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Filename : INTERRUP.1ST

Output of file : INTERRUP.1ST contained in archive : INTER43A.ZIP

Interrupt List Release 43 Last change 11/6/94

Please redistribute the following files unmodified as a group, in a trio of
archives named INTER43A through INTER43C (preferably the original authenticated
PKZIP archives):
INTERRUP.1ST this file
INTERRUP.A INT 00 through INT 13 \
INTERRUP.B INT 14 through INT 15/7F \
INTERRUP.C INT 15/80 through INT 1F \
INTERRUP.D INT 20 through INT 21/44 \ total 1620 pages at
INTERRUP.E INT 21/45 through INT 21/BF \ 60 lines per page,
INTERRUP.F INT 21/C0 through INT 2D > 1726 with INTPRINT -p
INTERRUP.G INT 2E through INT 2F/7F / (6565 entries)
INTERRUP.H INT 2F/80 through INT 2F/FF / (2431 tables)
INTERRUP.I INT 30 through INT 60 /
INTERRUP.J INT 61 through INT 67 /
INTERRUP.K INT 68 through INT 7E /
INTERRUP.PRI a brief primer on interrupts
INTPRINT.COM a simple formatter that also generates a list summary
INTPRINT.DOC instructions for INTPRINT
OVERVIEW.LST brief listing of major uses of each interrupt
86BUGS.LST a listing of CPU bugs and undocumented features
CMOS.LST a description of the CMOS RAM data bytes
GLOSSARY.LST a glossary of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms
MEMORY.LST format of the BIOS data area
OPCODES.LST a listing of recent and undocumented CPU instructions
PORTS.LST a listing of I/O ports
CATEGORY.KEY descriptions of divider-line category letters
COMBINE.BAT combine the pieces of the list into a single file
The following files should be distributed in an archive called INTER43D:
INT.* invoke interrupts from commandline
INT2GUID.* convert list into TurboPower GUIDE or POPHELP database
INT2HLP.BAT Perl script to convert list into QuickHelp database
INT2QH.* convert list into QuickHelp database
INT2WHLP.* convert list into Windows Help database
INTERVUE.EXE indexed interrupt list browser
INTHELP.* convert list into TurboPower GUIDE database
INTLIST.E Epsilon extension for handling list
INTPRINT.C source code for INTPRINT
RB2NG.* convert list into Norton Guides database

Concatenate INTERRUP.A, .B, .C, .D, .E, .F, .G, .H, .I, .J, .K, and .L with
COMBINE.BAT to create an interrupt list file identical to my master copy.

Use INTPRINT to generate a one-line-per-call summary file and/or a file
containing only data structure formats. See INTPRINT.DOC for details.

Note: in addition to the archives mentioned above, you may also find other
archives named INTERrrx containing additional files generated from the
original distribution for your convenience. These other archives are
maintained by other people, so please do not ask me any questions about them
(all I'll do is refer you to the creator). The additional distributions
I am currently aware of contain a ready-made Quick Help database (compiled
by Brad Willcott ), a ready-made Norton Guides
database (compiled by Michael Gallias and distributed
as RBNGrr.*), and a ready-made WinHelp database (compiled by Ron Loewy
<[email protected]> and occasionally distributed as INTWIN*.*).

This compilation is (c) Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Ralf Brown
Permission is granted to use and redistribute the files comprising the
interrupt listing in any way (including conversion to another format),
provided that my name and addresses and the names of all contributers
are preserved, as well as the information on how to obtain new releases.
The above requirement to give credit is waived for excerpts totaling
less than 2000 lines (although common courtesy indicates that you
should give some form of acknowledgment).

Some of the archives in the distribution contains programs contributed
by others; these programs are included as a service to users of the
interrupt list and the authors retain the rights to their programs.

Please send corrections/additions to me rather than distributing a
modified version of the list, so that all may benefit from your
contained in this list to the best of my ability, but I cannot be held
responsible for any problems caused by use or misuse of the information,
especially for those functions not officially documented. If it is marked
"internal" or undocumented, you should check it carefully to make sure it
works the same way in your version of the software (and please let me know
whether or not it works the same way). Information marked with "???" is
known to be incomplete or guesswork.
If the list is three or more months old by the time you get it, there
is probably a newer release out already (R44 is planned for early January 1995,
R45 for early March). Each release supersedes all previous versions, so
there is no need to keep old versions.

The newest release of this list is available in these places (please do not
ask me to email it, at over one meg compressed it is much too large for that):

On the Internet, by standard anonymous FTP from FTP.CS.CMU.EDU [].
Change directly to directory /afs/ and get the
files inter?? thru inter?? You MUST change directory first
and in a single command because of the way CMU's anonymous FTP works.
Don't forget to set mode "binary" or "type L 8"!

If connected to AFS, you can simply perform standard Unix/VMS/whatever
directory listing and file copies from the above directory.

On FIDOnet, from SoundingBoard BBS 1:129/26 1-412-621-4604 9600/14.4k HST/V32
as files INTERrrA.ZIP to INTERrrD.ZIP (rr stands for the release
number), in file area #8. First-time callers may download.
File Requests.

Alternate Distribution Points (the list will typically be available here
within 24 hours of release):
Internet: on the SimTel Software Repository mirrors as files to
interRRd.ZIP in directory /pub/msdos/info, where RR stands for the
release number. Note that you must use a binary transfer mode
("tenex" or "type L 8" for most people) to successfully FTP the
files. The SimTel mirrors include [], [], [], [], [], and [].
FIDO: SyncPoint BBS 1:261/1008 1-410-529-2584 File Requests.

Additional Distribution Points:
BITnet: you may retrieve the copy on SimTel via the following automated mail
(in the US) [email protected] (alias VM.ITS.RPI.EDU)
[email protected] (alias VM1.NODAK.EDU)
(in Europe) [email protected] (Austria)
[email protected] (Belgium)
[email protected] (Denmark)
[email protected] (France)
[email protected] (Germany)
[email protected] (Italy)
[email protected] (Netherlands)
[email protected] (Spain)
[email protected] (Sweden)
[email protected] (Turkey)
(elsewhere) [email protected] (Colombia)
[email protected] (Israel)
FIDO: boards belonging to the PDN (Programmer's Distribution Network) system
CompuServe: in the IBM Programming Forum (GO IBMPRO), Library 6, as INTrrA.*,
INTrrB.*, INTrrC.*, and INTrrD.*.

The list is also posted to USEnet in about twice a year,
concurrently with a new release of the list. Since is
archived, you will be able to find a fairly recent release in the various UUCP
Key to system abbreviations
(unless otherwise indicated, a function is available on all systems)
PORT IBM PC Portable (uses same BIOS as XT)
XT286 IBM PC XT/286
CONV IBM Convertible
PS IBM PS/2, any model
PS30 IBM PS/2 Model 30 and below
PS50+ IBM PS/2 Models 50,60,70,80
CDP Compaq Deskpro
CP386 Compaq Portable 386
CSYS Compaq Systempro
CGA Color Graphics Adapter
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
VGA Video Graphics Array
MCGA Multi-Color Graphics Array
TopView TopView/DESQview/TaskView/OmniView/other compatibles
ConcCP/M Concurrent CP/M by Digital Research, now DR MultiUser DOS
This list is the result of the time and effort of a large number of people:

1/85 Janet Jack (original list)
1/85 J. Weaver Jr.
2/85 John Cooper
2/85 Skip Gilbrech
Bob Jack
4/85 Jim Kyle [email protected]
8/85 John Ruschmeyer [email protected]
8/85 Bill Frolik [email protected]
8/85 Ross M. Greenberg [email protected]

87 Mike Morearty [email protected] \ early 1987
Ed Nather [email protected] > several undocumented DOS
Peter Holzmann [email protected] / calls in another list

87 Dan Lanciani [email protected] various, incl. NetBIOS
7/87 Ralf Brown [email protected] INT 24h and DOS func 59h
10/87 Ralf Brown [email protected] become list maintainer
11/87 Dan Davison [email protected] DOS 3.3 function calls
11/87 Bill White [email protected] DOS 3.3
11/87 Richard Hargrove harvard!killer!richardh EGA
12/87 Vincent Broman [email protected] Cordata BIOS/Minix
12/87 Dennis Grinberg [email protected] MCGA/VGA
1/88 Brad Davis [email protected] GSS, DGIS
2/88 Diomidis Spinellis [email protected] Herc GRAFIX Dev Toolkit
3/88 Michael A. Moran [email protected] VGA INT 10h
3/88 Ralf Brown [email protected] DESQview API
4/88 Richard Marks [email protected] undoc dir search fields
5/88 Robert Goldsmith [email protected] AT&T DEB adapter
7/88 Gary E. Miller [email protected] Paradise VGA
8/88 John Lefor [email protected] XMS spec
9/88 Dan Lanciani [email protected] miscellaneous
9/88 Howard Johnson [email protected] NetWare overview
9/88 Finn Thoegerson via [email protected] 10-NET, miscellaneous
9/88 Michael Shiels [email protected] FOSSIL spec
9/88 Ralf Brown [email protected] Microsoft CD-ROM API
10/88 Michael Shiels [email protected] ATI VIP INT 10h
BMB Compuscience Canada Ltd.
10/88 Michael Shiels [email protected] FTP Driver spec
10/88 Helmut Waelder [email protected] data structures, misc
10/88 Helmut Waelder [email protected] more 10-NET functions
10/88 Ge van Geldorp [email protected] Novell NetWare
10/88 Ralf Brown [email protected] INT 2F/AH=12h
11/88 Clarence A Dold [email protected] Compaq386 speed settings
11/88 Ralf Brown [email protected] TesSeRact API
12/88 Ying-Kuen K. Hwang [email protected] ESDI fixed disk calls
1/89 Ari Huttunen [email protected] additional INT 33 calls
1/89 Duncan Murdoch [email protected] undoc fields in DOS data
2/89 Ralf Brown [email protected] VCPI API
3/89 Helmut Waelder [email protected] more DOS 4.0 calls
4/89 Robert Seals [email protected] ATI VGA Wonder modes
4/89 Ge van Geldorp [email protected] pcANYWHERE III API
4/89 Robin Walker [email protected] undoc DOS 4 data struc
4/89 Robin Walker [email protected] DOS 4.0 shell API
4/89 Ralf Brown [email protected] DCA/Intel CAS API
4/89 Ralf Brown [email protected] Intel Image Proc Interf
5/89 Robin Walker [email protected] multiplex int calls
6/89 Peter Sawatzki [email protected] Video7 extended INT 10
7/89 Wes Cowley [email protected] SHARE.EXE hooks
9/89 Robin Walker [email protected] more DOS 4 data struc
9/89 Stuart R. Kemp [email protected] Halo88
9/89 Urs Zurbuchen [email protected] Btrieve API
9/89 Dan Lanciani [email protected] Z100, Taxan video BIOS
9/89 Robin Walker [email protected] more DOS 4 data struc
10/89 Robin Walker [email protected] DOS 3.0 data struc
10/89 John DesRosiers via Marc Bertrand 1:167/1 Ontrack INT 13 extensions
11/89 Ge van Geldorp [email protected] master boot record
11/89 Barry Burke [email protected] Banyan VINES
11/89 Christian Franke [email protected] ATI EGA Wonder, WP5.0
1/90 Norman Walsh [email protected] Inset API
1/90 Andrew Schulman [email protected] Phar Lap 386/DOS extender
1/90 Dan Prather [email protected] IBM 3270 Workst Prog API
3/90 Roger Bowler [email protected] Fido 2:252/10 IBM 3270, Amstrad PC1512
3/90 Mike Baszczak SQL Base
4/90 Rick Wagner [email protected] PC Network RECEIVER.COM
4/90 Ralf Brown [email protected] more DOS 3.3 internals
5/90 Mike Weaver 1:264/610 DESQview XDI
6/90 Les Moskowitz 1:261/1008 APL*PLUS/PC
6/90 Ralf Brown [email protected] more DOS 4.0 internals
6/90 Robin Walker [email protected] BIOS data segment format
7/90 Andrew Schulman [email protected] MSWindows INT 2F/AH=16h
7/90 Ben Myers [email protected] Tseng ET4000, misc
7/90 Ralf Brown [email protected] DPMI 0.9 API
8/90 G. Adam Stanislav 1:129/39 AVATAR.SYS
8/90 Robin Walker [email protected] more DOS internals
8/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Quarterdeck INT 2F/AH=D2h
8/90 Michel Mathieu [email protected] Logitech INT 33
8/90 Cornel Kaufmann [email protected] Novell Netware shell 3.01
9/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] IBM/Yale & 3com INT 14
9/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] INT 6B, Starlan INT 2A/5B
9/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] DECnet INT 69/INT 6A
9/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Topware NOS, Win3 EGA.SYS
9/90 David Maxey [email protected] misc undoc DOS
9/90 Roger Bowler [email protected] Attachmate Extra API
9/90 Ben Myers [email protected] FRIEZE API
9/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] VDS, Sangoma, misc
9/90 Rob Luursema [email protected] EISA BIOS calls
10/90 Stephen Bean [email protected] more DECnet INT 69/INT 6A
10/90 Maxime Dallaire 1:167/163 Carbon Copy Plus 5.0 API
11/90 Dan Fandrich [email protected] SCSI calls
11/90 Ben Myers [email protected] Everex Viewpoint VGA
11/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] AppleTalk/IBM802.2 INT 5C
11/90 Mark Livingstone [email protected] TVGA video modes
11/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] LPTx, X00 calls
12/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Compaq BIOS, Ad Lib
12/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] PCSpool,Disk Spool II
12/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] OmniView, misc
12/90 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Cswitch, HIGHUMM.SYS,misc
1/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Back&Forth 1.62,DoubleDOS
1/91 Bernd Schemmer (Dortmund, Germany) MDEBUG API
1/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] more AppleTalk, misc
1/91 Michael A Shiels m[email protected] DPMI 1.0 func names
2/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] miscellaneous
3/91 Jan-Pascal van Best [email protected] NetWare IPX/SPX INT 7A
3/91 Jeroen Pluimers [email protected] TBSCANX
3/91 Ralf Brown [email protected] PC Tools API
4/91 David H. Bennett [email protected] ELRES API
4/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Interconnections Inc. TES
4/91 Manfred Young fyoung @ BIX DOS, LANstep, misc
4/91 Fridrik Skulason [email protected] virus installation checks
4/91 Joseph G. Souza 1:322/327 Alloy ANSK, NTNX, MW386
4/91 Frank Gladu Alloy ANSK, NTNX, MW386
4/91 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 Win3 DOSX, Soundblaster
4/91 Michael D Shride [email protected] UltraVision
4/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] DR MultiUser DOS 5.0
5/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Northnet Jetstream, misc
5/91 Duncan Murdoch [email protected] New Executable header
5/91 Andrew Schulman [email protected] SMARTDRV.SYS
5/91 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 RESPLAY
5/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] LAN Manager DOS,INT 24
6/91 Herwig Feichtinger (Petershausen, Germany) Shamrock EMAIL, NET.24
6/91 Robin Walker [email protected] DOS 5.0 internals
6/91 Todor Todorov 2:359/105 misc DOS-related
6/91 Ross Wentworth 1:102/330.2 Turbo Pascal popup lib
6/91 Everett Kaser everett%[email protected] HP 95LX
7/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Digiboard DigiCHANNEL
7/91 Rickard Faith [email protected] Stacker
7/91 Wolfgang Lierz [email protected] Norton Utilities 5.0
8/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] NPC NCSI, KBUF, Telebit
9/91 Ralf Brown [email protected] QEMM API
9/91 Holger Veit [email protected] Optima 1024 VGA zoom
9/91 Gary E. Miller [email protected] Rabbit LLAPI
10/91 Michael A Shiels [email protected] FTP Packet Driver 1.10
10/91 Marcus Groeber 2:241/5609.1 DR DOS
11/91 Fridrik Skulason [email protected] more virus install checks
11/91 Christopher J Ambler [email protected] FSBBS 2.0
12/91 Robin Walker [email protected] new PS/2 keyboard funcs
1/92 Krzysztof Halasa [email protected] EMM386 executable header
1/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] pcAnywhere IV/LAN, misc
1/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] ISOLAN Multi-Protoc Sftwr
1/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] PCW Weather Card, FaxBIOS
1/92 Jan-Pieter Cornet [email protected] DR-DOS CDS & misc
1/92 Frank Vorstenbosch [email protected] Kingswood TSR API
1/92 Jacob Rieper [email protected] DR-DOS 6.0 TaskMAX
1/92 Fridrik Skulason [email protected] more viruses, std names
1/92 Tim Farley [email protected] Microsoft EMM386.EXE
1/92 Alexi Lookin [email protected] NetWare TBMI 2.0
1/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] more QEMM API
1/92 Tim Farley [email protected] more PS/x model IDs
1/92 Kevin Gillett 1:153/101 SOLLEX SuperVGA extnsions
1/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] B.Antoine ST-01 SCSI.SYS
1/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] ASPI,ASPITAPE,Canon SI3
1/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Win3 INT 2F/40, misc
2/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] miscellany
2/92 Dan Bodoh [email protected] DVSIXDI
2/92 Gary E. Miller [email protected] more Btrieve API
2/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] TKERNEL private API
2/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] PC Paint Plus 2.0
2/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 Windows3 VTD.386, misc
3/92 Frank Vorstenbosch [email protected] more Kingswood API
3/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] MBBIOS
3/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] DPMILOAD API
3/92 Joseph Gil [email protected] HP 95LX
3/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] 386MAX 6.0 API
3/92 Fyodor Evseev [email protected] AutoCAD Digitizer ADI
3/92 Tim Farley [email protected] Advanced Power Management
4/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 PGS1600.DEV
4/92 Andrew Rossmann [email protected] SMARTDRV v4.00, QEMM
4/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 METZTSR.COM
4/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 Vanderaart txtwin,DR MDOS
4/92 Dan Bodoh [email protected] DESQview/X .DVP file
5/92 William Peavy [email protected] Borland FP shortcuts
5/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] FGDRIVER v1.10
5/92 Tim Farley [email protected] Vedit VSWAP, NG.EXE
6/92 Dan Fandrich [email protected] BitFax scheduler
6/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 more New EXE, AD-DOS.COM
6/92 Tim Farley [email protected] LANtastic v4.1
6/92 Francis Turner [email protected] AX (Japanese AT) calls
6/92 John Fa'atuai [email protected] DR Multiuser DOS
6/92 Andy Hakim [email protected] Smooth Mouse Driver
7/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] License Server API,misc
7/92 Tim Farley [email protected] Novell Netware shell
7/92 Carlos M. de Sousa Antunes [email protected] MS Mouse driver
7/92 Ralf Brown [email protected] DESQview/X socket API
8/92 Jacob Rieper [email protected] SETDRVER, more DR-DOS
8/92 Richard A Plinston Auckland, New Zealand Europ.DOS4.0,DR DOS Plus
8/92 Richard A Plinston Auckland, New Zealand Acorn BBC Master 512
8/92 Serge Pachkovsky [email protected] PC-MOS/386 v3.0
8/92 Aki Korhonen [email protected] Seagate disk BIOS
8/92 Chris Hall [email protected] misc
8/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] MTEZ XpressFax
8/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 Control Hostess i/ISA
8/92 Patrick Ibbetson [email protected] NEL Electronics BIOS
9/92 Patrick Ibbetson [email protected] SCREENR, Cirrus chipsets
9/92 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 FlashTek X-32VM
9/92 Ben Myers [email protected] more NCR 77C22 chip modes
9/92 Dan Fandrich [email protected] more Future Domain SCSI
9/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] PC/TCP syscall names
9/92 A. Peter Blicher Oakland, CA Genoa Super EGA
9/92 Tim Farley [email protected] misc
9/92 Riku Meskanen [email protected] ArtiCom
10/92 Jack Ridgway 1:3632/4.13 VMiX API
10/92 Tim Farley [email protected] misc
10/92 Alexi Lookin [email protected] more NetWare, VIDRAM
10/92 Harry Sumar [email protected] Linear Executable
10/92 Tim Farley [email protected] XGA
11/92 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Columbia Data Prod SDLP
12/92 Igor Sysoev [email protected] HIMEM.SYS v2.77
12/92 Aaron Emigh [email protected] After Dark API correctns
12/92 Tim Farley [email protected] SilverNET,DECnet,NetWare4
12/92 Bent Lynggaard [email protected] misc video
12/28 Kyle Rogers [email protected] DOS LAN Requester
12/92 Gary E. Miller [email protected] WD90C video chipset
1/93 Frank Klemm [email protected] Diamond Speedstar 24X
2/93 Geoff Chappell!geoffc var. undoc DOS behavior
2/93 Dr. David Bailey Salford, England DBOS API
2/93 Tim Farley [email protected] more Novell LSL API
3/93 Rainer Schuetze 2:2402/330 dLite API
3/93 Michael A Shiels [email protected] LAN Manager Enhanced DOS
3/93 A Padgett Peterson padgett%[email protected] ROM debugger
3/93 Ian Oliver [email protected] SCSILink API
3/93 Richard Talon [email protected] XVIEW hypertext viewer
3/93 Tamura Jones 2:512/36.7 IBMSND driver
3/93 Grant Echols [email protected] undoc Novell NetWare
3/93 George L. Fulk [email protected] OS/2 2.x VDMs, FAPI
3/93 Andrew Schulman [email protected] Novell DPMS
3/93 Dan Fandrich ubc-cs!merlin!fch!dan more Future Domain SCSI
3/93 Konstantin Kisurin [email protected] more 386MAX
4/93 Arne Schapers DR-DOS details
4/93 Geoff Chappell!geoffc DOS4 ExtAttrib support
4/93 Morten Welinder [email protected] miscellaneous
4/93 Tim Farley [email protected] PS/2 INT 15,INT 16
4/93 Xavier Caballe [email protected] TFPCX driver interface
4/93 Michael A Shiels [email protected] more OS/2 Family API
4/93 Chris Dunford [email protected] Cove Software programs
5/93 Dmitry Stefankov [email protected] more DOS 3 SDA fields
5/93 Stephan Wolf [email protected] SK-UPPS DLI API
5/93 Dmitry Stefankov [email protected] Soft-ICE v2.5x
5/93 Mikael Rydberg Sweden Cirrus/UM587/etc vidmodes
5/93 Michael A Shiels [email protected] more BAPI,Frieze,ANSIPLUS
5/93 Steve Bromwich [email protected] MediaVision MVSOUND.SYS
6/93 Roeland Jansen 2:512/153.1 more PC-MOS/386 API
6/93 Ralf Brown [email protected] FAST! v5 API
6/93 Ralf Brown [email protected] CEMM v5.10,v5.11
6/93 Jens Vollmar Erlangen, Germany Trident/C&T video, misc
6/93 Victor Forsyuk [email protected] MX5 Extended FOSSIL
6/93 Michael A Shiels [email protected] Blank-It, TSRCOMM
6/93 Michael A Shiels [email protected] VxD, Al William's WINX
6/93 Mark Aitchison [email protected] ScanBoot, partition types
6/93 Warner Young Net-Source, Santa Clara, CA SilverNET, misc DOS int.
7/93 Wim Osterholt 2:512/56 PORTS.LST
7/93 Aki Korhonen [email protected] Cirrus Logic BIOS
7/93 Alexi Lookin [email protected] Realtek RTVGA
7/93 Alexi Lookin [email protected] Phar Lap .EXP headers
7/93 Jean-Francois Larvoire [email protected] HP HIL Vectra BIOS
7/93 Ralf Brown [email protected] 386MAX v7.00/QEMM v7.01
7/93 Joe Souza Webcorp, Sausalito, CA WEB API
7/93 Michael Hung [email protected] PharLap 386/DOSX
8/93 John Howells [email protected] EMS,XMS,VCPI,DPMI bugs
8/93 Tim Farley [email protected] PCMCIA Socket Services
8/93 Dan Bodoh [email protected] DESQview internal data
9/93 Gary E. Miller [email protected] Diamond Stealth 24X
9/93 Frank Vorstenbosch [email protected] more Kingswood API, misc
9/93 Phil Rea [email protected] TopWare Network OS
9/93 Andreas Westfeld [email protected] Olivetti Quaderno
9/93 Alexi Lookin [email protected] Avance Logic, C&T video
9/93 Inbar Raz 2:401:100.1 Juko UNIQUE UX, misc
9/93 Gary E. Miller [email protected] Phar Lap 386|DOS-Ext.
10/93 Ralf Brown [email protected] Compaq ROMs
10/93 Paolo Borsalino [email protected] VSAFE
10/93 Marco Savegnago [email protected] MBBIOS updates, G8BPQ
11/93 Wim Osterholt 2:512/56 Cirrus Logic BIOS 3.02
11/93 Dmitry S. Kohmanyuk [email protected] CS_TSR specification
12/93 Alex Novgorodcev [email protected] AutoCAD Dev Interface
12/93 Christian Kaiser [email protected] Windows debugging kernel
12/93 Colin Buckley [email protected] UNCHAIN
12/93 Jeffrey L. Hayes [email protected] Tandy BIOS calls
12/93 Finn Thoegersen via [email protected] VESA XGA BIOS Extensions
1/94 David A. Mair [email protected] NASI INT 6B calls
1/94 Bill Hawkins [email protected] Adv. Par. Port DAISY.SYS
1/94 Inbar Raz 2:401:100.1 VGARAM,HelpTSR,Lightning
1/94 James E Beersman [email protected] HP and Compaq info
2/94 Peter van den Boogert [email protected] ZFAX v2.x, v3.01
2/94 Jesper Rene Frandsen [email protected] VESA XGA BIOS,misc video
2/94 Jesper Rene Frandsen [email protected] Husky Hunter 16 BIOS
2/94 Ciriaco Garcia de Celis [email protected] CiriSoft, 2M
2/94 Wolfgang Lierz [email protected] Norton Utils v7, misc
2/94 Menno Pieters [email protected] DimVGA
3/94 Markus Lomb [email protected] bitFOSS,bitFOSSI,WDTSR
3/94 taQ Okazaki [email protected] Windows Global EMM Import
3/94 Wolfgang Lierz [email protected] PCMCIA, Award PCDISK.EXE
3/94 Clinton Warren [email protected] Novell XQL
3/94 Reidar Gresseth [email protected] Explosiv API
4/94 Uwe Zimmermann [email protected] Adv.Power Management v1.1
4/94 Thomas Brugger [email protected] NetWare VLMs & more
5/94 Wolfgang Lierz [email protected] Toshiba laptops,misc
5/94 Jan Beulich [email protected] DPMS v1.0
5/94 Ralf Brown [email protected] Novell DOS 7 EMM386.EXE
5/94 Frank Kintrup [email protected] FK TSR Utils, misc OS/2
5/94 Christian Franke [email protected] redirector, Win3
5/94 Peter Claus Gutmann [email protected] SFS (Secure FileSystem)
5/94 Wilbert van Leijen [email protected] ODIHLP, misc
6/94 Wolfgang Spraul [email protected] Seagate ST01/ST02 BIOS
6/94 Wolfgang Spraul [email protected] SyQuest BIOS
7/94 !!! Compaq QVision
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7/94 Thomas Brugger [email protected] more misc NetWare
7/94 Mark T. Vitt [email protected] SDA/DTA interaction, misc
8/94 Jean F. Larvoire [email protected] HP Ext. BIOS, misc
8/94 Matthias Paul [email protected] K3PLUS API
8/94 George A. Reznik [email protected] LZSAPI (Stacker 4)
8/94 Kristofer Sweger [email protected] ANSIPLUS
9/94 Wolfgang Lierz [email protected] miscellaneous
9/94 Mojmir Strhan [email protected] WPS and REBOOT VxDs
9/94 Alex V. Korsunov [email protected] CPU stepping codes
9/94 Tim Farley [email protected] "PS/1" harddisk/ATA info
9/94 Tim Farley [email protected] Intel SL Enh. APM BIOS
9/94 Mojmir Strhan [email protected] more VxDs IDs, misc
9/94 George L. Fulk [email protected] PSP fields, "DOSOpen2"
9/94 Emily Markowicz [email protected] many typo corrections
10/94 Masashi Fukuda [email protected] C&T PC/CHIP SuperState
10/94 M.w. Pieters [email protected] DimVGA 3.4, ObjectKernel
10/94 Delman Lee [email protected] Phoenix Enh. Disk Drive
10/94 Gary E. Miller [email protected] VESA VBE/Power Management

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Added 3/4/88. Some additional TopView INT 15 info gleaned from "glue" routines
by John Navas.

Quarterdeck's flyer on its overpriced API specs and tools provided sufficient
clues as to functionality to allow figuring out a large number of DESQview
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Additional Novell NetWare info from "Advanced NetWare 2.0 Reference".

Three miscellaneous calls from an info package by Dave Williams. I do wish
he'd given this list more credit than
"various text files downloaded from BBS systems - INTERRUP.ARC, BIOSDOS.ZOO,
considering that most of his interrupt listing is derived from this one (a
majority of that with only formatting changes), AND he's asking a $15 shareware
registration [newer versions do give better credit].

Compaq speed setting calls derived from the Compaq DeskPro 386 Technical
Reference Guide.

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60 Aberdeen Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.

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Communicating Applications Specification API derived from "DCA/Intel
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Additional video modes gleaned from configuration file for FRACTINT v8.0.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/26/89.

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by Dave Williams. Added 7/30/89.

Additional video modes gleaned from configuration file for VPIC v2.0. Added by
Ralf Brown, 9/2/89.

Btrieve API derived from the Btrieve Reference Manual, Rev. 2.0. Added 9/7/89.

The Hercules GraphX manual, edition 2.1. Aug 1986, was used to fill in gaps
in coverage. Info added 9/7/89.

Banyan VINES info summarized from _VINES_Programmer's_Interface_(DOS)_, June88
revision, provided by Barry Burke .
Added by Ralf Brown, 11/89.

ZIPKEY programmatic interface extracted from ZIPKEY documentation. Added by
Ralf Brown, 12/15/89.

File sharing behavior from July 1987 PC Tech Journal. Added by Ralf Brown,

Inset API derived from "Inset Extended Specification" 11/23/88 by Inset Systems
Added 1/4/90.

EMS4 hardware configuration info data format cribbed from
"MS-DOS Extensions Quick Reference" by Ray Duncan. Added 1/4/90.

PC-IPC API from PC-IPC documentation. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/5/90.

Imtec and Genoa 6400 video modes from VPIC v2.3 config files. Added by Ralf
Brown, 1/12/90.

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Technical Reference Manual", provided by Edwin Floyd <[email protected]>
Added by Ralf Brown, 1/90.

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IBM 3270 Workstation Program API derived from "IBM 3270 Workstation Program
Version 1.10, Programming Guide", dated December 1987. Added 2/90.

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Added by Ralf Brown, 3/25/90.

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_DOS_, by Christopher, Feigenbaum, and Saliga. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/29/90
and 3/31/90.

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Added by Ralf Brown, 5/27/90.

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1990 draft of the spec. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/7/90.

Additional Phar Lap 386/DOS-Extender calls extracted from _Extending_DOS_.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/8/90.

Even more video modes derived from VPIC 2.8 configuration files. Added by
Ralf Brown, 6/8/90.

DOS Protected Mode Interface version 0.9 API from the May 15,1990 version of
the specification. Intel Corp. order number 240763-001. Added by Ralf Brown,
July 13-14, 1990.

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Kit and the March 1990 issue of Computer Language. Added 7/17/90.

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Tseng Labs, Inc., Newtown, PA (215)968-0502. Added 7/25/90.

Additional Packet Driver API calls extracted from version 1.09 of the "PC/TCP
Packet Driver Specification" Sept 14, 1989, by FTP Software, Inc.,
26 Princess St, Wakefield, MA 01880-3004. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/29/90.

Additional Netware 3.01 shell calls from "Professional Development Series
Bullets" Volume 2, Number 5 (June 1990). Added 9/90.

Video FOSSIL INT 14 API extracted from Fidonet document FSC-0021 version 1.00
by Rick Moore, dated May 23, 1988. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/12/90.

Additional DESQview API info (mostly for v2.2+ calls) extracted from
_DESQview_API_Reference_, provided by Quarterdeck Office Systems,150 Pico Blvd,
Santa Monica, CA 90405. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/90.

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System Technical Reference Manual", file date 6/13/90. Added by Ralf Brown,

Additional DECnet DOS INT 69/INT 6A info derived from the "DECnet DOS
Programmer's Reference Manual" (AA-EB46C-TV). Added 10/13/90.

Carbon Copy Plus API derived from the Carbon Copy Plus user's manual. Added

CMC International SCSI driver TARGA.DEV API derived from its source code.
Added 11/2/90.

Everex Viewpoint VGA calls derived from Everex Viewpoint Owner's Manual and
Reference Guide, version 1.0. Added 11/3/90.

VESA SuperVGA BIOS 1.1 extensions extracted from VESA standard #VS900602.
Added by Ralf Brown, 12/9/90.

PCSpool API derived from PC Magazine, Vol 10 Number 1 (Jan 15,1991). Added

STARLITE calls derived from _General_Software_Project_STARLITE_Architecture_
_Specification_, Final Draft, October 1, 1990, provided by Stephen Jones
of General Software. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/5/91.

Communicating Applications Specification v1.2 information extracted from
"DCA/Intel Communicating Applications Specification Version 1.2" dated 9/27/90
(Intel part number 301812-004) and available from the Intel BBS at
(503)645-6275. Added by Ralf Brown, 2/23/91.

TBScanX v2.3 API extracted from the TBScanX documentation (Frans Veldman,
ESaSS B.V., P.O. Box 1380, 6501 BJ Nijmegen, The Netherlands). Added 3/12/91.

Novell IPX/SPX calls in part from an article by J. Vanderaart in the Dutch
_LAN-Magazine_, issue #1, titled "IPX, de kabel in de knel". Added 3/16/91.

Replacements for July 1987 info derived from
_80286_and_80287_Programmer's_Reference_Manual, Intel #210498-004
_IBM_ROM_BIOS_, Ray Duncan, "Programmer's Quick Reference Series"
_DOS_and_BIOS_Functions_Quick_Reference_, Que
_The_MS-DOS_Encyclopedia_, Microsoft Press
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Technical Reference Series
_PC_Tech_Journal, December 1984, April 1986, May 1986, and August 1988
_Programmer's_Journal_, v8 #1
_Byte_, v12 #12 (1987 Extra Edition)
Information added by Ralf Brown, 3/91.

John J. Seal's BIOS Window Extension v1.1 API extracted from the May 1986 Dr.
Dobb's Journal. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/23/91.

Some additional NetWare data structures and flag values from _NetWare_System_
_Interface_Technical_Overview_ by Novell. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/24/91.

Alloy ANSK, NTNX, and MW386 calls summarized from information provided by
Joseph G. Souza and Frank Gladu of Alloy Computer Products, Inc. "Alloy and
its employees are not to be held responsible for any errors which may be
contained in the information provided." Added by Ralf Brown, 4/91.

Windows 3.0 DOSX information from PC Magazine, Feb 26, 1991. Added 4/22/91.

MultiDOS Plus API summarized from the on-line manual provided by Nanosoft, Inc.
(available on the Nanosoft BBS at 508-650-9552). Added by Ralf Brown, 4/91.

Replacements for July 1987 networking INT 2A calls gleaned from
_Networking_Software_, ed. Colin B. Ungaro (McGraw Hill), p265.
Added by Ralf Brown, 5/8/91.

Common Access Method r2.3 calls and data structures extracted from "SCSI-2
Common Access Method, Transport and SCSI Interface Module, Rev 2.3", dated
February 25, 1991, by the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers
Association (CBEMA). Available from the SCSI BBS, (316)636-8700.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/7/91.

DOS Protected Mode Interface spec 1.0 calls extracted from _DOS_Protected_
_Mode_Interface_(DPMI)_Specification,_Version_1.0_, dated March 12, 1991,
Intel Corp. order number 240977-001. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/11/91.

CD-ROM device driver request headers extracted from "Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM
Extensions Hardware-Dependent Device Driver Specification" of 5 Aug 88.
Added by Ralf Brown, 7/25/91.

Some DOS 5.0 information extracted from _Microsoft_MSDOS_Programmer's_
_Reference_, ISBN 1-55615-329-5. Added 7/28/91.

DOS 5.0 task switcher interface and misc other info extracted from _Microsoft_
_Programmer's_Reference_, ISBN 1-55615-329-5. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/3/91.

Turbo Debugger hardware breakpoint interface extracted from the Borland C++ 2.0
file MANUAL.TNT. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/4/91.

Various and sundry references from Michael Shiels:
Fundamentals of FOSSIL Implementation and Use, Draft Version 4
August 10, 1987; Vincent E. Perriello, VEP Software
Fundamentals of FOSSIL Implementation and Use, Version 5
February 11, 1988; Rick More, Solar Wind Computing
eXtended Memory Specification (XMS), version 2.0
July 19, 1988; Microsoft Corporation
Virtual DMA Services (VDS), Version 1.00
Printed July 16, 1990; Microsoft Corporation
Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification (Enhanced EMS), version 2.0
(020022-001 A), July 1986; AST Research, Quadram Inc., Ashton-

Additional video modes extracted from the VPIC v4.6 configuration files.
Added by Ralf Brown, 9/14/91.

Japanese functions extracted from the January 1992 issue of _Windows/DOS_
"Japanese Double Byte Character Processing", John G. Nelson, p23.
"Uncovering the NEC-9801 PC", John G. Nelson, p35.
Added by Ralf Brown, 1/2/92.

Additional SMARTDRV info gleaned from "Programmer's Workbench", Dr. Dobb's
Journal, January 1992. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/4/92.

Miscellaneous tidbits found in Andrew Rossman's ([email protected])
INFOPLUS v1.50 of January 1, 1992. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/4/92.

Da Vinci eMail Dispatcher interface calls were extracted from the
_Da_Vinci_Systems_Dispatcher_Development_Toolkit_ (Revision 2), dated
20 June 1990. Added 1/7/92.

FaxBIOS calls and structures gleaned from the FaxBios sample source code
including struct/enum .h files (dated 1 October 1991). Added 1/8/92.

TaskMAX calls extracted from Digital Research Inc.'s DR DOS 6.0 TaskMAX API
document. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/16/92.

SOLLEX SuperVGA calls extracted from _SOLLEX_Super_VGA_Standard_ (Smos
videO controLLer EXtensions), No. S03-SP-001-01, dated 9/23/91,
copyright Seiko Epson Corp. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/20/92.

RSIS information was found in "RSIS: Relocated Screen Interface Specification",
available for free from V Communications, Inc. (see below).

"Strategies for Writing State-of-the-Art TSRs that exploit MS-DOS", Douglas
Boling, Microsoft Systems Journal volume 7 number 1.

Advanced Power Management calls abstracted from _Advanced_Power_Management_
_The_Next_Generation_, Version 1.0, by Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corp.
Added by Ralf Brown, 3/31/92.

PGS1600.DEV info extracted from _PG1600_Display_Adapter,_Installation_and_
_Reference_ First Edition, November 1987, P/N 0010216-101A by CornerStone
Technology. Added 4/10/92.

Borland debug info header was found in Borland's _Open_Architecture_Handbook_.
Added by Ralf Brown, 4/14/92.

Several DR Multiuser DOS (Concurrent CP/M) calls found in "Multiuser DOS for
Control Systems: Part I" by Richard Kryszak, Dr. Dobbs Journal, April 1992.
Added 4/18/92.

Vanderaart text-windows API found in J. Vanderaart,"The Golden Btriever", LAN
Magazine, July 1990, p. 85. Added 4/18/92.

SuperVGA v1.2 info from _Super_VGA_BIOS_Extension_, standard #VS911022,
October 22, 1991. Added 5/6/92.

Additional partition types from a public domain list by Sean Goggin
. Added 5/22/92.

XMS 3.0 calls were found in XMS30.TXT on the CompuServer MSLANG forum.

Vanderaart PC Thuis Shell calls extracted from the premiere (June/July 1990)
issue of PC Thuis Power magazine, column "Voorheen Methode Vanderaart" by
John Vanderaart. Added 7/24/92.

Additional video modes extracted from the VPIC v5.0 configuration files.
Added by Ralf Brown, 8/7/92.

Details on the NetWare API found in Novell's _NetWare_System_Calls--DOS_,
Volume I and Volume II (item numbers 100-000571-002 and 100-000572-002,
1989). Added by Ralf Brown, 9/92.

SNAP.EXE v3.2 API culled from the SNAP source code. Added by Ralf Brown,

FlashTek X-32VM calls extracted from the X-32VM manual of April 1, 1992.

Comtrol Hostess i/ISA interrupt usage from the
COMTROL HOSTESS i/ISA Programmer's Reference, First Edition, December 1991
COMTROL Corporation product number 6978-12/96/91.

Disk Spool II v4.0x documented API extracted from file SP2INTFC.DOC, included
with the Disk Spool II v4.05.04 distribution. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/22/93.

Novell Link Support Layer API extracted from Novell's _ODI_Developer's_Guide_
_for_DOS_Protocol_Stacks_, Rev 1.1 3/18/92. Available for anonymous FTP from Added by Ralf Brown, 2/93.

VADMAD device info from Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q83012, "Using Auto-
Initialize DMA under Windows" (4/17/92). Added 2/24/93.

Windows 3.0 Virtual DMA Spec bugs extracted from Microsoft KnowledgeBase
article Q77998, "Errors in the VDS API in Enhanced Mode Windows" (11/8/91).
Added 2/24/93.

IBMSND driver API info from "Examining PC Audio, welcome to the wild and wooly
world of PC Sound", John W. Ratcliff, DDJ #198 (March 1993), p. 78-85.
Added 3/93.

UM587 chipset video modes from "IBM VGA-Compatible Video Graphics Controller
User's Manual". Added by Ralf Brown, 5/22/93.

Cirrus Logic CL-GD 5420/5422/5426 video modes extracted from "V542X (Super VGA)
User Manual". Added by Ralf Brown, 5/22/93.

Additional Tseng ET-3000 info extracted from "Puretek VGA Ultra Advanced
Graphics Board Operations Guide". Added by Ralf Brown, 5/22/93.

Additional virus calls extracted from the Computer Virus Catalog maintained
by Prof. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein at
the University of Hamburg. Added by Ralf Brown, 5/25/93.

Software Carousel API extracted from a technical note dated 1/20/88. Added

by Teddy Matsumoto, 11/22/91. Added 6/4/93.

xDISK v3.32+ installation check extracted from the xDISK v3.40 documentation.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/4/93.

NetWare Access Server Driver API extracted from "NetWare Access Server
Driver Specification", Version 1.0 (November 17, 1992), Novell part number
107-000018-002. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/12/93.

Chips&Technologies VGA BIOS INT 10/5Fxx extracted from Programmer's Guide to
EGA and VGA Programming, 2nd edtion. Added 6/24/93.

Cloaking API based on CLOAKAPI.INC and RMFUNCS.DOC on Netroom Supplemental
Disk. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/24/93.

Cirrus Logic BIOS info from the Cirrus Logic CL-GD542X Technical Reference
Manual, dated April 1993. Added 7/13/93.

Some QEMM internal functions documented in Quarterdeck files QDMEM.DOC and
QPI.DOC, dated 6/15/93. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/18/93.

10NET v5.0 calls and data structures extracted from "10NET 5.0 Implementation
Spec", chapter 5. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/24/93.

Phar Lap 386|DOS-Extender v4.0/4.1 info extracted from 386DOSX.DOC. Added

Novell NetWare 3270 API (INT 6F) extracted from Novell SNA Note 3-133,
"API/HLLAPI INFORMATION", dated March 7, 1991. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/28/93.

PCMCIA Socket Services from _PCMCIA_Socket_Services_Interface_Specification_,
Revision A.00, dated June 20, 1991. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/30/93.

MEMORY.LST updates from "IBM Local Area Network Technical Reference"
SC30-3383-03, December 1990 (page D-31), and "IBM PS/2 and PC BIOS Interface
Technical Reference" (September 1991 edition). Added 9/24/93.

Connection Manager API extracted from _The_Connection_Manager_User's_Guide_,
Third Edition, February 1993. Added by Ralf Brown, 10/18/93.

NetWare multiplexor (INT 21/AH=F2h) calls from November 1993 _Dr._Dobb's_
_Journal_ "Undocumented Corner" (Pawel Szczerbina, "The NetWare Core Protocol
(NCP)") and Novell's SC3X04.EXE (available from NOVLIB and
Added by Ralf Brown, 10/26/93.

Additional Microsoft Mouse driver details from Microsoft Knowledge Base
articles, available for anonymous FTP from Added by
Ralf Brown, 10/26/93.

HLLAPI return codes extracted from Microsoft's _Windows_HLLAPI_Specification_,
version 1.0 (10/6/92). Added by Ralf Brown, 10/31/93.

Chicago VxD identifiers from "Undocumented Corner", _Dr._Dobb's_Journal_
December 1993. Added by Ralf Brown, 11/19/93.

SBSIM (SoundBlaster Simplified Interface Module) API extracted from file
SBSIMDMO.C, distributed along with the other files for _SoundBlaster:_The_
_Official_Book_. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/22/94.

Windows debugging kernel calls from _Undocumented_Windows_ and _Windows_
_Internals_. Added 1/22/94.

YEA_GUS.EXE and EURO_MOD.EXE APIs from the SPHINX C-- v0.189 example files
GUS.H-- and GUSMOD.H--. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/31/94.

ZFAX v3 API from the ZFAX v3.01 manual, Appendix D. Added 2/3/94.

Husky Hunter 16 BIOS from the _Husky_Hunter_16_User_Guide_, 2nd edition (Sept
1991). Added 2/4/94.

Additional ASPI information from Brian Sawert's ASCILOOK utility, published
in the March 1994 Dr. Dobb's Journal. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/26/94.

Novell XQL INT 7Bh from XQL C interface source of 7/89. Added by Ralf Brown,

Various PS/1 and DOS/V calls were found in Frank van Gilluwe's book
_The_Undocumented_PC_, Addison-Wesley 1994. ISBN 0-201-62277-7. Added by
Ralf Brown, 4/16/94.

Various ports and miscellaneous data structure were found in Frank van
Gilluwe's book _The_Undocumented_PC_, Addison-Wesley 1994. ISBN 0-201-62277-7.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/5/94.

Compaq QVision info from the _COMPAQ_QVision_Graphics_System_Technical_
_Reference_Guide_, second edition (October 1993). Compaq part number
073A/0693. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/31/94.

Cloaking v1.01 info from the Cloaking(tm) Developer's Toolkit, first edition
(October 1993), provided by Helix Software. Helix part number N04,1093.
Added by Ralf Brown, 8/94.

K3PLUS API from the K3API.DOC file v2.04 for K3PLUS. Added by Ralf Brown,

QEMM port-trapping API extracted from the QEMM v7.5 manual. Added by
Ralf Brown, 10/22/94.

IBM 8514/A and XGA Adapter Interface calls extracted from Richard F. Ferraro's
_Programmer's_Guide_to_the_EGA,_VGA,_and_Super_VGA_Cards_, third edition.
Added by Ralf Brown, 10/94.

Enhanced Disk Drive Specification calls and tables from Phoenix Technologies'
_Enhanced_Disk_Drive_Specification_,_Version_1.0_, dated January 25, 1994.
Added 10/94.

VSWITCHD VxD API from "Q&A MSDOS" column by Jeff Prosise in the September 1994
_Microsoft_System_Journal_. SHELL VxD API from "Windows Questions and
Answers", _Windows/DOS_Developer's_Journal_, August 1994. POSTMSG VxD API
from "Q&A MSDOS", _Microsoft_Systems_Journal_, November 1994. Added 11/5/94.
The following have provided API reference and other materials at no charge:

Alloy Computer Products, Inc. (ANSK, NTNX, MW386)
1 Brigham Street
Marlborough, MA 01752
Voice: (508) 481-8500
(800) 544-7551
FAX: (508) 481-7711

Banyan Systems, Inc. (Banyan VINES)
115 Flanders Road
Westboro, MA 01581
Voice: (508) 898-1000
FAX: (508) 898-3604

Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd (BW-TCP)
P.O. Box 8130 [6/93]
Dundas, ON L9H 5E7
Voice: (416) 765-0822
FAX: (416) 765-0815

bit-design GmbH (bitFOSS, bitFOSSI, WDTSR)
Bayerwaldstr. 5 [4/94]
D-81737 Muenchen
Voice: +49-89-670050-0
FAX: +49-89-670050-90
BBS: +49-89-670050-91

Compact Soft Group (CS_TSR specification)
SU-252186 Kiev Ukraine [11/93]
Martirosyana st. 15, apt 4
Email: [email protected]

General Software (STARLITE architecture [Embedded DOS])
P.O. Box 2571
Redmond, WA 98073

Helix Software Company, Inc. (Netroom, RM386, Cloaking)
47-09 30th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
Voice: (718) 392-3100
FAX: (718) 392-4212
BBS: (718) 392-4054

Intel Literature (DOS Protected-Mode Interface)
3065 Bowers Avenue
Box 58065
Santa Clara, CA 95051-8065
Voice: (800) 548-4725

International Computers (ImageCapture)
12021 West Bluemound Road
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Voice: (414) 764-9000

Microsoft Corporation (CD-ROM Extensions)
16011 NE 36th Way
Box 97017
Redmond, WA 98073-9717
Voice: (206) 882-8080
FAX: (206) 883-8101

Net-Source, Inc. (SilverNET)
1265 El Camino Real, Suite 101 [7/93]
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Voice: (408) 246-6679
FAX: (408) 246-7040

Nanosoft, Inc. (MultiDOS Plus, TurboNET)
13 Westfield Road
Natick, MA 01760
Voice: (800) 678-2141
(508) 651-0091
FAX: (508) 655-8860
BBS: (508) 650-9552

NetManage, Inc. (ChameleonNFS)
20823 Stevens Creek Blvd [6/93]
Suite 100
Cupertino, CA 95014
Voice: (408) 973-7171
FAX: (408) 257-6405

Novell, Inc. (NetWare, LSL)
122 East 1700 South
Provo, UT 84601
Voice: (800) 453-1267
(801) 379-5900

Phar Lap Software, Inc. (Virtual Control Program Interface)
60 Aberdeen Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Voice: (617) 661-1510

Phoenix Technologies, Ltd. (PCMCIA Socket Services)
40 Airport Parkway [6/91]
San Jose, CA 95110-1008
Voice: (408) 452-6500
FAX: (408) 452-1985

Quarterdeck Office Systems (DESQview 2.26)
150 Pico Boulevard [12/92]
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Voice: (213) 392-9701
FAX: (213) 399-3802
BBS: (213) 314-3227

Bernd Schemmer (MDEBUG)
Ostenbergstr. 99/137
W4600 Dortmund 50

Softwarehouse Corporation (Connection Manager)
326 State Street [10/93]
Los Altos, CA 94022
Voice: (415) 949-0203
FAX: (415) 949-0208
BBS: (415) 949-0207

Tiara Computer Systems, Inc. (10NET)
1091 Shoreline Blvd [7/93]
Mountain View, CA 94043

V Communications, Inc. (RSIS)
4320 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 275 [2/92]
San Jose, CA 95129
Voice: (408) 296-4224

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA SuperVGA BIOS extensions)
1330 South Bascom Avenue, Suite D
San Jose, CA 95128-4502
Voice: (408) 971-7525
FAX: (408) 286-8988
(2150 North First Street, Suite 440, San Jose, CA 95131-2029; phone
408-435-0333, FAX 408-435-8225)

Webcorp (WEB)
2750 Bridgeway [7/93]
Sausalito, CA 94965
Voice: (415) 331-1449
FAX: (415) 331-0911

Willies' Computer Software Company (COMM-DRV)
2470 S. Dairy Ashford, Suite 188 [5/94]
Houston, TX 77077
Voice: (800) 966-4832
(713) 498-4832
Other addresses:

J.M. Allen Creations (PRINDIR)
115 Lynn Street [8/92]
Fremont, OH 43420

A.N.D. Technologies (PSPS)
P.O. Box 64811 [5/93]
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Voice: (213) 848-9345
CIS: 71011,3570

Artisoft Inc. (LANtastic)
575 East River Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85704
Voice: (602) 293-6363

Attachmate Corporation (Extra!)
3617 131st Ave. SE
Bellevue, WA 98006-9930
Voice: (800) 426-6283
FAX: (206) 747-9924

G.T. Becker (RighTime)
Air System Technologies, Inc. [4/91]
14232 Marsh Lane, Suite 339
Dallas, TX 75234

Better Software Technology, Inc. (Switch-It)
55 New York Ave [1990]
Framingham, MA 01701
Voice: (508) 879-0744
FAX: (508) 872-1734

Biologic (HRAM, MIN-MEM)
PO Box 1267 [9/91]
Manassas, VA 22110

BLOC Publishing Corp. (FAST!)
800 S.W. 37th Avenue [6/93]
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Rich Bono (ISR.COM)
7 Redfield Circle [2/91]
Derry, New Hampshire, 03038
[email protected]
[email protected]

Borland International Inc. (Turbo Pascal, Turbo C)
1800 Green Hills Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Voice: (408) 438-8400

Bromfield Software Products (SCROLLit)
P.O. Box 70081 [5/93]
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2M3
CIS: 71054,3051

Andrzej Brzezinski (CALCULATOR)
308-70 Garry St. [12/90]
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3J9

Budget Software Company (Disk Spool II)
P. O. Box 12282 [12/91]
12162 E. Mississippi Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012-3499
Voice: (303) 695-9095

Cirrus Logic (video adapters)
3100 West Warren Ave
Fremont, CA 94538

Commercial Software Associates (VMiX)
Post Office Box 36
Corona del Mar, CA 92625
Voice: (714) 720-1214 (8-6pm PDT)
BBS: (714) 720-1139 (24 Hrs.)

Compaq Computer Corporation
20555 S.H. 249
Houston, TX 77070

Kill‚ House
Chinnor Road
Oxon, OX9-3NU

Suite 133 [3/90]
260 South Lake Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

Dell Computers

Digital Research, Inc. (GEM, DR DOS, Concurrent DOS)
(see Novell, Inc.)

Distributed Information Processing, Ltd.
Number 2 Frederick Sanger Road
Surrey Research Park
Guildford, Surrey GU2 5XN
Voice: +44 483 301 555
FAX: +44 483 301 434

[DPMI Committee]
Albert Teng, DPMI Committee Secretary
Mailstop NW1-18
2801 Northwestern Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95051
FAX: (408) 765-5165

Dynamic Microprocessor Associates (pcANYWHERE)
1776 E. Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY 11743
Voice: (516)-462-0440

EasyNet Systems Inc. (EasyNet ShareLan)
4283 Village Centre Court [4/88]
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1S2
Voice: (416) 273-6410

Eicon Technology Corporation
2196 32nd Avenue
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H8T 3H7
Voice: (514) 631-2592

Ergo Computing (OS/286, OS/386)
1 Intercontinental Way
Peabody, MA 01960
Voice: (508) 535-7510
FAX: (508) 535-7512

Thunderbyte PC Immunizer Division
P.O. Box 1380
6501 BJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Voice: +31-80-787 881
FAX: +31-80-789 186
BBS: +31-85-212 395

Express Consulting (EZRECV)
4960 Hamilton Ave. Suite 211 [7/92]
San Jose, CA 95130
Voice: (408) 374-7992
FAX: (408) 374-3115

FAB Software (Newkey)
P.O. Box 336 [10/90]
Wayland, MA 01778

Peter Fitzsimmons (SWELL)
P.O. Box 670 [as of 7/89]
Adelaide St. Postal Station
Toronto, Canada M5C 2J8

FlashTek, Inc. (X-32VM)
804 Airport Way, Suite D [9/92]
Sandpoint, ID 83864
Voice: (208) 263-7311
FAX: (208) 263-8772
UUCP: [email protected]

Geoff Friesen (IC)
Box 94 [10/92]
Dauphin, Manitoba
Canada R7N 2T9

Frontier Technologies Corp. (Super-TCP)
10201 N. Port Washington Road [8/93]
Mequon, WI 53092
Voice: (414) 241-4555
FAX: (414) 241-7084

FTP Software, Inc. (PC/TCP)
Voice: (800) 282-4387

Future Domain Corporation (SCSI controllers)
2801 McGaw Ave.
Irvine, CA 92714
Voice: (714) 253-0440
FAX: (714) 253-0429

Gamma Software (APCAL)
P.O. Box 8191 [2/93]
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Voice: (800) 747-9960
(303) 490-2928

H&G Software (Explosiv)
P.O. Box #3013 [3/94]
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V6B 3X5

Husky Computer Limited (Husky Hunter 16 BIOS)
Eden Road [9/91]
Walsgrave Triangle Business Park
Coventry CV2 2TB
Voice: +44 203 604040
FAX: +44 203 603060

Information Modes ($25 Network)
P.O. Drawer F
Denton, TX 76202
Voice: (817) 387-3339

Innovative Data Concepts, Inc. (SWAP?? utilities, TesSeRact library)
122 North York Road
Suite 5
Hatboro, PA 19040
Voice: (215) 443-9705
Orders: (800) 926-4551
FAX: (215) 443-9753

Inset Systems (Inset)
71 Commerce Drive [may be outdated]
Brookfield, CT 06804

Eric Isaacson Software (ZIPKEY)
416 East University Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47401-4739
Voice: (812) 339-1811

Isogon Corporation (NewSpace)
330 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Voice: (212) 967-2424

Jorj Software Co. (JORJ)
4354 Fletcher Rd. [5/91]
Manchester MI 48158

JP Software (4DOS)
P.O. Box 1470
E. Arlington, MA 02174
Voice: (617) 646-3975

Robert Juhasz (XFS)
Auf der Suehle 14 [4/94]
33102 Paderborn
FAX: +49 5251 55764
Email: [email protected]
CIS: 100045,2433

KANSYS, Inc. (AutoBraille)
1016 Ohio [12/91]
Lawrence, KS 66044
Voice: (800) 279-4880
(913) 843-0351

Key Software Products (The Last Byte)
440 Ninth Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Voice: (415) 364-9847 [8am-6pm PST]
BBS: (415) 364-9847 [7pm-8am PST]

Lanera Corporation (TCPOpen)
516 Valley Way [8/93]
Milpitas, CA 95035
Voice: (408) 956-8344
FAX: (408) 956-8343

Lassen Software, Inc. (Trusted Access)
5923 Clark Rd, Suite F [4/93]
P.O. Box 2319
Paradise, CA 95967-2319
Voice: (305) 445-6304

Microsystems Software, Inc. (MAGic)
600 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701
Voice: (508) 626-8511
FAX: (508) 626-8515
BBS: (508) 875-8009

MicroTalk (ASAP)
337 S. Peterson
Louisville, KY 40206
Voice: (502) 897-2705
BBS: (502) 893-2269

Celso Minnitti, Jr. (INTMON)
139 Linden St
Wellesley, MA 02181

John Newlin
New-Ware (SCOUT)
8050 Camino Kiosco
San Diego, CA 92122

Alexandr Novy & Petr Horak (REDVIEW)
Technical University of Prague [2/92]
Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering
Pargue, Czechoslovakia
BITNET: [email protected]

Nu-Mega Technologies, Inc. (Soft-ICE)
P.O. Box 7780 [8/92]
Nashua, NH 03060-7780
Voice: (603) 889-2386
FAX: (603) 889-1135

Offe Enterprises (VUIMAGE)
1163 E. Ogden Ave. #705-131
Naperville, IL 60563
Voice: (708) 357-6679

Ontrack Computer Systems (Disk Manager, SWBIOS, Drive Rocket)
6321 Bury Drive [10/93]
Minneapolis, MN 55346
Voice: (800) 752-1333
(612( 937-1107

P2 Enterprises (Phantom of the Keyboard)
P.O. Box 25 [5/91]
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

PC-Kwik Corporation (Super PC-Kwik, PowerPak, PCKSPL, PCKSCRN,...)
15100 SW Koll Parkway [6/93]
Beaverton, OR 97006-6026
Voice: (503) 644-5644
FAX: (503) 646-8267

PC Thuis BV (PC Thuis Power magazine)
Spaarne 55
The Netherlands
Voice: 023 - 366814

Personics Corporation (UltraVision)
63 Great Road
Maynard, MA 01754

P.R. Glassel and Associates, Inc. (QUICKCACHE II)
30255 Fir Trail [1/90]
Stacy, MN 55079
Voice: (619) 462-1337

Progressive Solutions (Back&Forth)
Sandi and Shane Stump
Box 276125
San Antonio, TX 78227
Voice: (800) 833 4400
(512) 670 0882
BBS: (512) 670 1809

RSE, Inc. (Nabbit)
1157 57th Drive SE [1/93]
Auburn, WA 98002
Voice: (206) 939-4105
FAX: (206) 989-4105

SeaSide Software (FastJuice)
312 W. 6th Street, Suite 108 [1990]
Corona, CA 91720

Shamrock Software (EMAIL, NET.24)
Muenchner Strasse 26a
W-8067 Petershausen
BBS: +49 89-307 2079

SitBack Technologies, Inc. (SitBack)
9290 Bond, Suite 210 [8/90]
Overland Park, KS 66214
Voice: (913) 894-0808

Softlogic Solutions, Inc. (DoubleDOS,Cubit,Software Carousel)
One Perimeter Road
Manchester, NH 03103

Software Concepts Design (FLU_SHOT)
594 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10016
BBS: (212) 889-6438

The Software Link, Inc. (PC-MOS/386)
5575B Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, suite 205 [7/93]
Atlanta, GA 30338
Voice: (404) 512-0705
BBS: (404) 512-0643
FAX: (404) 512-7005

Spirit of Performance, Inc. (ASPIHOOK)
Harvard, MA

STSC, Inc. (APL*Plus/PC)
2115 E. Jefferson St. [3/93]
Rockville, MD 20852-9950
Voice: (301) 984-5123 (MD)
(800) 592-0050 Ext 900
(301) 984-5412 (international)
FAX: (301) 984-5094
Telex: 898-085 (may be outdated)

TapirSoft (TEXTCAP 2.0)
Gisbert W. Selke [12/91]
Ermekeilstr. 28
W-5300 Bonn 1

Ted Gruber Software (FGDRIVER)
P.O. Box 13408
Las Vegas, NV 89112
Voice: (702) 735-1980
BBS: (702) 796-7134
FAX: (702) 735-4603

George A. Theall (RECALL)
506 South 41st St., #3M
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Voice: (215) 662-0558

David G. Thomas (TAME)
c/o PowerSoft
P.O. Box 956338
Duluth, GA 30136

Tseng Labs
10 Pheasant Run
Newtown, PA 18940

Vertisoft Systems, Inc. (Double Disk,NOW!)
153 B Grace Drive
Easley, SC 29640

Vadim V. Vlasov (COMBI-disk)
Inst. for Nuclear Research of Russian Acad. Sci. [5/93]
60th October Anniversary prospect, 7a
117312 Moscow, Russia
Voice: 7-095-133-6533

Thomas Wagner (CTask)
Ferrari electronic GmbH
Beusselstrasse 27
1000 Berlin 21
Voice: +49 30-396 50 21
FAX: +49 30-396 80 20

Ross Neilson Wentworth (RAID)
Serendipity Software [as of 11/88]
1422 Elkgrove Circle, #3
Venice, CA 90291

ZSoft Corporation (FRIEZE)
450 Franklin Rd. Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30067
Voice: (404) 428-0008
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Banyan is a registered trademark of Banyan Systems, Inc.
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What they're saying about this list:
"A cornucopia of descriptions of interrupt and function calls on the
IBM PC. A great thing to have on your hard disk if you don't have
a Ray Duncan or Peter Norton book handy."
_Turbo_Technix_, July/August 1988, p. 157.
[and that was about the 1/30/88 version, which was only one-twentienth the size
of the current version....]

"An enormous listing of DOS and BIOS interrupt calls, many undocumented
and program-specific. Quite simply, some of Snooper's reports wouldn't
be there without it. Very useful in that it reports bugs and
incompatibilities books rarely mention. And it's free!"
John P. Vias, SNOOPER.DOC v1.07 (Snooper is a shareware system
information program).

"Ralf Brown maintains an astounding file which is chock-full of
detailed, absolutely-indispensable information for DOS programmers on
Hardware, BIOS, DOS, and other interrupts. .... You should not be
without this file, which is widely-known as "Ralf Brown's Interrupt
List". Ask about it. You will find it."
Robert Curtis Davis, TBONES07.DOC.

"It's the finest mess 'o Purina Geek Chow that I've seen in a coon's age."
--Ethan Dicks
If you know of any information not in the list, or which is stated incorrectly,
please let me know! This list would be a pale shadow of its current self if it
weren't for everybody's input.

Software developers are encouraged to check the list before assigning
interrupts, and to provide me with a list of interrupt calls used (to help
prevent future interrupt conflicts).

Ralf Brown

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