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AVIEW V4.7 (13-Aug-1994) MAJOR RELEASE

- Optimized memory-swapper.
- Remove default respone-char for ZOO, ZOO doesn't support response-files.
- Added F2 key to help-screens, acts like ESC (back one help-screen), so
that you can flip back with the mouse.
- Right mouse-button now also works like ESC in help-screens.
- Added mouse-support to the prompt-dialogs.
- Changed parameters of sample-virus-scanner for correct operation.
- Now up to 64 viewers or/and editors can be defined instead of 20.
- As default, AVIEW now uses for RAR the parameter -o+ for overwriting
existing files.
- Removed virus-scanning between conversion of an archive.
- Added command SCANPROMPT to .CTL file, when this statment is used,
AVIEW asks you if you want to execute the virus-scanner after
extracting files from an archive.
- Added mouse-support to the help-screens.
- The up/down cursor-keys now work correctly in the help-screens.
- AVIEW is now availble at InterNet via FTP:*.zip (or .exe).
- Added CRC for UC2 archives to listing.
- Descending sorting now only sorts the file-entries in the file-selector.
- AVIEW now handles/detects spawned archives correctly.
- Optimized/improved archive-detection routines.
- AVIEW now automatically uses virtual-disk-memory when not enough EMS/XMS
memory is availble.
- AVIEW now sorts the archive-list after ALT-L (Alternate lay-out) is
- PAK SFX Archives are now correctly detected.
- Some SFX archives could not be recognized (mostly ZIP archives), AVIEW
now correctly handles/detects all SFX archives.
- Added support for SFX files, you can nor convert to or create a
SFX archive.
- Added SFX commands to .CTL file for creating SFX files, see the sample
.CTL file and manual for more information.
- Sometimes drive/directory-entries in the file-selector had a date/time,
this is fixed.
- Added -stdout parameter to RAR command-lines to suppress RAR-screens.
- Added EMS/XMS support, AVIEW now runs with 256KB conventional and a
minimum of 32 KB EMS or XMS memory.
- Problems with paths and volume-labels in ZIP files are solved.
- Added ALT-S to file-selector for sort-menu.
- Added NOEMS and NOXMS commands to AVIEW.CTL to force AVIEW to
not use any EMS or XMS memory.
- Added /NE and /NX parameters to force AVIEW to not use any
EMS or XMS memory.
- Archive-lister now can handle up to 8192 entries.
- File-selector now can handle up to 16384 entries.
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Updated manuals and help-files.
- When files didn't had any extension, they dissapeared, fixed.
- Fixed bugs with HYPER and PAK archive-reading, it now works correctly.
- Added full RAR-Support (new russion archiver).
- Added test-option for archivers (ALT-F7 in file-manager).
- Added archive-test-options to .CTL file (see sample .CTL file and docs
for more information).
- Fixed bug with extract-path, AVIEW always asked for a extract-path, even
when a default-path was defined.
- AVIEW now only checks file-internals for archive-type, extension-checking
is only done when internal-check fails.
- With ESC file-scanning and list-sorting can be interrupted.
- ALT-X will do an immidiate exit from AVIEW to DOS.
- Fixed the 'hanging-bug'.
- Added internet-address to end-screen and documentation for replies.
- Added ALT-F6 (DeCompress) to file-manager, with this key you can
decompress archives without viewing them.
- .COM SFX-Files are now handled correctly.
- Fixed startup-beeping (I hope!?), in some situations, on some machines
AVIEW started up with a black screen and a lot of beeping, i hope this
is fixed (LET ME KNOW!).
- Fixed a bug with the sound-routines when a virus was found.
- Added DesqView and Windows support, when DV or Windows are active,
AVIEW will give back any unused time-slices, this results in a much
faster multitasking-environment, speeding up the other tasks.
- You can now tag files/directories in the file-selector and press
ALT-F5 to add them to a newly created archive, in other words: you
can now create new archives from within the file-selector.
- Rewrote file-sharing routines, AVIEW now works faster in a
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Updated manuals/help-screens.
- Fixed some minor cosmetic bugs.
- Updated manual and help-file.

AVIEW V4.6 (12-Mar-1994) MAJOR RELEASE

- Fixed AVIEW ERROR 55 (File already open).
- Fixed DOS-ERROR 31, was a result on the AVIEW ERROR 55.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Archive-reading speeded up (about 10% against V4.51).
- Added NOxxx commands for dis-abling archivers.
- The total compressed size was calculated from all compressed sizes in
the archive, now AVIEW will take the file-size of the archive as total
compressed size, this will reflect the TRUE compression-ratio of the
archive-file against all uncompressed files in the archive-file.
- Updated documentation, control and help files.

AVIEW V4.51 (11-Feb-1994) MINOR UPDATE

- Sometimes AVIEW created invalid tempry files, resulting in some
'file already open' or 'file cannot be opened' errors, this is
- Some tempry files weren't closed correctly after use, resulting
in 'file already opened' errors, this is fixed.
- Fixed some bugs in the command-line-parse routines.
- When AVIEW is finished the original directory AVIEW was started
from is restored.
- Added some progress-bars to some 'busy' screens.
- Added /W parameter to force AVIEW to wait on a keypress after each
external utility executed.

AVIEW V4.5 (09-Feb-1994) MAJOR RELEASE

- Added UC2 (Ultra-Compressor II) support.
- Rewrote AVIEWNC.EXE and AVIEWNC4.EXE, they now work correctly, they
now also detect if AVIEW was already installed and will do an update
instead of a replacement.
- 75 % of all code that wasn't written in assembler now is, AVIEW is
compacter, uses lesser memory, and is much faster, AVIEW runs about
15% faster (overall performance).
- All file operations are about 10% faster (most notable on networks).
- All archive operations are about 15% faster.
- All sorting routines are about 5% faster.
- Totally rewrote all memory-routines, no 'strange' memory-errors anymore,
AVIEW also uses much lesser memory for the same operations in V4.4 or
- The overlayed version of AVIEW is not longer needed anymore,
development is discontinued.
- Fixed lots of bugs in the help-screen-routines, they now work correctly.
- Sometimes when AVIEW tried to determine the archive-type of a non-sfx
exe-file and error 63 occurred, this is fixed.
- Fixed some bugs in the mouse-routines.
- Fixed some bugs in the sort-routines.
- Fixed some bugs in the command-line routines, when a filename with
wildcards (* and/or ?) was supplied, some strange errors would occurr,
this is fixed.
- Removed UMB support, AVIEW now doesn't uses UMB anymore, too many
- Removed NOEMS, NOUMB and NOXMS keywords from .CTL file, AVIEW now
automatically determines the best settings.
- Removed /NE, /NU and /NX parameters.
- Implemented 'fastkeys' like the norton-commander, when in a listing
you can use the alpha-numeric keys to jump to a file-entry fast,
the difference with the Norton Commander is that you don't have to
hold the ALT key when typing.
- AVIEW now also sorts on file-name when sorting on file-extension.
- Detection of SFX files is faster.
- Added SHOWSPECIAL keyword to the .CTL file, when this command is used,
AVIEW will show special/hidden files in the archive-list, at the moment
only the Ultra-Compressor supports this.
- Added TEMPREMOVE keyword to the .CTL file, when this command is used,
AVIEW totally remove the TEMPPATH directory including all it's contents
when AVIEW is finished.
- Updated the manual.
- Updated the help-file.

AVIEW V4.4 (15-Jan-1994) BUG-FIX RELEASE

- There was a terrible bug in V4.3 which caused a error 7 or 14 for no
reason at all, AVIEW allocated too much memory then needed, about 3 to 4
times to much, this is fixed.


- Added full support for HYPER (.HYP).
- Added full support for Squeeze (.SQZ).
- Rewrote the AVIEWNC.EXE and AVIEWNC4.EXE installation utilities, they now
work correctly, they are also updated to support HYPER and Squeeze.
- Optimized mouse-routines.
- Optimized sorting routines.
- Optimized file-listing routines, scrolling/selecting is now 250% faster.
- Optimized archive-reading routines.
- The standard version of AVIEW now uses about 25 KB lesser conventional
- The overlayed version of AVIEW now uses about 48 KB lesser conventional
- Some archivers are case-sensitive on file-names, AVIEW converted all
filenames to upper-case, now AVIEW uses the original case.
- When asking for an extract-path, AVIEW now uses as default the
current directory.
- You can now specify wildcards in a filename on the command-line, AVIEW
will use the wildcards as filter for the file-selector.
- You can now use a filter in the file-selector (F4), you can specify
a filter to show for example only *.ZIP files.
- You can now specify only a drive as extract-path, the active directory
of that drive will be taken as extract-path (fixed).
- Asc/Descending sorting function (CTRL-F1) now works correctly (fixed).
- Added sort-options to the file-selector for sorting on filename, size and
- Added CTRL-F keys for sorting to the file-selector.
- Added FSSORT command to the .CTL file for defining the default sorting in
the file-selector.
- Added /C parameter, now you can define the CTL-File to use, for
example: AVIEW file.ext /CC:\NORTON\AVIEW2.CTL.
- Added detection when AVIEW is already running, AVIEW can not be started
in a AVIEW dos-shell anymore.
- When selecting drive A: or B: in the file-selector, AVIEW now first check
if there is a readable diskette inserted.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated manuals.
- Updated help-text.


- There are now two flavors of AVIEW, a standard executable, and an
overlayed one, the overlayed one is especially designed to work on
386/486 machines with EMS, XMS or/and UMB's, the overlayed version
uses about 64 KB lesser conventional memory then the standard-version.
- Added a complete new help-system, with hyper-help style options.
- Added parameters /NE, /NU and /NX to tell AVIEW not to swap to EMS, UMB
or XMS.
- Added parameters /A and /D for ascending/descending sorting.
- Added parameters /SC, /SD, /SE, /SM, /SN, /SO, /SR and /SU for defining
the key to sort on.
- Added parameter /NP to tell AVIEW to not extract any path-information
from an archive.
- Added parameter /NV to tell AVIEW to not check for any viri.
- Added NOEMS, NOUMB and NOXMS commands to AVIEW.CTL to tell AVIEW not
to swap to EMS, UMB or XMS.
- Added SWAPPATH command to AVIEW.CTL for defining the directory where
AVIEW must write it's swapfiles in.
- Added NOPATHS command to AVIEW.CTL to tell AVIEW not to extract any
path-information from an archive.
- Rewrote all swap-routines.
- Resorting/rereading of the archive-list now only happens when the
archive has changed.
- Added ALT-F2 key for extracting to EXTRACTPATH without the path-information
in the archive.
- Fixed some small bugs.


- Totally rewrote the routines for manipulating files, now AVIEW works
correctly on network-based files (shared).
- Enhanced the error-messages for the archivers, when an archiver gives an
error, AVIEW will now explain what the error means instead of displaying
the error-level returned by the archiver.
- Rewrote all the sorting-routines, sorting is done faster now.
- When there was not enough memory, the sort-routines would generate a
memory error, this is fixed, the sort-routines now check memory while
- The file-selector now sorts the file-listing correctly on filename.
- Changed some colours to represent the colours used in the Norton Commander.
- Removed the /N parameter, and the NOSWAP option in the AVIEW.CTL file.
- Changed the default virus-scanner in AVIEW.CTL from McaFee's scanner to
the Thunderbyte scanner which consume MUCH lesser memory and is MUCH
- Fixed some spelling mistakes.
- Rewrote some AVIEW-Routines to optimize memory usage.
- Fixed some memory-usage bugs.
- Fixed lots of minor bugs.


Well, this will be the last release of AVIEW for now, i'm now going to
concetrate for a couple of months on some other projects, this means not
that i will not fix any bugs when found or add new features.

New features/fixes in V4.0:

- Added LPT3, COM3 and COM4 for file printing, printing goes now via DOS/BIOS.
- Maximum number of files per archive is now 1024.
- Maximum number of files in file-selector now is 1536.
- File-sizes now only are shortened to MB/GB only when greater then
9999999 bytes.
- When file-sizes are shortend, now tenths of MB/GB are also shown.
- Instead of MB/GB now only M/G is added to shortend file-sizes.
- Added SHIFT-F7 for creating a new file to add to archive, you can choose
an editor for creating a new file (Default is FILE_ID.DIZ).
- Slightly faster sorting.
- Slightly faster archive-reading.
- When converting went wrong, original archive was deleted, this is fixed!
- The archive list is now only re-readed when resorting the list or when the
archive has been changed, this means instant access to the archive-list
after a file-view (F3), list-layout (ALT-L) change or switching between
25 or ega/vga lines (ALT-F9).
- When viewing the root-dir in the file-selector, the double point (..) for
selecting the previous directory was shown, this is fixed.
- Updating of archives is now only done when the file/archive to update has
been changed after an edit.
- Creating an unpack-directory in the current directory now also works, just
enter a directory-name without path when pressing SHIFT-F2.
- Added shadows to popup-windows.
- Right mouse-button now acts as a (de)select key, like in Norton Commander.
- Added DATEFORMAT parameter to .CTL file for defining the file-date-format.
- Faster scrolling in archive-list and file-selector.
- Fixed some mouse-button problems.
- When the temppath does not exist, AVIEW will now try to create it.
- When the extractpath (both default and entered), does not exist, AVIEW will
now try to create it.
- Some minor cosmetic changes.
- Updated manuals.

AVIEW V3.51 (05-Oct-1993) BUG-FIX RELEASE

- This release fixes the bug which occurrs after a file view/edit, AVIEW
exited with an error (Trying to remove current directory), now it works
okay again.


- The CONVERT option (F5) is now fully operational (at last!), when
a virus-scanner is defined, AVIEW will use the scanner between conversion
to check for virusses.
- Added print-option, press SHIFT-F9 on a file and the file will be
extracted from the archive and printed.
- Brought back the maximum number of viewers/ediors to 20.
- AVIEW now does a beter check on errors after unpacking files before
- When an error was detected after a view or edit, AVIEW returned an
archive error instead of a view/edit error, this is fixed.
- In some situations the file-selector would show some files more then once
in the list, this is fixed.
- All DOS-Functions are now correclty monitored for any errors, so when
AVIEW created/deletes/moves files/directorys and an error occurres, AVIEW
now detects it correctly and will give a full error-message.
- Tempory directorys now are now completly erased when not needed anymore,
all files and subdirectorys in the tempory directory and the tempory
directory itself are completly deleted when not needed anymore by AVIEW.
- The delete function in the file-selector now also removes directorys which
are not empty.
- Because the tempory directorys are erased entirly, the use of the
BACKUP command in the AVIEW.CTL file is no longer needed, the
command is removed from AVIEW.
- Added ALT-F3 function key for viewing files, same as F3 but now you can
select the viewer you want to use from the viewers list.
- Added ALT-F4 function key for editing files, same as F4 but now you cam
select the editor you want to use from the editors list.
- Sometimes AVIEW would not switch correctly back to text-mode after an
graphical viewer was used, now it does.
- Added -E parameter as default to the ARJ Update command.
- Speeded up some routines.
- Updated help-screens.
- Updated manuals.


- AVIEW now uses memory in a different way, i tried to squeeze as much out
of availble memory, this resulted that in combination with NC V4.0 and
AVIEW, only 570 KB of free memory is needed instead of 610 KB, the
virus-scanner (McaFee) will not work because the scanner will need about
300 KB free memory and we simply don't have it under NC V4.0 (when will
this darn BUG be fixed by symantec?, simply SWAP out of memory before
executing a viewer, cannot be a hard thing to do, it also happens when
an editor is executed).
The Thunderbyte scanner will work okay because of lesser memory usage.
- AVIEW will shrink the allocation of the file-selector and archive list when
not enough memory is availble, when a directory or archive contains more
files then AVIEW can fit in memory, AVIEW will say so and only read the
files which do fit into memory.
- Maximum number of viewers is now 32.
- Maximum number of files in archive is now 512.
- Maximum number of files in file-selector is now 1536.
- Fixed the bug with selection-bar at startup when an archive only contained
one file.
- Now up to 32 editors can be defined for files like the viewers.
- When sizes of files are bigger then a mega-byte or gigabyte, AVIEW will
automatically add MB or GB and will divide the size by 1 MB or GB.
- The File-selector-list is now sorted on name.
- Faster sorting (about 350%), the archive-list is now sorted when reading
the file-info from an archive.
- Added key CTRL-F1 for switching between ascending/descending sorting.
- Added key CTRL-F2 for extracting to current path.
- Added key CTRL-F3 for sorting on name.
- Added key CTRL-F4 for sorting on extension.
- Added key CTRL-F5 for sorting on original size.
- Added key CTRL-F6 for sorting on compressed size.
- Added key CTRL-F7 for sorting on ratio.
- Added key CTRL-F8 for sorting on date/time.
- Added key CTRL-F9 for sorting on method.
- Added key CTRL-F10 for unsorted.
- Added key ALT-F9 for EGA/VGA lines toggle (like NC).
- Fixed bug with 35 lines on screen under EGA, an error 5 occurred because
AVIEW would switch to 43 line mode in VGA, fixed.
- Added UNSORTED option to SORT in the AVIEW.CTL file.
- Using SHIFT/CTRL or ALT function-keys with mouse work now correctly, AVIEW
would default to unshifted function keys when you pressed down SHIFT/CTRL
or ALT and clicked on a function-key, fixed.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated help-screens.
- Updated manuals.


- Speeded up some sort-routines, about 5-15%.
- Speeded up the fast-keys routines in the menu's en lists.
- Speeded up building-up the file-lists.
- Archives are now readed faster, an archive was opened/closed several times
when scanning for information, this now only happens once.
- The selection-bar in the file-selector is now 'sticky', when going up in
the directory-tree, the file-selector will place the selection-bar onto the
directory you came from instead at the top of the file-list.
- After selection a file from the file-selector and returning after viewing
a file, the selection-bar is placed on the file instead at the top of
the file-list.
- Added NOSWAP parameter to .CTL file for forcing AVIEW not to swap itself
out of memory when executing an external utility.
- Added ALTERNATELAYOUT parameter to .CTL file for selecting an alternate
file-list-layout in the archive-file-list as the default, this alternate
layout shows less information but shows the full path of each file, this
can also be toggles in AVIEW with ALT-L.
- Added /N parameter for forcing AVIEW not to swap itself out of memory when
executing an external utility.
- You can no toggle between two kinds of list-layouts in the archive-lister,
press ALT-L to toggle.
- Fixed a typo in the sample AVIEW.CTL file, the command for deleting files
from a ZIP-File used the parameter d instead of -d.
- Updated help-screens.
- Updated manuals.


- Well after lots of debugging AVIEW will now work correctly under NC V4.0
(Pfew...), AVIEW now doesn't use any fixed size memory-allocation schemes
anymore, but instead it looks how many memory is free and will adjust the
memory-allocation to fit the free-memory.
- The error 9 is fixed, the .CTL file-reading routine contained a bug which
used an incorrect variable.
- Removed the startup-banner of AVIEW for speed.
- Removed the paths of the filenames in the archive-list, now only the
file-names are shown, when extracting the path-info will still be used.
- Added compression-ratio information to the archive-list.
- Added CRC information to the archive-list.
- When the SORT command is NOT used in the .CTL file, AVIEW will NOT sort
the archive-list, this will speed-up AVIEW on large archives dramatically.
- Added UNSORT and RATIO sort to the sort-menu.
- Added RATIO keyword to the SORT command in the .CTL file.
- When an error occurres AVIEW will now give full information instead of a
- Added an extra check for the TEMPPATH directory, when the directory doesn't
exist (ramdrive not active or something like that), the root-directory of
the drive AVIEW is started from is used, AVIEW uses this directory to create
directorys and response-files in.
- Speeded up lots of routines, AVIEW operates 20% faster now.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated manuals.

AVIEW V3.1a (29-Aug-1993) BUG-FIX RELEASE (Not really a bug!)

- Well, under Norton Commander V4.0, AVIEW didn't got any enough memory when
using it with F3, when the view option in NC V4.0 is used, NC stays in
memory, all 384 KB, this leaves not enough memory for AVIEW to execute
some external utilitys (ARJ, SCANNER etc.), or even in some cases to
execute AVIEW itself.
AVIEW swappes itself out when executing an external utility (it always did),
leaving only 2 KB of AVIEW in memory for swapping back, this still wasn't
enough, several users reported error 5, 7 and 9, which all are memory
errors, so i optimized AVIEW a lot, and made the code compacter, V3.1a will
run under NC V4.0 when you use the view (F3) function, the only problem i
discovered was that the virus-scanner cannot be run, (SCAN from McaFee,
needs about 390 KB free).
I've tested AVIEW with NC V3.0 and that combination works without any
You'll need about 600 KB free memory to run NC V4.0 and AVIEW together
without any errors (if you use F3 to startup AVIEW).
- A solution: (not a nice one), install AVIEW.EXE as external EDITOR and
use F4 (or ALT-F4) to startup AVIEW, NC V4.0 will swap and enough memory
will be availble, i think this is a major BUG in NC V4.0, the viewers are
the only thing NC V4.0 will not swap for, maybe this is configurable?, I
couldn't find something in the docs so i don't think so.
- If some-one has any suggestions for resolving this problem, please let me
know, i'm reachable on my BBS or CompuServe: Chris Buijs, 100117,3242.


- Added parameters to AVIEW, /? for help, /M for monochrome operation,
/25, /35, /40, /43 and /50 for number of lines per screen to use.
- When started in the file-selector (startup AVIEW without parameters or
only with a drive or path, thus no filename), the file-selector will act
as shell, so when finished viewing a selected file, you'll return to the
- Added more information to the file-selector, now the size, date, time and
attributes of a file is shown.
- At the top of the file-selector now the current directory is shown.
- The file-selector now also has his own function-key-bar at the bottom of
the screen.
- You can now tag/untag directory/file entrys in the file-selector, simply
press INS or SPACE for tagging/untagging per file, or the gray +, gray -
or gray * for wilcard tagging.
- You can now enter a new drive and/or directory in the file-selector with F2.
- You can now rename files/directorys in the file-selector with F6.
- You can now create directories in the file-selector with F7.
- You can now delete files in the file-selector with F8 or DEL.
- You can now do a DOS-Shell from the file-selector with F9 or ALT-J.
- The SORT option in the AVIEW.CTL file was ignored by AVIEW, it now works
- The maximum number of files in an archive is raised from 256 to 384.
- The maximum number of files in the file-selector is raised from 512 to 1536.
- The maximum number of viewers is raised from 16 to 64.
- The drive-space check before extracting files didn't work correcltly, now
it does.
- AVIEW aborted some times with an error 14 at start-up, this has been fixed.
- Fixed errors that occurred when files in an archive contained paths.
- Updated files in an archive included the tempory-path from AVIEW, this
is fixed.
- Some errors didn't gave a beep, now it does.
- AVIEW now uses maximum compression on updated-files.
- The interface between AVIEW and the external archive-utilitys is now fully
configurable, see the sample AVIEW.CTL for more info.
- When an error occurres with an external archiver utility, AVIEW will now
show the return-code.
- When a filename in an archive contained a path, and there were
forward-slashes used (ZIP), and error occurred, this is fixed.
- Rewrited lots of archive-routines, they are now more compact and faster.
- Added ARC support with PKPAK/PKUNPAK instead of PAK, PAK is still used for
PAK files.
- Added BACKUP command to RAFT.CTL for identifing backup-files created by
the editor used in the edit-function, these backup-files are deleted after
an edit/update now, so you can now also use editors which create
- ADDED SCREENMODE command to RAFT.CTL for defining number of lines per screen
to use.
- On EGA and VGA adapters, AVIEW now detects when the screen has more then 25
lines and will automatically use them.
- AVIEW detects SFX files faster now.
- AVIEW reads the contents of archives faster now.
- All files are opened shared now.
- Cleaned up code
- Updated help-screens.
- Fixed some bugs in the user-interface.
- Fixed some mouse bugs.
- Beter memory support.
- Optimized some archive routines.
- Optimized the file/directory routines.
- Updated the manuals.


Well, after a crash i lost some bits of the source code of AVIEW, so i decided
one day to rewrite the darn thing, after struggling with the code i did a
couple of things, i rewrote totally the user-interface and the archive-
routines, they are blazing fast now!

The following things are new/changed since V2.0:

- AVIEW now recognize ARC, PAK, LZH, ZIP, ZOO and ARJ files by looking into
the internals of the file, also LZH, ZIP and ARJ self-extracting files can
now be manipulated, strange file-extensions are not a problem anymore also.
- An Archive can have now any file-extension, AVIEW will determine what type
of archive it is by looking into the internals of the file.
- Everything operates faster, the archive routines are speeded up dramatically.
- Added mouse-support, you can now use AVIEW with a mouse.
- Now you can define up to 16 viewers to use for viewing files from an archive,
very handy for backups of pictures or documents (i use it myself :-).
- Added NOMOUSE command to AVIEW.CTL, with this parameter you can force AVIEW
to ignore a mouse when detected.
- Added SORT command to AVIEW.CTL, with this parameter you can tell AVIEW how
to sort the file-list as default.
- The temppath is now used for creating tempory directorys in, the temppath
can now be a any directory, only the tempory directorys in it will be
- When AVIEW now is started without any parameters, or only with a path,
a file-selector will be poped up, with this file-selector you can choose
a file from any drive and/or directory.
- Enchanced the sort-option, more sort-keys and you can sort ascending
or descending.
- The syntax of some commands in the .CTL file are changed, for external
utilitys (VIEWER, EDITOR and SCANNER) you can now use a %F variable to pass
the full path+filename off the file under the cursor-bar
- SCANNERPARM in the .CTL file is gone, not needed anymore.
- Added some keys, and some keys work differently.
- Added an ADD function to add file(s) to the archive, press F7 to activate.
- Added fast-keys to the menu's/file-list, jump to an entry by simply pressing
the first charachter of the entry.
- Added AVIEWNC.EXE utility for easy installation into Norton Commander
versions prior to V4.0.
- Added AVIEWNC4.EXE utility for easy installation into Norton Commander V4.0.
- Operation of archives-in-archives is now much faster/beter, up to 16
archives can be stacked in archives.
- All operations will work now also on archive-in-archive, some functions in
prior versions would only allow to update the head-archive, now all archives
can be manipulated up to 16 deep.
- Support for PKPAK and PKUNPAK has been removed, for ARC files now the PAK
routines are used.
- Some cosmetic changes (it is a rewrite).
- On a input-box you can now press F2 for a file-selector, when selected a
file, the full drive+path+filename is inserted into the input-box, so that
you can select or edit it.
- Some problems are fixed automatically because of the rewrite.
- Updated the docs.

AVIEW V3.0 (22-Aug-1993) PRE-RELEASE

- Aaaarrrgghh!!, the wrong executable was packed in this package, DON'T USE
IT!, it doens't work good at all!

AVIEW V2.0 (31-Jan-1993)

- Before extraction AVIEW now asks if you want to expand/create directorys
that are included in an archive, you can now extract all files to one path,
also the files that were originally in a subdirectory when packed.
- When editing a file and NO was answered on the question to update the
archive, AVIEW reported an incorrect error (Edited file cannnot be found),
this is fixed.
- When you convert an archive, AVIEW asks after converting if you want to
delete the old archive.
- When using Shift-F2, and only a drive was given as extraction-path an
error occurred, this is fixed.
- Drive-space is checked now before extraction and converting.
- Removed some routines that were used double.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated the manual, some cosmetic changes also.

AVIEW V1.95 (20-Jan-1993) BUG-FIX Release.

- There was a serious bug in V1.9 when no EMS/XMS could be used for swapping,
the swapper didn't opened a swapfile before swapping which resulted in an
error, this is fixed.
- Modified some colours so that it looks more like a norton viewer.
- Modified some messages, now the appear in message-boxes.

AVIEW V1.9 (17-Jan-1993)

Sorry about the quick update, there were several things that could be done
in a jiffy...

- Optimized some menu/input and message routines.
- Updated the swapper and fixed some small bugs in the file-swapper.
- Added sort option (F6), now you can sort the listing on filename, date and
size, default is filename.
- The grey '+' and '-' keys now remember the last select/deselection strings.
- When converting from ARC files, PKUNPAK was called for every file, now it
goes in one pass (PKUNPAK is called once for all files).
- The position of the selection-bar in the list isn't resetted to the first
file anymore, the position is restored after an operation (Viewing/Editing/
converting etc.).
- Number and size of tagged files are now shown in upper status-bar.
- Now you can use the current-path as extraction-path, just enter NO path.
- ARJ files with security-envelopes are now also recognized.
- When no EMS, XMS or disk-file could be used for swapping, a normal EXECUTE
is perfomed without swapping, former AVIEW would exited with an error.
- When a swapfile is used by the swapper, it is now put on the drive of the
TEMPPATH instead of the current drive.
- Updated the manual.


- Fixed a bug when AVIEW wanted to view an archive in the root-directory of
a disk, the message 'File not found' appeared, FIXED!
- When swapping between drives when unarchiving or converting, AVIEW sometimes
forgot to which drive to return after the operation, the message
'File not found' or 'Path not found' appeared, FIXED!
- Now you can only define a drive (e.d. C: or D: etc.) as temppath, a
path is added automatically, the root-directory is not used anymore
on the drive of the temppath.
- Fixed bug with ZOO extractor, wrong parameter was used, only 'x' was
used instead of '-e', FIXED!
- When you pressed ESC after choosing the convert-option (F5), an
'access denied' would occurr in some situations, FIXED!
- ARJ, LZH and ZIP Self-extracting archives can now also be processed.
- Fixed lots of bugs in the EMS/XMS/Disk swapper, and made it faster too.
- Added NOCOLOR command to AVIEW.CTL, handy for users with a LCD-Screen.
- Fixed some minor (cosmetic) bugs.
- Optimized some file-routines, AVIEW executes faster now (about 5 %).
- Updated manual.
- Added the file TODO.DOC.


- When only a file-name was given as parameter, the viewer and editor
couldn't find the file you specified to view/edit, this is fixed.
- The delete-function now also works on ZIP and ARC archives.
- The tempory-directory AVIEW uses can now be freely defined, normally
AVIEW would create one on the actual drive, this was not very handy
when using AVIEW on a floppy-drive, the tempory-directory can be
defined in the AVIEW.CTL file with the TEMPPATH command.
- After a dos-shell, AVIEW returns to the directory before the dos-shell,
this fixes the problems occurring after a dos-shell (lots of files
couldn't be found).
- The path+filename in the upper-leftcorner of the screen is now also
truncated like the path+filenames of the archive when it gets to long.
- ARJ and ZIP now uses maximum compression when used.
- AVIEW now trys to swap to EMS, XMS or DISK before any program is
executed or before a dos-shell.
- All return-codes of the archivers and virus-scanner are now checked,
and a message is displayed when something went wrong.
- If the extraction-path does not exist it is created automatically.
- Added Convert-option, now you can convert archives between ARC, ARJ, LZH,
PAK, ZIP and ZOO with function-key F5.
- Optimized lots of routines and fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated the manual.


- Changed screen-layout, the colomn with the ratio and CRC are gone, instead
the full path (when availble in an archive) and filename is shown.
- When Shift-F2 (unpack) is pressed, AVIEW will always ask for an
extraction-path before unpacking.
- Fixed bug when using the wildcard (de)selection (grey + and -), when a
file didn't had any extension, it couldn't be (de)select with the wildcard
- The default viewer is now WPVIEW instead of LIST.
- Gained some speed after optimisation.
- Fixed some minor bugs.


- Changed name of archive from AVIEWnn.ARJ to NCAVnn.ARJ, there was already
a utility called AVIEW with a higher version-number, so My AVIEW was
removed from lots of BBSes because the sysops thought it was a old version.
- Added .LHA and .SDN file recognition, now these files are also seen as
- Added support for a virus-scanner, now you can define a virus-scanner
in the AVIEW.CTL file, this scanner wil be used on files unpacked with
the unpack (F2) function.
- Added SCANNER keyword to AVIEW.CTL for defining virus-scanner.
- Added SCANNERPARM keryword to AVIEW.CTL for defining parameters for

the virus-scanner.
- Removed function-keys F6 (tag) and F7 (untag).
- Added wildcard selection/deselection, press the grey + for wildcard
selection, press the grey - for wildcard deselection.
- By mistake the error-capture routine was switched off, this would generate
some illigal error-messages in some cases, this is fixed.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated documentation


- Never released


- Added an edit-function (F4), when a file is edited, and your editor
returns to AVIEW, the file in the archive is updated with the edited
version, before updating, AVIEW prompts you with a yes/no question.
- Added a control-file, AVIEW.CTL, must be in the same directory as
AVIEW.EXE, you can define your own viewer, editor and default
extraction-path in it.
- Optimized some memory-routines
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Updated the doc-file.


- Fixed a huge memory-bug, when an archive was viewed with lots of files
a error 14 would occurr, this is fixed.
- Memory-limits weren't checked, this sometimes resulted in a 'hang', this
is fixed, all limits are checked.
- Multiple file-extraction (tagged file) from ARC file works now also,
in version 1.0 and 1.1 AVIEW only allowed one file to be extracted,
this is fixed.
- Added full error-handling and messages.
- Added delete-function (F8).
- Optimized some routines.


- When standing on the last entry in the file-list and you would
press arrow-down, a strange jumping of the list occurred, this is fixed.
- Now you can use all the cursor-keys (Home, End, Pgup, Pgdn, etc.).
- The filelist is now sorted.
- Now all archives unpack into the extraction-path you give, sometimes
an archive was unpacked into the current directory, this is fixed.
- Optimize some routines.
- Updated documentation.


- Initial release.

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