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List of tips for using Lotus Magellan.
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List of tips for using Lotus Magellan.
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Listed in this file are some tips,tricks,etc that I have discovered while
using Lotus Magellan. Though I have tested them myself, I imply no guarentee
that they will work for you also. In other words USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
If you have any questions about what is in this file please don't hesitate to

Executing Dos Commands from within Magellan
I have come up with a method of executing dos commands from within magellan
that I thought others might find usefull also. The 1st step is to create a
launch(f7). Title it DOS COMMANDS. For the command you must type in
something but it does not matter what it is. Leave everything else blank.
Then create a macro(AltF7), I used CTRLF10(so it shows up on screen when I
hit CTRL key). Then type this in for the macro string.{F7}{Choose}DOS
COMMANDS{Enter}S{DOWN}{RIGHT}{Linein}{Enter}{Enter}{Enter}. What this does
is call the launch window(f7) then use {Choose} to select DOS COMMANDS. Then
it uses S to enter the setup window moves down to the command line. Next
{Linein} allows you to type in a valid dos command. The {Enters} exits the
setup & executes the command. One thing I use this for is to create a new
sub-directory from within magellan.

Creating new ZIP files while in Magellan
If you are using Phil Katz's GREAT compression program, Pkzip, here is a method
of creating new zip files right from within Magellan. First, create a launch
(f7 key), in the Title prompt make your first character a (do this by holding
down the Alt key & pressing 251 on your numeric keypad). Then put in the rest of
the title(i.e. Zip marked files). Next, for the Command prompt type in the
following:pkzip c:\zip\temp @Magellan.lst. There are quite a few variations here
for the Command line, which I will get to in a second. For the Directory prompt
type: C:\Magellan(or whatever drive:directory you have Magellan in) .

The way this works is get the files you want to zip in the list window using
Explore or whatever method you prefer. The tag the files you want to zip. You
can use AltF3(mark) or use the space bar to tag them individually. Then press
F7(Launch),highlight Zip marked files & press enter. This will create a zip
file in the \zip directory called temp. When you mark files Magellan
automatically creates a file called Magellan.lst & you are just passing this
list to Pkzip.

Command line variations: In the above example, the command line specifies a
file name C:\zip\temp for pkzip. Another method is to use the Magellan Keyword
{Prefix} instead. What this will do is use the currently highlighted file name
prefix for the name of the zip file. If you use the original method mentioned
you should then go to \zip & rename to something more meaningfull.

1. While in the list window, you can hit the Ins(insert) key to cycle thru any
available viewers for the hightlighted file.

2. If you want MG to always load a certain way you can create a macro called
Startup. This macro will automatically execute if you just type in MG to load
Magellan. For instance, I like to come up in Tree mode when I first load MG
My startup macro contains:{AltF6}{Left}. This switches to tree mode and moves
me to the directory map.

3. If you hit AltF9(Path) you can scroll thru a list of all your last explores
by pressing the up arrow. If you see one you want to execute, just press enter.

4. You can Move(Altf2) entries in the following Dialog boxes: Launch,Explore,
Index,Macro. In the Explore window, the first entry is the one automatically
executed when you load MG without any parameters.

These are just a few of the things I have discovered while using this EXCELLENT
program. I'm sure there will be many more to follow. For those of you who have
a Compuserve subscription, there is a special forum set up for Magellan. If you
go LOTUSB, you will go to Lotus's Stand-Alone Forum. Section 8 is set aside for
Magellan. One of the original authors of Magellan,Bill Gross, runs the forum.
This gives everyone a really unique oppurtinity to give & get feedback direct
from the author of the program. In addition, as Bill writes new viewers for the
program they are uploaded to the forum. There is a file here the Programmers's
Corner called This contains the latest releases(7/25) that are
available at this time.

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