Dec 132017
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From PKWare Inc – a partial explanation for their delay in getting a new PKZIP out the doors – blamed on hardware problems with some fast 386/486 computers – a test is provided for you to see if your machine has the proble
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUGREP.DOC 1582 688 deflated
FILE1.DAT 422912 120586 deflated
FILE2.DAT 192386 17612 deflated
PROBLEMS.TXT 1692 849 deflated
README 404 263 deflated
TEST.BAT 66 31 deflated
TEST1.C 1367 685 deflated
TEST1.EXE 7793 5226 deflated
TEST2.C 4141 2026 deflated
TEST2.EXE 8405 6025 deflated

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