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Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc
P.O. Box 105203
Atlanta, Georgia 30348
Telex 703500 HAYES USA
FAX: (404)449-0087
BBS: (800)US-HAYES (874-2937)
(404)HI-MODEM (446-6336)

Dear SysOp,

Thank you for inquiring about the Hayes SysOp Program! The Hayes SysOp
Program offers a very attractive full featured program for BBS System
Operators. The Program includes special SysOp pricing for qualified SysOps to
purchase hardware and software directly from Hayes at prices
significantly lower than retail pricing.

The ONLINE WITH HAYES BBS (1-800-US-HAYES) is your toll-free source
for Hayes Technical Support. This allows you full access to all the
Technical notes and bulletins within the Hayes File Library. Once
registered and we receive your order for any Hayes high speed modem, you
will be granted toll-free access to the SysOp's Forum. To preview the
SysOp's Forum you may call on the toll line at 404-HI-MODEM
(404-446-6336). The SysOp's Forum contains a variety of SIGs with files
and information on most of the popular BBS software packages. Hayes
maintains close contact with many BBS software authors and other
software developers within the BBS community to insure full-functionality
when used with their communications products.

The Hayes Sysop Program features the Hayes OPTIMA 288 V.FC + FAX
modem with data throughput capabilities to 230,400 bit/s (230.4 kbit/s)
using data compression. This external data + fax modem supports V.Fast
Class (V.FC) for 28,800 bit/s (28.8 kbit/s) data transmission; ITU-T
(formerly CCITT) V.42 bis data compression; ITU-T V.42 error-control;
and Group 3 fax using V.17 for 14,400 bit/s (14.4 kbit/s) fax
transmission. This product is fully compatible with the installed base
of V.32 bis (14.4 kbit/s), V.32 (9600 bit/s) and V.22 bis (2400 bit/s)
modems. In addition, the product will operate at 28,800 bit/s with
future Hayes products implementing the V.34 (V.Fast) standard once it is
approved. Hayes will make an upgrade to V.34 available. The special
Sysop program price on these units are $288 each.

Hayes also offers such products as our Hayes OPTIMA 144 + FAX 144,
Hayes ULTRA 144, Hayes Smartcom for Windows and Hayes ESP Communications
Accelerator at similar discounts under the Sysop Program.

This offer is valid thru Dec. 31, 1993.

Thank you for considering a Hayes modem for your BBS!


Feature ULTRA 144 V.FC + FAX + FAX 144
------- --------- ---------- -------------

V.Fast Class (V.FC) No Yes No
CCITT V.32bis Compliance Yes Yes Yes
CCITT V.32 Compliance Yes Yes Yes
Express 96 Yes No No
CCITT V.22bis/V.22 compliance
2400 and 1200 bps Yes Yes Yes
CCITT V.21/V.23 compliance/
300 and 75/1200 bps Yes No No
103 and 212A/300 and 1200 bps Yes Yes Yes
error control Yes Yes Yes
V-series LAPB error control Yes No No
CCITT V.42bis data compression Yes Yes Yes
Hayes Adaptive Data Compression Yes No No
MNP 5 data compression Yes Yes Yes
Dial Line Yes Yes Yes
2-wire Leased-Line Yes No No
PABX & Business Line Support Yes Yes Yes
MI/MIC Yes No No
Hayes Standard AT Command Set Yes Yes Yes
CCITT V.25bis Yes No No
CCITT X.32 (Dial X.25) & PAD Yes No No
AutoStream/4 Simultaneous Yes No No
Automatic Feature Negotiation Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Speed Buffering Yes Yes Yes
Flow Control Yes Yes Yes
Stored Configurations & Yes Yes Yes
Phone Numbers
V.54 Diagnostics & Self-Test Yes Yes Yes
Asynchronous Yes Yes Yes
Synchronous Yes Yes Yes
Hayes AutoSync Yes Yes Yes
Country-Specific Versions Yes Yes No
International Distribution Yes Yes No
Fax capability No Yes Yes
Estimated Retail Price $999 $579 $519
Sysop Price $249 $288 $179

Hayes, the Hayes logo and V-series are registered trademarks, and
Smartmodem is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
MNP is a registered trademark of Microcom, Inc.

Advantages of Hayes SysOp Program
Here are some of the things that make the Hayes SysOp Program the best
in the industry:

--Hayes offers same day shipment to registered Sysops on orders received
by 3:00PM EST (subject to product availability)

--Hayes will provide free pre-ship exchange for modems requiring service

--Hayes offers incentive programs for registered Hayes Sysops who wish
to let users order Hayes hardware and software via their BBS.
(Leave comment for Sysop on Online With Hayes for more information.)

--Hayes does not require (or even request) that SysOps maintain an
area or bulletin on their BBS for advertising or marketing by Hayes.

--Hayes does not require logon credit or even the identification of
modem type. (However, we think SysOps will be proud to display the
use of Hayes modems).

--Hayes does not require written consent for a SysOp to sell their
modem(s) if no longer providing a BBS or upgrading.

--Hayes accepts Visa and Mastercard as well as checks and money orders.

--Hayes SysOps receive full access to Online With Hayes, including SIGs
and their file libraries via toll free 800 number.

--Hayes has provisions for new BBSes for those who cannot meet the 6
month requirement.

--When purchasing a Hayes modem the Sysop receives full support and
service from the best Customer Support organization in the
communications industry.

Representations, Warranties, Undertakings and Acknowledgements of Buyer
Bulletin Board Operator/SYSOP Program

1. If the Buyer is a bulletin board operator, the Buyer represents and
warrants to Hayes that the Products purchased under the Order shall be used by
Buyer in connection with the operation of Buyer's bulletin board. The Buyer
will use the Products for no other purposes whatsoever, including, without
limitation, resale.

2. If the Buyer is a bulletin board operator, the Buyer represents and
warrants to Hayes that its bulletin board has been in continuous service for
the six (6) month period immediately prior to the Order Date set forth on the
Order; Buyer further represents and warrants to Hayes that it currently
receives a minimum of fifty (50) calls per week or two hundred (200) calls per
month from members of the bulletin board. Only fulltime systems running
24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be qualified. Hayes may make provisions
for new boards, but these are solely at the discretion of Hayes, leave a
message to the sysop on Online With Hayes for more information.**

3. The Buyer acknowledges that a maximum purchase of four (4) units of
Hayes Products are offered to Buyer on the first order. Additional units may be
available at the discretion of Hayes for use with verifiable multiline systems
over 4 nodes.

4. The Buyer agrees to complete the Bulletin Board Questionnaire and return
it and the Order to Hayes at the following address:

Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
Attn: Hayes SYSOP Coordinator
Post Office Box 105203
Atlanta, Georgia 30348
FAX: 404-449-0087

Buyer acknowledges that Seller is under no obligation to ship any of the
Products ordered until the Questionnaire has been received and qualified
by Hayes.

**For a new BBS (i.e. those that have not yet been operational for
at least 6 months) to be considered for qualification for the Sysop
program, the BBS must at least already be fully operational with it's
own dedicated phone line and be running a registered version of
qualified BBS software. Hayes may request proof of BBS software
registration as well as copies of phone bills or other documentation
as needed to substantiate proof of BBS's operation.

Approved Sysop Price List - Effective 11/01/93

Hayes Part # Hayes Product / Description MSRP Sysop Price
08-01372 Hayes OPTIMA 288 V.FC + FAX 579.00 288.00
08-00593 Hayes ISDN PC Adapter 1199.00 450.00
08-00509 Hayes ISDN System Adapter 1199.00 450.00
08-00713 Hayes ULTRA 144 (external) 999.00 249.00
08-01108 Hayes OPTIMA 144 + FAX 144 (external) 519.00 179.00
08-01181 Hayes OPTIMA 144B + FAX 144 (internal) 519.00 179.00
08-01197 Hayes OPTIMA 144 + FAX 144 for Macintosh 549.00 179.00
08-01342 Hayes ESP Communications Accelerator 99.00 69.00
CALL Hayes Millenium 8000 Call for Details

(Leave message for SysOp on Online With Hayes for pricing on any other
Hayes product)

(Send this section to Hayes)
Questionnaire Bulletin Board Operator/SYSOP Program
Return to:
Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
Attn: Sysop Support Coordinator
P.O. BOX 105203
Atlanta, Georgia 30348
FAX 404-449-0087

Bulletin Board Name__________________________________________________
SYSOP Name___________________________________________________________
BBS Address__________________________________________________________
City/State/Province/Zip (Postal Code)________________________________
Daytime Phone ( )__________________________________________________
Fax Phone ( )______________________________________________________
Bulletin Board Phone(s) ( )________________________________________
Would you like your BBS phone published in the Hayes BBS List?_______

Name of Group________________________________________________________
City/State/Province/Zip (Postal Code)________________________________
Officer or Contact_________________________ Phone ( )______________

General format of information provided by the Bulletin Board:
Hobby or Commercial?_________________________________________________
Which operating system does the BBS use?(DOS, Windows, Mac, LAN, etc)
What BBS software is in use?_________________________________________
How long has the BBS been in service?________________________________
How many lines are currently dedicated to the BBS?___________________
What modem(s) are you using now?_____________________________________
Are there any periods of time where BBS is down for routine
maintenance (netmail processing, etc)? If so, please list these
periods so we do not attempt to verify during those hours:
Average number of calls received per month:__________________________
Approximate number of users:_________________________________________

So that we may call into the system YOU MUST PROVIDE AN ESTABLISHED
LOGIN ID. Your order will not be processed unless you provide us
a pre-established LOGON. Please remember that even if you are
running an open system, we verify an enormous number of BBSs each day
and we are not able to spend time answering registration questions.
Enter LOGON ID: _____________________________________________________

(Send this section to Hayes)
Model Number Desired Quantity Subtotal




SUBTOTAL : ________

GA Customers add 5% sales tax/CA Customers add 8.25% sales tax:________

$10.00 PER ITEM FOR SHIPPING : __________ x $10 =________

*All orders shipped 2nd Day Air* Total Order: ___________

*** SPECIAL NOTE FOR CANADIAN SYSOPS: *** You will be responsible for paying
provincial sales tax (Ontario customers only) and GST as prescribed by law.

SOLD TO: (Please print or type)
Customer Name:_______________________________________________
Customer Address:____________________________________________
City/State/Province/Zip (Postal Code):___________________________________
Shipping address (if different):_________________________________________

Order Date:______________________________________________________________

Payment Terms:
Payment for the entire amount of the [ ] Check PLEASE CHECK
purchase must be included with this [ ] Money Order ONE BOX
order form. You may pay by check, [ ] MasterCard (U.S. only)
money order, MasterCard, or VISA. [ ] VISA

Credit Card #: _______________________________________
Expiration Date: _____________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________
(Must complete if paying by credit card)

Buyer Accepted on ________________, 19____

_____________________________________ Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc
(Type or Print)
By___________________________________ By _________________________________

Hayes reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, terminate or
modify the terms of this offer at any time without prior notification.
This offer is good in the United States and Canada only. Offer void
where prohibited by law. All offers subject to availability.

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