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Control relays through the printer port. Can also be used for input.
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Control relays through the printer port. Can also be used for input.
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Contents of the CONTROL.DOC file

PROCON CONTROL Version 1.0 25/11/1987

Copyright (C) Peter E. King, 1987

ADDRESS: ProCon Software
P.O. Box 43
Victoria, 3040

(This is a Down Under product)


IBM-PC or compatible with DOS version 2.0 or higher. One
parallel printer port with inter-connecting hardware. To run the
BASIC source programs, BASICA, GWBASIC or any compiler IBM
BASIC compiler, QuickBASIC or Turbo-BASIC is required.

Copying and distribution:

PROCON CONTROL may be copied and distributed as a SHAREWARE
program. That is the disk may be copied and distributed to
others provided that ALL files on this disk are copied
unmodified. It may NOT be distributed on BBS's as NO controls
are provided (This may be reviewed in future but little returns
have been forthcoming from BBS users!). The program may NOT be
used as a value added product and NO fee can be charged except
for a disk and handling charge of up to $10 Australian or $6 U.S.

The copyright notices are to preserve my options, and to protect
you from the untoward modifications of others. It is NOT
intended to prevent the public distribution of PROCON CONTROL,
subject to the above limitations.


YES! You can turn your IBM-PC or compatible into a COMPUTER
CONTROL CENTRE. On this disk are a number of programs which use
any OUTPUT port on the computer to control 8 relays. In fact,
any system with a parallel printer output can be used!

To get started, simply connect eight LED's via 1.5K resistors
from each data line of your printer port (pins 2 to 9 of the
25 pin connector) to ground (pin 22). Then, when you run the
following programs you will be able to see what's happening.

If you use PROCON CONTROL, please support it by becoming a
registered user. For $30 AUS ($25 U.S. from overseas), you will
receive the lastest version on disk, complete with ALL source and
executable code. A circuit diagram of the necessary connections
to control up to 12 relays from a single printer port is provided
together with full instructions. As a BONUS, I will also provide
a simple logic control program which provides control of 8 inputs
and 8 outputs on the computer in an inter-active PLC language.
(e.g. AND X1, OR X2, OUT Y1 etc). Ideal for controlling all
sorts of devices and learning the fundamentals of PLCs.
(Programmable Logic Controller).


If you are a contributor (bless your little heart!), I'll most
happily help you with any difficulties encounted. Mail is the
preferred method of exchange, but you may also contact me on
VIATEL no. 333749600 or FIDO-NET 631 node 323.

If you are not a contributor (oh dear!), please send a stamped
SAE, and I'll try to get back to you. Overseas letters will be
answered but these will take a little longer.


I am most certainly interested in any problems or bugs with the
programs. And, indeed, if you have any suggestions or have
produced any enhancements to these programs I would be interested
before reporting any problems.

I am continually improving these programs. Your contribution
will aid the development of further enhancements, which will
include a memory resident REMOTE program - so you can continue to
use the computer for other things while it switches the outputs
ON and OFF at selected times. I am also working on day of week
control so the you can switch an output only from MONDAY to
FRIDAY for example. And random switching for burgular deterent
and lighting effects etc.


CLOCK.SYS New system clock driver for DOS.

CONFIG.SYS Configure system file for CLOCK.SYS.

CONTROL.COM Controls relays from keyboard, memory resident.

EXAMPLE.BAS BASIC program example of how to control relays.

STICK.BAS BASIC program shows how to control from joystick.

REMOTE.BAS BASIC program controls relays by DATE and TIME.

REMOTE.EXE Compiled version of REMOTE program.

CLEAR.REM REMOTE file to clear all settings.

TEST.REM REMOTE file example of settings.

SHIFT.REM REMOTE file example of shift register.

ORDER.DOC ORDER form for contribution.

NEW.DOC NEW products list.

README.DOC This file.


The CLOCK.SYS device driver is provided to allow the DATE to be
incremented when the TIME clocks over to 00:00:00.00. This is
done already in DOS version 3 but not in version 2. It is also
useful in DOS version 3 because some programs (i.e. on-screen
clocks etc) may 'steal' the timer flag indicating that the clock
has passed 24 hours. Also, since this driver monitors the system
timer continually, date increments cannot be lost when the time
is not read for 24 hours. To install the driver simply copy
CLOCK.SYS to your boot disk and include DEVICE = CLOCK.SYS in
your CONFIG.SYS file. If one does not exist then copy the one on
this disk to your boot disk.


This is a memory resident program which only needs to be run
ONCE. When installed, the program allows the keyboard to toggle
the eight data lines on your printer port ON and OFF. Hold down
the Ctrl key and press F1 to F8, these toggle the eight outputs.
To switch ALL outputs OFF press Ctrl-F10 and all ON by Ctrl-F9.

The program uses the printer port 378. To change the port
setting use your debug program as follows:



XXXX:0104 78 LL 03 HH



You may now run the program, which remains resident in memory and
can be utilised at ANY TIME - even whilst running other programs!


The BASIC source programs show how the outputs can be controlled
from: 1. The computer (EXAMPLE) 2. The joystick (STICK) and
3. The system date and time (REMOTE).

To change the PORT address simply alter the line PORT=&H378.


A compiled version of REMOTE is provided on the disk for faster
scanning of the dates and times. Execute this by entering the
word REMOTE then pressing Return. You will first be asked for
the printer port (if you have more than one!) which you wish to
use as the output.

The OPTION menu then appears:

(T) Changes system time and date. And the repeat time, this
time is used when the (R) Reset and execute function is

(L) Load from file. Allows all the 8 outputs (RL1 - RL8) with
their ten settings to be loaded from disk.

(S) Save to file. Allows the settings to be saved to disk for
later loading.

(R) Reset and Execute. This resets the time to 00:00:00 and
then begins execution. This allows a timed sequence to be
repeated. When the repeat time is reached then the time is
again reset to zero and the sequence repeats once more.

(E) Execute. Begins scanning dates and times from the current

(1) Set ON/OFF dates and times for RL 1.

... ....................................

(8) Set ON/OFF dates and times for RL 8.


Each output (RL1 to RL8) is allowed up to ten ON/OFF settings.
DATE1 and TIME1 set the ON time and DATE2 and TIME2 the OFF
time. NOTE: ALL dates are entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD for
comparison purposes. Times must be entered in the standard format
HH:MM:SS (24 hour clock). When the ON date and time occurs the
output is switched ON and when the OFF date and time is reached
it turns OFF again. If DATE1 is not provided then only the times
are taken into account and the output switches ON and OFF at the
times set every 24 hours.


This program may be used to control a sprinkler system. To
switch a radio or tape recorder ON and OFF. Or as a burgular
deterent by switching things ON and OFF at particular times of
the night and day. The program could also be used for model
control such as a robot or train control by using the repeatable
timed sequence. The output relays may be connected to a remote
control allowing the TV, HI-FI etc to be controlled from the
computer. The applications are only limited by your imagination!

(C) 1987, ProCon Software, Box 43, Essendon, 3040, AUSTRLALIA.

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