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Norton Utilities reference help.
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Norton Utilities reference help.
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Norton Utilities- Version 3.10


/A - all drives searched
/P - pauses when screen fills
/S - sub-directories acted on
/T - totals ony, no detail
/W - wide dispplay, several across

/EBCDIC - translates mainframe codes
/EUR - handles European characters
/LOG - output suitable for logging


BEEP [/Fn] [/Dn] [/Rn]
F: frequency; D: duration; R: repititions

DS sort order [directory-path] [/S]
sort-order - any of the letters:
N name
E extension
S size
D date
T time
add "-" after a letter for reverse-order

DT [d:] [option switches] [/LOG]
option-switches are: /F for file test
/D for disk test; /B for both tests

FA [filespec] [changes] [/S] [/P] [/U] [/T]
changes are:
/R read - only

/A archive
/HID hidden
/SYS system
followed by + or - sets attribute on or off
/U lists only unusual attribues

FF [d:] [filespec] [d: ...] [/P] [/W] [/A]
/A or d: to search more than one drive

FS [filespec] [d:] [/P] [/T] [/S]
d: checks for available space on that drive

LD [d: ...] [/A] [/P] [/W] [/T]
/A or d: to show more than one drive

LP what [where] [how]
what - specifies the file to print
where - prints to a file or device
how - any of the following switch options:
/N turns on line renumbering
/Tn top margin size, in lines
/Bn bottom margin size, in lines
/Ln left margin size, in columns
/Rn right margin size, in columns
/Hn height of the size, in lines
/Wn width of the page size, in columns
/Pn starting page number
/Sn line spacing
/80 80-column print width
/132 132-column print width
/NOH no-header option
/EUR European character option

NU [d:] [options]
The options for the NU program are:
/D0 /D1 /D2 screen driver options
/Fn /Bn color control options
/NOC no color option
/P printable character option
/EBCDIC mainframe data option
/EUR European character option
/TV TopView option

Special keys when using the program:
/Alt-F1 no color toggle
/Alt-F2 printable-only toggle
/Alt-F3 foreground color
/Alt-F4 background color
/Alt-F5 EBCDIC translation
/Alt-F6 European chacter set

QU [directory-path] [/A]
/A automatic mode (not "all drives")

SA [prefix] main-setting [/N]
SA [prefix] [foreground] [ON background] [/N]
The choices for the prefix are:
The choices for the main-setting are:
Foreground and background colors are:
/N is no-border color for non-IBM compatible

SI [/N]
/N is no-memory test

TM [START] [STOP] [/Cn] [/L] [/N] [/LOG]
START begins an interval
STOP shows elapsed time; timer keeps running
/Cn is clock number, any of 1 - 4
/L displays left adjusted
/N no date and time display

TS [filespec] [search-text] [/S] [/T] [options]
TS [search-text] /D or /E [options]
search text in quotes if more than one word
/T Lists filenames, does not show context
/D or /E search disk without regard to files
/D all of disk, /E erased file space
options are /LOG, /EUR, /EBCDIC, and
/N for non-IBM compatible computers

UD [directory-path]
give path or removed directory's parent

VL [d:] [label]
label in quotes if more than one word

WIPEDISK [d:] [/Vn] [/Rn] [/E] [/G] [/LOG]
/Vn wiping byte value in decimal
/Rn repititions
/E erased space only; preserves files
/G government specs: 3 wipes, 1 test read

WIPEFILE [filespec] [/Vn] [/Rn] [/P] [/NOD] [/N] [/G] [/LOG]
/Vn wiping byte value in decimal
/Rn repititions
/P pauses at each file
/NOD don't delet wiped files
/N no-wipe, delete only; automatic pause
/G government specs: 3 wipes, 1 test read


Beep sounds a tone
DS-Directory Sort sorts file directories
DT-Disk Test tests disks for errors
FA-File Attributes sets file attributes
FF-File Find showsa where files are
FS-File Size lists and totals files
LD-List Directories list directory path names
LP-Line Print prints files with line numbers
NU-Norton Utilities the main Norton Utilities program
* disk exploration
* full UnErasing methods
QU-Quick UnErase easy recovery of erased files
SA-Screen Attributes sets colors on screen
SI-System Informattion reports on your computer
TM-Time Mark stopwatch; times your work
TS-Text Search hunts down text information
UD-Unremove Directory recovers removede directories
VL-Volume Label controls disk volume labels
Wipedisk security over-writes whole disk
Wipefile security over-writes files

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