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Known BUGS in Spinwrite Disk Utility program.
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Known BUGS in Spinwrite Disk Utility program.
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SpinRite II Technical Support Bulletin #1

After extensive experience with SpinRite II, Gibson Research has
discovered an infrequently-occurring interaction than can cause
SpinRite II to become "stuck" during the performance of its deep
low-level format pattern testing.

An alteration to SpinRite II will be part of a forthcoming
incremental upgrade release of the product which will be sent to
all owners. Until that time, SpinRite II can be modified to
prevent this "sticking" behavior as follows:

The DOS Debug command is used to modify seven bytes in the

* Copy the SPINRITE.COM file to a non-write-protected floppy disk
in drive A:.

* Startup the Debug command by entering:

Debug will load SpinRite and will respond with a minus sign "-"
prompt when it is ready to proceed.

To modify each of the seven bytes:

1. Enter the command letter "E" followed by a space and the
address of the byte to change (see the table,) then press

2. The old value of the byte will be printed followed by a

3. Enter the new value for the byte after the period, then press

Then proceed to modify the next byte.

Follow these three steps to change the following bytes from their
old values to their new values:

Address Old Value New Value
01FA 3C D8
2B57 BD FA
2B58 04 01
2B64 BD FA
2B65 04 01
2D83 3B 38
2D84 C1 EC

When the seven bytes have been modified:

* Enter a "W" and press .

* Debug will report that B3C4 bytes were written.

* Then quit debug by entering a "Q" and pressing .

The copy of SPINRITE.COM on the A: floppy drive will no longer

Version 1.1 of SpinRite II will be sent to you without further
action on your part on or before May 1, 1990.

Thank you for your time, attention, and patience during this
interim period.

Gibson Research Corporation Technical Support Department 3/90

For assistance with these changes, please don't hesitate to phone
our technical support department at (714) 830-2500.

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