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Some interesting news from UseNet/UUCP.
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Some interesting news from UseNet/UUCP.
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Contents of the AT&TMAIL.TXT file

AT&T is announcing six new X.400 interconnections between AT&T Mail and
electronic mail services in the U.S., Korea, Sweden, Australia, and

In the U.S., AT&T Mail is now interconnected with Telenet Communications
Corporation's service, Telemail, allowing users of both services to exchange
messages easily.

With the addition of these interconnections, the AT&T Mail Gateway400
Service allows AT&T Mail subscribers to exchange messages with users of the
following electronic messaging systems:

Company E-Mail Name* Country Available
------- ------------ ------- ---------

TeleDelta TeDe 400 Sweden May 1, 1989
OTC MPS400 Australia May 15, 1989
Telecom-Canada Envoy100 Canada NOW
DACOM DACOM MHS Korea June 1, 1989
P&T-Tele MailNet 400 Finland June 1, 1989
Helsinki ELISA Finland June 1, 1989
Telephone Co.
Dialcom Dialcom USA NOW
Telenet Telemail USA May 1, 1989
KDD Messavia Japan NOW
Transpac ATLAS400 France NOW

The interconnections are based on the X.400 standard, a set of guidelines for
the format, delivery and receipt of electronic messages recommended by an
international standards committee the CCITT.

This announcement is another example of how AT&T's support of the X.400
standard to link e-mail systems will benefit our customers.

International X.400 messages incur a surcharge. They are:

To Canada:
Per note: $.05
Per message unit: $.10

To other international locations:
Per note: $.20
Per message unit: $.50

There is no surcharge for X.400 messages within the U.S.

TeDe 400 is a registered trademark of Teledelta
MPS400 is a registered trademark of OTC
DACOM MHS is a registered trademark of DACOM
MailNet 400 is a registered trademark of P&T-Tele
ELISA is a registered trademark of Helsinki Telephone Co.
Telemail is a registered trademark of Telenet Communications Corp.
Messavia is a registered trademark of KDD
ATLAS400 is a registered trademark of Transpac

MHS Gateway: mhs!atlas
Administrator: Bernard Tardieu
Phone: 3399283203

MHS Gateway: mhs!dacom
Administrator: Bob Nicholson
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: +1 201 644 1838

MHS Gateway: mhs!dialcom
Administrator: Mr Laraman
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Phone: +1 441 493 3843

MHS Gateway: mhs!elisa
Administrator: Ulla Karajalainen
Nokia Data
Phone: 011358043761

MHS Gateway: mhs!envoy
Administrator: Kin C Ma
Telecom Canada
Phone: +1 613 567 7584

MHS Gateway: mhs!kdd
Administrator: Shigeo Lwase
Kokusai Denshin Denwa CO.
Phone: 8133477419

MHS Gateway: mhs!mailnet
Administrator: Kari Aakala
Gen Directorate Of Post &
Phone: 35806921730

MHS Gateway: mhs!otc
Administrator: Gary W Krumbine
AT&T Information Systems
Lincroft, NJ 07738
Phone: +1 201 576 2658

MHS Gateway: mhs!telemail
Administrator: Jim Kelsay
GTE Telenet Comm Corp
Reston, VA 22096
Phone: +1 703 689 6034

MHS Gateway: mhs
Administrator: AT&T Mail MHS Gateway
Lincroft, NJ 08838
Phone: +1 800 624 5672


BTW, connections with MCI Mail, CompuServe, Source (etc.) subscribers are
probably best made via (both ways).

-- Fred

ARPA/Internet: [email protected]
Bitnet: FLINTON%eagle@WESLEYAN[.bitnet]
from uucp: ...!{research, mtune!arpa, uunet}!eagle.Wesleyan.EDU!FLinton
on ATT-Mail: !fejlinton
Tel.: + 1 203 776 2210 (home) OR + 1 203 347 9411 xt 2249 (work)
Telex: + 15 122 3413 FEJLINTON
CompuServe ID: 72037,1054
F-Net (guest): [email protected] OR ...!!linton

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