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Some tips that may help you recover more DOS usable memory when using Quaterdeck's QEMM 386 memory manager.
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Some tips that may help you recover more DOS usable memory when using Quaterdeck’s QEMM 386 memory manager.
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Recently I discovered a little know fact about QEMM. With a little searching
you can remap RAM into a unused ROM location. On my Everex Step 386/20, this
results in a gain of 24K. This was very helpful to me due to the fact that I
must exclude Ram for both a video card and a network card.

There may be some of you hackers out there who would like to write a program
to locate all unused ROM locations in a computer. I would recommend to just
upgrade to QEMM 5.0 when it arrives. I have been told by Quarterdeck Tech, that
5.0 has a program to evaluate all memory locations and to use them as mappable

For now just use DOS DEBUG. All typed commands will be entered in [ ]'s. Don't
type the [ ]'s just the commands. [ENTER] is used for the return or enter key.



CS xxxx


-[DCS:0000 0FFF][ENTER] ;Numbers will scroll by, watch for numbers
;other than 00's. If any occur you can't
;remap this section.
-[DCS:1000 1FFF][ENTER] ;This section in my 386 was blank. There
;must be no code in an area to use it for
;High RAM.
-[DCS:2000 2FFF][ENTER] ;Continue this for [DCS:3000 3FFF] Through
;[DCS:F000 FFFF] taking note of any blanks.
-[DCS:XXXX XXXX][ENTER] ;Remember A000 follows 9FFF and so on.

-[Q][ENTER] ;This will return you to a DOS prompt.

Each section is 4K of memory. QEMM doesn't like breaking it down any further
than 4K. So if there is ANY code in a section don't try to use it!

Next you will need to edit your CONFIG.SYS file. Mine turned out like this:

I=F100-F5FF I=F700-F7FF RAM HA=256 ROM=F800-FFFF

ROM=C000-C7FF maps my VGA video card ROM to RAM to speed it up.
X=D800-DFFF excludes my Lantastic Network card ram so it will function.
I=B000-B7FF remaps memory that would normally be used for a Mo

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