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Update to Front Page Sports Football Pro.
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Update to Front Page Sports Football Pro.
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Contents of the README.BAT file

@echo off
more < readme.

Contents of the README file

@echo off
more < readme.

*---- ROSPLYR.CPP:1779 FIX

Some users have experienced a problem with the game abruptly
exiting to DOS with the error message "ROSPLYR.CPP:1779". This
message indicates a corrupted league that must normally be deleted
and restored from a backup (if one has been made).

Our attempts to duplicate the error (running hundreds of seasons)
have, until now, been unsuccessful. We have been able to duplicate
this error by shutting off (or resetting) the computer with the
program running.

This patch will close all league files immediately after they are used
rather than leaving them open until normal program termination or
until another league is loaded, thereby preventing the corruption from
occurring again. Additionally, it should be able to recover a league
that has the error, although some of the most recent roster moves may
not be incorporated.

The computer-managed teams will automatically sign free agents to fill
any roster slots left from the league repairing procedure. Human-
owned teams must be reviewed for completeness and free agents must be
signed by the human player before continuing game play.


1. Backup all user created data. This includes the league files and
all plays, plans and profiles. The league files are all the ones in
the FBPRO directory that start with the name you used when you created
the league. The plays, plans, and profiles will usually be found in
the CUSTOM directory using the name you gave them when they were
created. Assuming you have the program installed to the default drive
and directory C:\DYNAMIX\FBPRO, you are using the NFLPA93 league and
you are backing up to a floppy disk in drive A:, the following steps
should be used:

a) Type: C:
c) Type: COPY NFLPA93.* A:\
[Repeat this for each league you have created.]
d) Type: CD CUSTOM
e) Type: MD A:\CUSTOM
f) Type: COPY *.* A:\CUSTOM

2. Use the UNINSTAL program included with FBPRO to completely delete
the existing installation:

a) Type: C:

3. Reinstall FBPRO using the procedures found in your game manual.

4. Copy your league files back into the FBPRO directory:

a) Type: C:
c) Type: COPY A:\NFLPA93.*
[Repeat for each league backed up.]
d) Type: CD CUSTOM
e) Type: COPY A:\CUSTOM\*.*

5. Install this patch. Using the same assumptions as in step 1 and
assuming you are installing the patch from a floppy disk in drive A:

a) Type: A:
c) Follow the instructions on screen

Note: If you have installed FBPRO to a directory other than the
default C:\DYNAMIX\FBPRO, use the appropriate directory in the above
steps. If you are installing this patch from a drive other than A:,
use the appropriate drive letter. If you wish to backup your files
to a location other than a floppy disk in drive A:, use the
appropriate location.


The programmers have been tweaking a few aspects of gameplay in
response to user feedback. This patch also includes some changes
that we hope will improve play balance and increase your enjoyment
of the game. The following changes have been made:

1. Long distance running fatigue effect has been reduced slightly.
On long runs, the ball carrier won't slow down as much as
before. (Fatigue is amended after the play instead of during.)
2. Fumbles recovered by a punting team will now result in a first
down for that team, regardless of recovery field position,
since it was a change of possession (we checked this with the
NFL office).
3. The passing "accuracy error" zone has been reduced. This should
make passing a tad easier. Many people have suggested that
passing is too difficult. This will increase the receptions
4. Kickoff distance has been increased. You should see more out of
the back of the endzone. Kickers in the NFL are really
booming the ball this year!
5. Blocking time has been increased for kickoffs. Blockers will
block a little smarter and longer. (Yes, it is very possible
to run a kickoff back for a TD, we have at least 3 a week in
our league in the office.)
6. Increased chance of blocked FG/Punts.
7. Improved logic for computer downing the ball in the endzone (Basic
action mode). You can still down the ball in Standard and
Advanced by simply pressing the B button AFTER the return man
has caught the ball in the endzone. In BASIC mode, the
return man will down anything in the back half of the endzone,
and will try to return kicks in the front of the endzone based
on his IN and also how close the nearest defender is.
8. Retirement algorithm has been improved. Although there is still a
chance of early retirements for some players, most players
will be retiring somewhere between there 10th and 15th season,
depending on injuries, how well their team did the previous
season, etc.
9. All Pro games with conference names > 16 characters should work
properly now. If your conference names were longer than 16
characters, the All Pro game might have had trouble generating
10. Drafting AI has been tweaked so that Kickers & Punters are NOT
drafted during round 1 of the college draft.
11. Potential injury point error. If an injury from the arcade game
returned an invalid value to the shell, the game may have
locked up in the shell during the updating for stats and
injuries. Although we received no reports of this, it could
have happened in extreme circumstances.
12. Can no longer change SIM type of games AFTER the first game of a
week has been started. (i.e., can't go from regular to FAST
sim after week has started). Some people were using normal
SIM for the first game, then switching to FAST sim. This
trashed some of the data in the league. Switching to FAST
sim once the first game STARTS (instead of finishes) is no
longer possible.
13. Remote play has been enhanced. Now you can pass a drive letter
to allow people to use other logical drives. For example,
start the game with "HIKE -XP D:" if the game is on D:. The
directory must still be the same, however.
For example, your commissioner can have his league on C: in
\DYNAMIX\FBPRO, and you can have your league on D:, but you
must still have it in \DYNAMIX\FBPRO.
14. The OFFRB2 profile has been changed to fix the punting problem
within the defensive 5-35 field position while down by 10
points on 4th down. They will now kick FG's like they are
supposed to. If you have already changed this yourself, when
the patch installs it will give you a message that this file
was not changed. Don't worry about it.
15. All Pro game roster generating: no more 'not enough memory to
determine all pro teams' message. If there isn't enough low
memory to do a database analysis, then players are selected
solely by their attributes (as if no games have yet been
played and that season's performance is not measured.)
16. F6 key prints .lbm file of screen in the shell as well as the
arcade game now.
17. CEI's have been slightly reduced.
18. The "phantom load box" on the VCR screen from camera #1 has been
19. FG % has been pushed down slightly (along with PAT's). The best
kickers in the league should be getting about an 80% success
rate and the worst kickers will be getting about 40%. Because
the ratings on the stock DYNAMIX league are much lower than
the ratings of the NFLPA leagues, kickers are getting about a
20-50% range on FG success. This can be improved by increasing
the STrength and DIscipline ratings of the kickers using the
built in player editor. Players generated for the College
Draft will have normalized ST and DI ratings so the problem is
only with the initial league configuration. If you are using
NFLPA players in a Career League this will never be a problem
for you.
20. There is a lower chance of broken tackles for RB's against LB's
21. Fair catch interference is 15 yards from the spot of the foul
now, instead of a re-kick. This properly implements the
1993 rule change.
22. Offensive pass interference was sometimes called on a forward
pitch, which is technically a forward pass. However, due to
differences in the ratings and players' speed, etc., on some
stock plays the pitch is behind, and some ahead of the QB.
Forward pitches do not have pass interference called for
blocking by eligible receivers now.
23. Coach's name: You can change a coach's name during the season
now. Fire yourself and get a new coach!
24. Substitution in advanced mode. On some occasions, the FIRST
players substituted in advanced mode would stay in (modifying
your depth chart on the fly) while the second or later
substitution would work for only one play. This has been
fixed so in advanced mode, any sub you make stays in until you
remove him (regardless of fatigue, so be careful. Players who
get below about 50% fatigue are MUCH more susceptible to
25. Command line option for advanced substitution during Standard
Playcalling mode (with standard diagrams). Start the program
with "hike advsub" (no dash or commas, and this is in addition
to the other command line options. For example, you can start
with "hike -s -na -l advsub") and you will be able to have the
substitution methods from advanced mode (modify your depth
chart on the fly) but have the Standard mode play diagrams on
the playcalling screen. This is in Standard Mode. In
Advanced mode, you will still have the play number (1-1, 1-2,
26. Double games have been eliminated for remote leagues when you have
two teams with passwords and you intentionally fail the password
check to sim both teams. Remote league commissioners on
Compuserve know what this obscure error is about, but it has
been fixed per their request.


If you continue to experience any problems, or if you have any
questions concerning any of the above steps, our Technical Support Team
will be more than happy to assist you. Please call (209) 683-8989
between 8:15 am and 4:45 PM Monday through Friday Pacific time. We
can also be reached by fax at (209) 683-3633 or by mail at the
following address:

P.O. BOX 800
COARSEGOLD, CA 93614-0800

You can also reach the Technical Support Department on the following

Sierra BBS..........(209) 683-4463 (Settings 8,N,1 & up to 9600 bps)
CompuServe Access: GO SIERRA
Compuserve..........GAMCPUB (Technical Support ID 72662,1174)
PRODIGY.............(Technical Support ID WBWW55B)
GEnie...............Private E-Mail: SIERRA.SUP
America Online......Keyword: Sierra

Please outline the problems along with specific information about
your computer system, and we will gladly respond to your fax,
letter or BBS message as soon as possible.

New "800" Technical Support Service

Why not try isn't going to cost you a dime! In Sierra On-Line's
continued commitment to providing the highest caliber of service, we have
developed a 24 hour, "800" automated Technical Support line with every
"frequently asked" question. To make it worth your time to try this new
service, we've even added the capability for you to fax back to yourself
a copy of the answer to your technical problem! Just "on hold"
time...just to the point SERVICE!!!

We really hope that you will give it a try. We've made the menu structure
very simple to follow and we are committed to keeping the issues current.
Let's face it, the worst that could may not find the answer
you need, and you will call our Technical Support Department and speak
with a Technical Representative. And the best that could
will find your answer and it won't cost you a dime. So what have you
got to lose? Try will like it!!


If you do not find the answer to your specific technical issue, you can
call our Technical Support Department at (209) 683-8989 and speak to a
Technical Support Representative Monday through Friday,
8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Pacific Time.

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