Dec 282017
SEA vs PK ware (PKARC). STOP SEA from Killing Shareware! Send this lette.
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SEA vs PK ware (PKARC). STOP SEA from Killing Shareware! Send this lette.
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Mr. Thom L. Henderson
System Enhancement Associates, Inc.
21 New Street
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I object to the nature of the actions you and your company have
been taking against other software vendors, particularly
shareware companies working in the area of ARC-compatible

I feel that these actions are without basis and done with
malice in an attempt to drive your competitors out of business.
I don't believe that these actions will benefit the PC user
community or your company in any way in the long term, nor that
they will advance the state of the art in software.

Indeed, I feel that their effects on the bulletin board community
are divisive. I feel that your actions are wrong. I ask that you
discontinue all such actions and undo the harm that you have
already done to the industry. Further, you should go back to
spending your efforts and money in a way more advantageous to both
yourself and the computer industry as a whole--and that is in
developing new products and improving your existing products fairly
and openly.




City, State___________________________________


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