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Update to PageMaker 5.0.
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Update to PageMaker 5.0.
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Contents of the PATREAD.WRI file

1R#(()**+Patcher for Windows PageMaker 5.0
Aldus Corporation
November 1993

The Patcher updates the PageMaker executable to fix several problems found in the U.S., Canadian, and International English versions of PageMaker 5.0 for Windows. For a complete list of fixes, see "Problems fixed by the Patcher" below.

To install and run the Patcher:

1.Copy the PATCH.EXE and PATCH.RTP files to the PM5 directory on your hard drive.

Tip: Make sure you have at least 6MB of space available on your hard drive before you run the Patcher.

2. Exit Windows, and use DOS to switch to the PM5 directory.

3. Type patch at the DOS prompt.

Note: The Patcher copies a back-up of PM5APP.EXE to the BACKUP subdirectory in the PM5 directory. If you ever need to restore the unpatched version of PageMaker 5.0, simply copy the PM5APP.EXE file from the BACKUP directory to the PM5 directory on your hard drive.

Tip: If you're running the Patcher on a copy of PageMaker 5.0 that is installed on a network server, you'll need read/write access to the directory where PM5APP.EXE is installed. If your access privileges are limited, contact your system administrator for help.

Problems fixed by the Patcher

TrueType fonts sent to a printer as Type 3 (bitmap) fonts were always sent at a resolution of 1440 dpi, rather than the actual resolution of the printer. This caused memory overflows in printers with resolutions lower than 1440 dpi, so that the printer was often unable to print the publication or notify the user that the publication couldn't be printed. Type 3 fonts are now sent at the actual resolution of a printer, so that the printer will have enough memory to print Type 3 versions of TrueType fonts.

Note: You determine whether TrueType fonts are printed as Type 1 (outline) fonts or as Type 3 (bitmap) fonts using the "Send to printer as" setting in TrueType section of the "Advanced Options" dialog box accessed through the Windows "Printers" Control Panel. We recommed that you print TrueType fonts as Type 1 fonts for more efficient printing from PageMaker 5.0, especially if you frequently use transformed (rotated or skewed) text in your publications. Refer to your Windows 3.1 documentation for details.

PageMaker 5.0 did not automatically switch a dual-language printer (such as the Hewlett-Packard IIIsi) from PCL to PostScript printing mode when printing a publication via the PostScript printer driver. PageMaker will now automatically switch dual-language printers to PostScript or PCL mode, depending on which printer driver (PCL or PostScript) is selected for the target printer.

PageMaker sometimes generated a GPF (General Protection Fault) when printing publications using certain fax machine drivers, such as the WinFax Pro 3.0 driver. Users should now be able to fax publications using any supported fax driver.

PageMaker now sends pages in discrete bands for non-PostScript printers that support banding (such as the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Series II and the Canon BJ-10). Banding decreases printing times dramatically and uses less hard drive space.

Downloadable fonts (fonts not installed in your printer) in publications that also contained EPS graphics with downloadable fonts would stop printing after a certain number of pages were printed from PageMaker 5.0. Downloadable fonts will now print for all pages in a publication, regardless of the number of pages printed or the number of EPS graphics in the publication.

Grayscale, RGB, and CMYK TIF images appeared too dark when printed to certain imagesetters. TIF images should now print correctly to all imagesetters.

Aldus, the Aldus logo, and PageMaker are registered trademarks of Aldus Corporation. Microsoft and MS-DOS are registered trademarks and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Other product and corporate names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of other companies, and are used only for explanation and to the owners' benefit, without intent to infringe.
MB of space available on your hard drive beforws0o5kgc_[
===h=hf=/2!;(tify the user that the puinted. Type 3 fonts are now sent at the actual resolution of a printer, so that the printer will have en Arial HelvType 3 versions of TrueType fonts.

Note: You determine whether TrueType fonts are printed as Type 1 (

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