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This tutorial explains what is a $mart Gambler and how to use the
$mart Gambler program to improve success in casino gambling.


$mart Gamblers are individuals who enjoy casino gambling but keep
it in proper perspective. They like the excitement gambling
provides but only risk disposable funds that are not required for
the essentials of living. For $mart Gamblers, gambling is
entertainment, an escape from the routine and a challenge.

The casino in most all games has the advantage over the player.
$mart Gamblers accept this but they know the games and bets that
have the lowest casino advantage and only play them. In games
that require player decision making, $mart Gamblers have the
skill to make the correct plays to ensure the best chance of

Unlike some gamblers, $mart Gamblers are not fooled into
believing a strong will or desire to win will make them
successful. In the short run, a few gamblers do win despite long
odds, playing at poor games and making wrong decisions. $mart
Gamblers play for the long run. They know that over many
gambling trips, over a life time of gambling, it is knowledge,
skill and self-discipline that will provide the best chance of
success. They believe those things will not decrease but
increase their enjoyment of casino gambling.


There are six $mart Gambler program tutorials on gambling. This
is the first one covering what is a $mart Gambler and how to make
the most out the $mart Gambler program. The other five gambling
tutorials cover:

Casinos-Selecting the best casinos to gamble at and
understanding the psychology of the casino environment.

Games-Selecting the best casino games matched to your
desires and funds available for gambling.

Odds-An explanation of probabilities, statistical expectation,
standard deviation and the casino's percentage advantage. This

tutorial also explains collecting data for the $mart Gambler
report and its features.

Money-An explanation of money management concepts, betting
plans, bet sizing, session bankrolls and ideas on when to
quit. This tutorial also explains using the $mart Gambler
program's money management feature.

Luck-An explanation of chance, ideas on improving luck,
winning attitudes and handling winning and losing.


There are six $mart Gambler tutorials on popular casino games.
They are:

Slot Machines-A description of the different designs of slots,
payoffs and the casino percentage advantages. Also strategies
to improve results.

Video Poker-An explanation on how to play, different types,
payoffs and the casino percentage advantages. Also a
computer developed strategy for best results.

Blackjack-An explanation on how to play and casino percentage
advantages for different games and rules. Also a computer
developed strategy and practice chart.

Craps-An explanation on how to play, bets and payoffs and
the casino percentage advantages. Also strategies for best

Roulette-An explanation on how to play, bet payoffs and
the casino percentage advantage. Also strategies for best

Other Games-Explanations and casino percentage advantages on
Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Keno and the Wheel of


The Planning menu assists the $mart Gambler in planning gambling
trips. The five sub-menu choices in it are:

Initialize-To define the name or title on forms and reports,
the starting and ending periods, the number of decimal points
format and the data filename. When $mart Gambler loads it
looks for a data file named $GAMB.WKB. The file name (not the
extension) may be changed and either specified as a parameter
when loading ($GAMB filename) or by selecting File-Retrieve
after loading.

Money Management-To input and edit a trip bankroll amount, the
length in hours of total planned play and individual session

play. Also the betting plan and a quit percentage point. From
this information, $mart Gambler calculates a recommended bet
size, session bankroll amounts and session and trip quit
points. This information may be printed individually or with
the data collection form.

Casino Codes-To define a list of up to ten different casino
codes and their names at which play is planned. Data then may
be inputted by casino code and the $mart Gambler report and
graphs will show results by casino. Selected samples for
different gambling areas may be imported.

Type Codes-To define the games or type of one game that play
is planned. Data then may be inputted by type code and the
$mart Gambler report and graphs will show results by type.
Selected samples for different types may be imported.

Data Form-To prepare a form to be used to record gambling
session results. Certain items may be changed using the
spreadsheet menu. Money management items are also displayed.

Print Form-To print the Data collection form. If the form
is being edited it also may be printed from that screen.


The Report menu allows the $mart Gambler to input and analyze
their gambling results. From the information inputted, a data
base is created and a statistical report and graphs developed.
The report provides summary statistical results with details by
casino and the type of games played. The report menu's six
sub-menu choices are:

Input-To input one gambling session's results from the data
collection form or other record. A small notebook may be
preferred to the data collection form.

Edit-To review the inputted data and make any corrections or
changes to it if required. The data base also may be printed
from this selection if desired.

Compute-To process the new data and update the report and

View-To view the $mart Gambler updated report. Certain titles
and other items may be modified using the spreadsheet menu.

Print-To print the $mart Gambler updated report. The report
also may be printed from the View screen.

Graph-To view graphs on cumulative results and detail results
by casino and type of games. Compatible graphics video driver


The file menu includes normal file maintenance items plus an
option of retrieving an example $mart Gambler data base and
report for learning the program's features. The seven sub-menu
choices in it are:

Save-To save the updated report by the file name provided in
Planning-Initialize. Default filename is $GAMB.WKB. The
filename but not the extension may be changed.

Example-To retrieve an example data base and report. Provides
an example of the $mart Gambler program features.

Blank-To blank out all information in the data base and report
currently in memory. Use this to start a new report under a
new name.

Retrieve-To retrieve a different $mart Gambler report. When
loading $mart Gambler this also may be specified on the command
line as a parameter. Enter $GAMB filename.

Directory-To change the default $mart Gambler DOS directory.
It is best to make it the current directory before loading.

List-To list filenames in the current directory. The path may
also be edited to list filenames elsewhere.

GotoDOS-To evoke the DOS command interpreter and perform
DOS commands. To return to $mart Gambler enter EXIT.


There are no practice games in $mart Gambler. There are many
fine shareware and retail casino computer games available. While
they are useful, we feel that real improvement in casino gambling
comes from knowledge and application in real casinos. That is
what $mart Gambler is oriented toward. If you are interested in
casino computer games, ask your disk vendor, BBS sysop or retail
store for suggestions.

The $mart Gambler tutorials, planning and reporting features
allow an interested gambler to increase their knowledge and
success at casino gambling. The process of studying, planning,
reporting and analyzing gambling will over time prove beneficial.

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