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Archive   : HACK9401.ZIP
Filename : FILE9401.SRC

Output of file : FILE9401.SRC contained in archive : HACK9401.ZIP

If you ever have any doubts about the authenticity of your copy of the
archive of The Hack Report, or if you just want to obtain a copy of the
file, you may obtain copies from the following sources.

The following keys are used in the REQ field for FidoNet BBSs:
FL - F'Reqs by Listed nodes only D1 - Downloads on first call
FP - F'Reqs by points/listed nodes DV - Verification required to d/l
FO - F'Reqs only - no BBS calls Blank - No known F'Req restrictions

* FidoNet BBSs *

BBS Name Address Phone Number Speeds/Protocols REQ
================== ========== ============== ================ =======
Construction Net 6 1:15/20 (505) 662-0659 HST 9600 DV
Sahara Club 1:102/825 (818) 893-1899 ZYX,V32b,V42b
Manila Bay BBS 1:114/149 (602) 930-7416 V42b
The Arsenal of
Freedom II 1:124/9006 (214) 271-5397 HST,V42b FP
(public node) (214) 271-5410 HST,V42b
Zack's Shack 1:151/173 (919) 851-3858 ZYX,V32b,V42b
ArcadiaVision 1:230/41 (219) 766-2378 V32b,V42b FL
Shadowdale 1:278/624 (718) 934-1843 HST,V32b,V42b FL
Solitude 1:300/23 (602) 747-5236 V32b,V42b
Far Point Station 1:382/77 (512) 259-4896 HST,V32b,V42b
FLOTOM Enterprises 1:382/91 (512) 282-3941 HST,V32b,V42b
The Backdoor TBBS 1:3628/11 (919) 799-0923 V32b,V42b D1
The Data Dump 1:140/12 (306) 956-3383 HST,V32b,V42b D1,FL
Informatique 1:167/131 (514) 276-4036 V32b,V42b
Montreal 1:167/132 (514) 276-4630 V32b,V42b
Misty Mountain BBS 1:241/7 (613) 687-2497 V32b,V42b,MNP
The Next Level 1:250/301 (416) 299-1164 ZYX,V32b,V42b D1,FP
Computer Security
Center #1 2:205/505 46-910-52214 HST,V32,V42
Computer Security
Center #2 2:205/506 46-910-52853 V32,V42,V42b
Hamburg 2:240/106 49-40-2279654 9600,ZYX
Haasnet 2:281/522 31-70-3644723 HST,V32,V42,MNP
SM-Net BBS 2:481/1 +48-52-411222 V32b,V42b,MNP
GEOBBS 2:280/805 +31-20-6990883 V32b,V42b D1
Gemini BBS 2:512/49 31-1880-35663 HST,V32b,V42b DV,FL
Rudy's Place 2:403/137 +972-3-9673919 V32b,V42b
2:403/138 +972-3-9667562 V32b,V42b,MNP
Zero 2 Infinity 5:7102/119 27-21-948-3809 V32,V42b
Chaos Manor 5:7102/713 27-21-557-6775 HST 9600 FO
The Mutant's
Pencil Pad 5:7102/714 (021)99-1756 V32,MNP
Novel User Group 5:7101/22 (012)221-2345 HST,V32,V42b
The Catalyst 5:7104/1 (041)34-1122 HST,V32,V42b
5:7104/2 (041)34-2859 V32

In Zone 1, current issues of The Hack Report are available on the first
Sunday of each month for F'Req using the magic name HACK.

The 1992 Full Archive (filename HACK92FA.*) is also available from these
sites - other back issues are not made available, due to the cumulative
nature of the report.

Files are requestable from 5am-2am Central Time. Contact the SysOps of
each system to confirm availability via TICK.

* Public Pay/Subscription Systems *

System Area Area Keyword/GO Code Filename
============== ================== ==================== ============
America OnLine Telecom Text Files TELECOM HACK9308.ZIP
(Under Miscellaneous & Text)
BIX BBS Virus Area join bbs/virus HACK9308.LZH
CompuServe IBM BBS Forum GO IBMBBS HK9308.ZIP
("New Uploads" Database)
EXEC-PC Mahoney IBM Compat. Text - No Docs HACK9308.ZIP
(414)789-4210 Files Collection

* SDNet/Works! *

The Hack Report is distributed as two files, HACK9308.SDA (text
description) and HACK9308.SDN (the full archive), via the SDNet/Works!
file distribution system. The files are available in the SDN_TEXT area
of your local SDNet/Works! distribution BBS.

* Other Sites *

Location and address Phone Numbers Filenames
==================== =================== ============
COVERT, Fayetteville, NC (919)867-7738 HACK9308.LZH
The RaLin BBS, Fremont, CA (510)651-0253,,3322 HACK9308.LZH
(Humans Only - No F'Reqs Yet)
PC Info System BBS (516)922-5153 HACK9308.ZIP
Cat Attack! BBS, Sydney, AUS +61-2-716-7234 HACK9308.*
Power of Knowledge BBS +39-6-5411061 HACK9308.*
Rome, ITA

For verification purposes, here are the 16 and 32-bit CRCs for the
September issue of The Hack Report, as calculated by Raymond T. Kaya's
CRC.EXE (version 1.20, Copyright 1992 by Raymond T. Kaya, used with

CRC-Cyclic Redundancy Checker, Version 1.20, 08-Feb-92, rtk

FILE_ID.DIZ : crc16=96C6 crc32=D5506DE3
FILETSTS.LZH: crc16=8397 crc32=4110640D
HACK-L.SRC : crc16=84C9 crc32=AB388290
HACK92FA.IDX: crc16=A258 crc32=DB398DA8
HACK9309.RPT: crc16=EA71 crc32=D78EE4D1
HACKUTIL.LST: crc16=67F0 crc32=0FF52229
NET9309.SRC : crc16=EAFE crc32=9E371F32
SIMTEL20.SRC: crc16=E4A4 crc32=D0DB9B6F
CONTACT.TXT : crc16=F3CB crc32=E53E6087
NOTE9309.TXT: crc16=5C98 crc32=6C492573
HACK9309.COL: crc16=8881 crc32=3D3ADBD4


I actively encourage the distribution of the archive in its original,
unmodified state (except for archive type conversion) to other BBS
systems. If you upload it to a board that isn't hooked into this echo,
please leave a message for the SysOp to let them know what you've sent.
Ask them (politely) to read it and respond (if they have comments)
through you or by calling one of the systems listed in the report and
posting their comments.

My thanks go out to all who have made this report a reality (with the
exception of the hackers who made the report a necessity, of course).
The report is not "my" report: rather, it's a report _from_ me _to_ you,
based on your posts in FidoNet and other networks. Thanks for your
support, and for helping to keep shareware clean!

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Archive   : HACK9401.ZIP
Filename : FILE9401.SRC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: