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Warning about "Playing" with memory refresh cycle timing.
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Warning about “Playing” with memory refresh cycle timing.
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************************ WARNING ***********************

Here is a true semi-horror story of what can happen if you play around
with the memory refresh rates.

I was reading the PC Magazine article on reducing the memory refresh
cycle and tried the suggestions. They worked! I was using a script
file and after each change I would go back and edit the file and reduce
the refresh cycle another couple of numbers.

Somewhere in the process BOTH my file allocation tables were corrupted
and I wound up with my assembly language subdirectory linked to itself.
That is somewhere along the line it looped back to itself and was showing
that it was more than 64 levels deep (originally it was 3 levels deep).

The directory structure confused up my hard disk management program
(QDOS II) and the PC Magazine program RN just locked up. I couldn't get
to the end of the subdirectory to remove the last level and DOS kept saying
the directory wasn't empty. I finally had to reformat my hard disk to
fix the problem. My last hard disk backup was 5 days old so I didn't
lose too much, but I lost more than I wanted to

Be cautious and conservative when you change the memory refresh cycle
timing!! Also make sure you have a current backup, just in case.

Craig Veal
Phone 301-599-1071

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