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Batch file for Stacker users that will help install DOS 5.0.
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Batch file for Stacker users that will help install DOS 5.0.
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Contents of the STACDOS5.DOC file


Release Date: 6/26/91

Purpose : Provide instructions and information for the use of
STACDOS5.BAT. This batch file is to be used by
STACKER customers to upgrade their DOS version to
MS DOS 5.0.

1) STACKER is installed on your hard drive and the compressed STACKER
volume is mounted.

2) There is insufficient uncompressed disk space available for
installation of the MS DOS 5.0 upgrade via the Microsoft SETUP
program. Approximately 2.8 Mbytes are required.

3) A STACKER directory exists on the compressed STACKER volume. This
directory contains key STACKER program files that will be used
during the update process.

4) A DOS directory exists on the STACKER compressed volume. This update
process will place the DOS 5.0 files into this directory.

5) The MS DOS 5.0 upgrade diskettes are available for use during

1) The batch file and it's companion program must be run from the
STACKER directory on the compressed volume. Copy the
following files to the STACKER directory: STACDOS5.BAT and

2) Run the batch file STACDOS5.BAT from the STACKER directory on
the compressed volume. You will need to provide the following
information, in this order, for successful operation;
* The drive letter to install from (A: or B:),
* The drive letter for the STACKER volume which contains the DOS
* The name of the DOS directory on the STACKER volume.

These items are operating parameters for STACDOS5 and are
placed on the command line following the batch file name as in
this example:


3) Follow the instructions presented during the operation of the
STACDOS5 batch file. You may be directed to make a correction
before continuing with the update process.

Additional Information:
This update process performs several steps to complete the upgrade
of your DOS version to DOS 5.0:

* Directs you to insert the proper DOS 5.0 upgrade diskette in
the order required to decompress and copy the DOS 5.0 files.

* If present, copies the updated device driver files used with Microsoft's
WINDOWS to their expected locations. These files include SMARTDRV.SYS

* Starts the Microsoft SETUP program to complete the update of
the DOS internal data structures on your hard drive.

* After a reboot of your computer system, restores your

If you should encounter an error condition, follow the instructions
presented on the screen. Possible errors conditions include:

* STACDOS5 is unable to run because you have a DOS version
earlier than DOS 3.1.

* STACDOS5 is unable to run because not enough DOS environment
space is available.

* STACDOS5 is unable to locate key files needed to complete the
update process.

* STACDOS5 is unable to distribute the MS DOS 5.0 files because
your disk is full.

If you are unable to resolve the error condition, please contact Stac
Technical Support by the following means:

Voice (800) 522-5335
FAX (619) 431-1073
BBS (619) 431-7405 and (619) 431-5956

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