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Silence those loud drives.
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Silence those loud drives.
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There is an error, (calling programming errors "bugs" tends to suggest
they are cute little annoyances instead of programming blunders)
a blunder in 3.x which causes floppy drives to have a "grinding" sound
each time the drive is accessed. This problem does not exist in 2.x.

The grinding sound is caused by an incorrect step rate. The speed at
which the disk head is moved is incorrectly set on booting. The
solution is to reset the step rate for floppy drives which can be done
easily if you happen to know what to do. The correct step rate is
already part of DOS 3.x and through the use of the AX register and
Interrupt 13 the correction can be made. All that is needed is to set
the AX register to zero with the instruction "xor ax,ax" and then call
for "int 13." This tiny program needs to end with "int 20" to return
your system to DOS.

xxxx:0100 xor ax,ax
xxxx:0102 int 13
xxxx:0104 int 20

You can create this program with DEBUG or simply use the one that
accompanies this explanation. Insert this tiny COM file in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file and your floppies, when using 3.x, will purr
like a kitten.

C. J. Handlogen
9235 Whitehurst
Dallas, TX 75243

P. S. If you find any errors in this information, please refer to them
as "bugs." All other errors are "blunders." Thanks.

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