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A complete list of many popular HD's with information like; Number of heads, cylinders, size, etc.
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A complete list of many popular HD’s with information like; Number of heads, cylinders, size, etc.
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Contents of the HD_REF32.DOC file

VER. 3.2

I have tried to make this listing as accurate as possible, but I realize
that mistakes creep into any undertaking. I would appreciate hearing about
ANY mistakes that you find. Any questions, corrections, or suggestions about
this listing may be addressed to me via KADET PcBoard (315)245-3815, or
ALTERNATE ESCAPE PcBoard (315)336-1613, or on METROLINK network (ROBERT FALBO).

To view this reference, use LIST, or a similar program. To print the full
listing, use SIDEWAYS, or a similar program, and set the parameters to VERY
TINY (4x11 dot matrix) character size, BOLD (or double-strike), and 73 lines
per page. This will produce 15 pages of documentation.

A companion reference listing is also available for Drive Controllers.
Look for the file "CTLREF32.ZIP" on this BBS or the above BBSs. Your feed-
back on these listings would be appreciated and will go a long way in my
decision on future updates. Also, Sysops are encouraged to make these files
a FREE DOWNLOAD in the interest of Public Service to their subscribers.

Thank You,
Robert Falbo
3.x NOTES...

Version 3.0 features an increase in Companies listed (over V2.0), and a
change in information on many drives that were slim on specs. before. It also
introduces removable media products.

4.x ... Will add more drives & Companies, and include a phone directory.

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