo will have
the name TREFDEMO.ZIP or you can access the complete database for
your review via our TheRef Tools DOOR.

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